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Snake in the sand Dreams

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/05/2023

If you dream of finding a snake in the sand, it means that you are harboring doubts about your current life style or over key personal decisions you need to take.

Usually, dreams where you are see snakes while you are walking or wandering through the sand or a desert indicate that you are quite frustrated or exhausted, with low emotional energy or enthusiasm.

If the snake in the dream is very aggressive or hostile, that is an indication of economic concerns that can affect your health.

Snakes in the road is exposing your doubts and concerns over the paths you have chosen in your life and your reckless decisions, perhaps you are worrying too much about things that you no longer have the power to control.

This dream indicates that you should not give the opportunity to negative emotions to hinder your development; prevent your mind from closing in on unhappy thoughts.

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Dreaming of snake in the grass

If you see snakes in the grass or in your lawn in a dream, it may be revealing worries or inconveniences in a specific area of your life (the one related to a personal relationship, an individual project or a professional career) that you have been carefully developing or cultivating. 

If you are very afraid during the dream, then you might be worried that something bad could appear at any time, taking you off guard.

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Dreaming of snake in the water

If you see a snake swimming in quiet waters and it does not provoke strong reactions in you, then you may find yourself addressing your feelings appropriately.

If in the dream the snake is inside clear waters and its behavior is peaceful rather than hostile, then it shows tranquility or stability in your personal affairs.

However, there is a negative interpretation for dreams of snakes in clean water: they may be revealing that something is wrong with your personal matters, maybe now you are able to notice an elusive issue in a situation or relationship seemed to be peaceful and quiet.

Dreaming of snake on the road

Dreaming of seeing a snake on the road reveals that you feel that you are going through very delicate situations, where you feel that if you take a wrong step, it can cause problems and complications.

You have the feeling that you are afraid to trigger strong emotional reactions at any time.

It can also represent the difficulties or dangers that an intense emotional state (hate, envy, pride, jealousy, or the like) can lead you. 

Dreaming of snakes on the road means that you may be in the midst of unfavorable, hostile or even violent situations.

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Dreaming of snakes in the house

if you dream of snakes in the house, it is displaying lingering problems with your routine or with the way you conduct your daily tasks. 

Indeed, there may be an irritating alteration in the normal rhythm of your relationships.

Dreams of snakes at front door means that you are fearing that dangers, conflicts, tensions, rumors or negative stories are about to come to your home and impact your family members, or your relationships with them.

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Dreaming of snake as a pet 

Having a dream in which you have a trained or domesticated snake expresses your ability to remain calm and serene in the face of dangerous situations in your real life. 

Having a viper, cobra or python as a pet means that you are acquiring influence or authority over people around you. It may also be revealing that you are overcoming personal obstacles or challenges.

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Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .