Dreaming of killing snakes


Meanings of dreams of killing a snake

It means that you feel you can overcome your urgent problems.
You really want to eliminate hurtful emotions.
You are reacting to something unfair in life.

Dreams of killing a snake means that you want to eliminate something from your life

A snake in the world of dreams usually embodies a disturbing or harmful aspect of yourself (memories, ideas, feelings, vices). Killing this reptile means that you want to remove or get rid of that negative element inside.

In fact, this dream could be projecting your latent desire to end with certain uncomfortable feelings, ideas or emotions. Perhaps you really want to suppress your feelings towards an individual, whose presence or influence is irritating you.

dream of killing a viper means that your want to get rid of someone in your life

Dreams of killing a snake means that you expect a big change in life

Some experts in dreams interpretation consider that a dream in which a snake is killed is a powerful sign that clearly shows the desire for a change or liberation inside the dreamer. It is possible that in real life she is in the middle of a serious situation and she has to take a tough decision; the dream is just recreating it.

Dream of killing a snake means that you are resisting an unbearable situation

Other authors think that a dream in which these reptiles are eliminated could mean that the dreamer does not want to tolerate a negative idea, a feeling or a thought disturbing her mind; it seems that she wishes to regain her personal tranquility or emocional balance.

In other words, maybe you are unwilling to tolerate a new situation in wake life and really want to eliminate it. According to this interpretation, the snake would be embodying something that you find completely unacceptable.

Dream of killing a snake means that you feel confident

Dreaming that you are killing a snake would reveal that you think you have a chance to move forward in your life, you feel like you can overcome the obstacles in your way to reach your goals. And this dream is -subtly- showing a sudden recognition that your conflicts and problems can be solved, maybe only now you are feeling ready or confident enough to face your personal fears or challenges.

Consider, then, the possibility that the dream is expressing your intense aspirations to conquer your personal limitations. Indeed, dreaming that you get rid of this reptile means that you want to overcome your own personal flaws, vices or limitations that have been reducing your choices in your current life.

Likewise, dreaming that you killed a cobra or viper may be just expressing your sudden control over your own personal shortcomings, vices or fears.

Dream of killing a snake means that you are facing an unfair situation

You are having this dream because you urgently yearn to end a situation that you consider unfair or undue, something that threatens your normal rhythm of your daily life or what defies your personal values. Your dreaming mind utilizes the image of the snake to represent the unjust or improper situation you are dealing right now.

dreaming about killing snakes mean you are facing unfair situation


The violent response against this reptile would be part of the dramatization of your internal conflicts, that is, our dreaming mind would present any of your latent inner fears or desires in the form of a more or less complete story. Dramatization is a resource often used by our unconscious mind and is one of the four mechanisms of dream work taught by Sigmund Freud.

It has been commonly considered that killing a snake in your dreams means enemies or false friendships who are exposed. 
This is just one of several interpretations, and not the most common nowadays.

Why do I have dreams of killing a snake?

After having interpreted hundreds of dreams over the last four years, I will mention some personal situations that may trigger this dream:

  • Because you hate your job,
  • Because you want to overcome an illness,
  • Because you want to break up with your partner,
  • Because you dislike interacting with a family member,
  • Because you want to live alone or somewhere else,
  • Because you’re refusing to endure an unfair situation.

Dream of killing a snake but others appear

This dream may be expressing your impression that your troubles and worries do not have a final solution. Maybe you believed that they had been eliminated but, unfortunately, they still alive. Perhaps your dreaming mind is suggesting that the way or attitude you are utilizing to put an end to a problem is not the most appropriate and, on the contrary, has contributed to aggravate or multiply the issue. I strongly recommend you reconsider the approach you are taking to deal with your personal challenges.

The dream is expressing that you may feel very entangled in personal conflicts or issues, and cannot find the way out.

Dream of killing a snake with a knife

If in your dream you killed the snake with a cutting tool, it can exhibit your desire to cut off completely with a situation that worries you very much, perhaps the dream is projecting your deep desire to end abruptly with a romantic relationship or a similar one that triggers intense feelings in you.

This dream may also expose your urgency to resolve or eliminate something in yourself that brings about anxiety or distress.

Keep in mind that a knife allows us to make a straight and precise cut, which means that you would actually want to remove a specific trait or negative element in your inner world (a weakness, an attitude or a toxic feeling ).

Dreaming that my husband kills snakes

Having a dream in which your husband kills this reptile may just be projecting your impression or deep conviction that he is a protective presence in your life.

Alternatively, the dream could be exposing the fact that you are no good enough to address certain personal troubles and are used to get help from an individual close to you in order to solve them.

Another interpretation holds that this dream would be suggesting that you should adopt a stronger stance towards your current conflicts or problems.

If in your dream the snake attacks or bites your husband during the confrontation, please read the page dream of a snake biting my husband.

Dream of killing many snakes

This dream may reveal that you may feeling cornered or overwhelmed with current complications occurring simultaneously; and the act of killing multiple snakes would express your eagerness to immediately address and resolve those obstacles.

Dreaming of destroying many snakes could mean the elimination – in your real life – of the same problem that is expressed in many dimensions or in different consequences. Perhaps you are dealing with a complicated illness or physical ailment that would manifest itself in many different symptoms.

Facing multiple vipers or snakes in your dreams could be manifesting the existence of one permanent obstacle or conflict that you see in real life day after day, or maybe the large number of these creatures could represent a single personal issue that occurs periodically, or in a daily basis. It seems that the numerous snakes refers to the innumerable days you have been dealing with the thing represented by the reptile.

It’s also possible that the dream reflects your desire to end a personal conflict that has been exacerbated or aggravated, spreading its consequences across multiple dimensions or aspects of your life.

Some experts offer a quite sophisticated interpretation; they argue that snakes could embody a number of psychological elements that live in your inner world, such as your large fears, distressing limitations, as well as your terrible memories. Getting rid of these reptiles in your dream means that you are willing to face and solve those uncomfortable elements.

Dream of killing black snakes

Dreaming that you kill black snakes means that you are reaching an extreme situation in your life in which you are compeled to make a very hard decision.

Dreaming that you eliminate or destroy black snakes reveals not only an upgraded confidence, but also you belief that you will overcome your fears or solve your conflicts.

This dream would expose your decision to face the negative aspects inside you. Perhaps it is making visible your current inner struggles against traits or negative elements in yourself (such as, laziness, pessimism, selfishness, etc).

Some experts think that this dream announces that the dreamer is recovering or healing at a physical or emotional level. According to this interpretation, the dream is manifesting your intense desire to end the different symptoms of a discomfort or an illness affecting you. That’s right, the snake could embody those infectious or toxic elements that threatens your health, and killing it in your dream means that you are recovering physically or psychologically in real life.

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