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About us

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

We in JAVI DREAMS MEANINGS began to interpret dreams since early 2018 as a hobby; when we got tired of finding many dream-interpretation websites containing just general and speculative explanations. Over time what began as a pastime turned to be a most serious activity led by the highest commitment to our readers.

We built this website with the purpose of becoming a friendly, tolerant and free space to share, analyze and decipher your dreams.

We consider the dreams as a powerful manifestation of your psyche and not as a mean of foretelling an uncertain future; that’s why dreams cannot be deemed as a bad or good omen.

We believed that the dreams, on the contrary, show, communicate and dramatize our current worries and fears, as well as our aspirations and wishes. Dreams helps us to uncover something insightful about ourselves.

We are convinced that the interpretation of dreams requires mastering the art of identifying and deciphering symbols present in your dreaming experience. Understanding a symbol in the context of your personal dream allows you to connect with deeper layers of reality inside you (the realm of the unconscious) which are otherwise inaccessible.

For us, all dreams have a deep personal content, this is why many of the interpretations you see on this website may not be valid for everyone. If you are patient enough and keep reading throughout the pages in this website you will find the closest interpretation for your unique dream, and answers for your latent questions as well.