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Snake bite in dreams is good or bad?

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/28/2023

Many people quite often ask if a snake bite in dreams is good or bad. Here is the answer:

Most of the time I consider it to be bad, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her peace of mind. There must be something or someone perturbing her emotions or thoughts.

If you dream of being bitten by a snake it revels you are harboring quite harmful emotions

If the snake that bites you is poisonous then it can represent feelings, ideas, or even people that are harmful, and at the same time are disturbing your tranquility or emotional balance.

Dreaming that you are bitten by a snake could be suggesting that you are feeling angry and upset, and at the same time, very afraid, as a consequence of the problems you are facing. It can also reveal a growing frustration with yourself due to specific personal situations that you can’t easily solve.

If in your dream the snake is trying to attack or bite a loved one it is possible that the reptil could be embodying your harmful feeling, attitudes or reactions that may be hurting them in real life.

If you dream of being bitten by a snake it means you are having neglected issues

To dream that a snake bites you means that you have lingering issues in certain area of your life needed to be tackled with urgency. Indeed, as per my experience helping people to understand their dreams I have found that this dream is quite common among people with a lot of stress or worries for things that they cannot control.

The part of the body where you are stung by the snake can give a sign of the aspect of your character or personality that you are not giving due attention to. Look here for the meaning of the part of the body where the snake bites you:

snake bites your hand, your leg, your foot, you arm.… and more.

If snake bites you it shows you are dealing with personal conflicts

This dream may indicate that you recognize scenarios in your present life that cause emotional tension, since you do not know what decision to make, or how to address a problem or situation in front of you.

It is possible your afraid of being insulted or harshly criticized by people close to you.

See this dream

A young girl dreamt she was at her classroom when a big black snake was trying to bite her.

In real she was afraid of being bullied by her classmates.

Dreaming of snake biting you shows you are dealing with disappointment or betrayal

During centuries, the snake in dreams has been usually regarded as a symbol of betrayal and perfidy. Dreaming of vipers or snakes that sting manifests your worries over being cheated or betrayed by something or someone.

Let me elaborate.

Dreams have the powerful ability to stage – like a movie – futures and possible disturbing scenarios in your relationship. Thats true, if your are having dreams of snakes biting you, then it could mean that you fear that your partner will stop loving you or will not protect you; maybe you’re afraid that your conflicts will escalate and get out of your control in your relationship, or maybe you’re terrified to think that there’s something wrong that he’s been hiding from you all this time.

If you dream of being bitten by a snake it means you are expecting bad news

This dream reveals the impact or your emotional reaction to the arrival of negative news in your life, such as a layoff, separation or illness.

If you are acknowledging the existence of situations in your life that seem calm or harmless but have the potential to severely harm you.

A middle-aged woman dreamt she was in the middle of a forest when she saw a brown snake inside a lake of murky water.
She began to run away as quick as she could because she felt the snake was going after her.

In real life her father was in the hospital very sick, and she has just become of his health was deteriorating quite rapidly, she was afraid or hearing terrible news from the doctors at any time.

Author: Javier Fuertes

Dream Researcher. I have been helping people to understand their dreams since 2018. Love reading all kind of authoritative material about dreams analysis, like Freud, Jung and their followers; however, I learned more about dreams by helping my blog readers with the interpretation of their own dreams. I recently published an article in Leigh University and Brown University.