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Snake Talking to me Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

Dreaming that a snake talks to you is quite uncommon, it may convey a powerful message for you.

What does it mean to dream of a snake talking to you in dreams?

It also has very deep psychological interpretations:

Indeed, some authors consider that having a conversation with a snake could be dramatizing some tensions between various parts of your psyche, one of them adopting the image of this wild animal.

According to this interpretation, talking with a character like a snake in dreams would be the way used by our dreaming mind to express a dialogue taking place between the unconscious and the conscious, or, in other words, between our primary emotions, desires or impulses, on the one hand, and our reason, on the other.

Now, consider this dream as the way your mind has to articulate emotions, ideas or responses that you cannot or do not want to recognize when you are awake and conscious.

This dream might be hinting at some kind of spiritual growth or personal introspection. Recurrent dreams of talking snakes may be expressing the dreamer’s interest or curiosity on mystical matters.

In some cases, a talking snake could be just embodying the dubious intentions other people (like rivals, enemies) have against you or your family.

I am giving you an example for this:

A woman in her fifties shared with me a dream in which a large dark snake was talking, the reptile was quite aggressive and her over a house and the bad things happening soon.

In real life the dreamer had a nasty family dispute with a sister over a house their parents bought before passing away.


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