Snake Tattoo Symbolism

Last Update : June 8, 2021

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It is possible that if a snake comes to your head the first you think of is wild animal, but it is also a wonderful creature of our planet that we must respect just like any other living being. But for many people a snake is much more than that, that’s why they usually tattoo it, they want them captured on their skin forever. But what do snake tattoos mean?

Snake Tattoos

Vipers, cobras, sea snakes or any other wild creature can be an incredible image for a great tattoo, although for some people this image of a snake sliding is something quite scary.

Snakes are beautiful animals that are frowned upon because of the role they were given in Judaism and Christianity. But snakes have been an integral part of human history since the beginning of all time.

Depending on the cultural point of the person who will get the snake tattoo, this reptile can symbolize many different things, since the true meaning will always be given to the person who will have the tattoo inked on their skin. Some of the meanings include: healing and rebirth, sexual energy and fertility, temptation, spirit of vengeance, intellect and cunning, nobility, divinity.

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