Dream killing snakes


You feel you can overcome your urgent problems.
You really want to eliminate hurtful emotions.
You are set for a big decision.

Dream interpretation

Dreaming that you are killing a snake indicates that you have the opportunity to move forward in your life, you may be feeling with the confidence of overcoming the obstacles that are in your way. It means also that the dreamer feels that she may (or going to) overcome her personal problems or obstacles.

This dream could also be projecting the dreamer’s desire to end with certain unwelcome feelings, ideas or emotions inside her.

Likewise, dreaming that you eliminate a cobra or viper may be just expressing your sudden control over your own personal shortcomings, vices or limitations.

Dreaming that you are killing snakes, vipers, boas, or pitons in general is a powerful dream image that reflects the inner energy of the dreamer. This dream may indicate that there is a recognition that your conflicts and problems can be solved.

Traditionally, it has been commonly considered killing a snake in your dreams as enemies or false friendships who are exposed or confronted.  This interpretation is not very common at present.

It is possible that this dream is reflecting your intense desire to eliminate something harmful in you (represented by this reptile).

Dream of killing a snake but others appear

This dream may be expressing your impression that your troubles and worries do not have a final solution.  Maybe you thought that they were eliminated but they still persist.  I strongly recommend you reconsider the approach you are taking to deal with your personal challenges. 

It is possible that you may feel very entangled in complicated personal issues.

Dream of killing a snake with a knife

If in your dream you killed the snake with a cutting tool, it can indicate your desire to cut off definitively with a situation that worries you very much, perhaps the dream can be projecting your deep desire to end abruptly with a romantic relationship or a similar one that triggers intense feelings in you.

Dreaming that my husband kills snakes

Having a dreaming in which your husband kills this reptile may just be projecting your impression or deep conviction that your husband is a protective presence in your life.

Alternatively, the dream may be indicating that you are expecting help from an individual to solve your personal troubles.

If in your dream the snake attacks or bites your husband during the showdown read the page Dream meaning of snake biting my husband.

Dream of killing many snakes

It may be revealing your desire to tackle your personal concerns, and immediately solve your troubles.

This dream may also be expressing the emotional energy within you to radically change your personal ways or behavior.

Dream of killing black snakes

It reveals your decision to face the negative aspects inside you.

Dreaming that you kill black snakes can reveal that you are reaching an extreme situation in your life in which you feel you need to take a blunt resolution to an urgent problem.

Dreaming that you eliminate or destroy black snakes reveals not only a upgraded confidence, but also you sensation that you will overcome your personal problems or conflicts.

This dream also reflects your present inner struggles against traits or negative elements in yourself (such as, laziness, pessimism, selfishness, etc.)

In some cases, this dream may indicate that the dreamer is recovering or healing at a physical or emotional level.

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