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Parts of the body: Dream meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 07/30/2023


Represents your resistance, you are emotional to external pressure sources in a conscious life. It can also be a picture you don’t know or it can be hidden for some reason. If you dream that someone betrays you in your dream, this may indicate betrayal or disappointment.

Backside, butt, derriere

Dreaming of butt, backside, derriere can indicate personal insecurity. This indicates that the dreamer may feel that her mask has been lifted or that someone has discovered her secret. If the dreamer is a man, dreams about a woman’s buttocks may indicate interest or possible sexual desire.


The dreamed image of blood symbolizes energy, vitality, health. Very often, some women dream of blood during menstruation. See more blood dream meanings.

It can be a sign that something in your life is eating you up emotionally or financially. Dream about blood coming out of your leg

Something in your life affects you deeply. This dream indicates that you are in a situation where you question your moral or personal principles. dream of bleeding feet

This may indicate that recent losses have severely affected the ability to move forward with the project.

Dreams of blood can frighten the dreamer, as blood often symbolizes pain and death.

However, these dreams in no way portend imminent death.

Dreams about blood are often related to your emotions and emotional arousal.

You should think about what in your life causes weakness, fatigue and lack of energy. Another area of ​​investigation could be unconscious emotional distress from the past.


The image of human bones symbolizes the disclosure of personal secrets.

Alternatively, it could also be a sign that you are discovering inner strengths that you hadn’t noticed before. If you dream of broken bones, it means that your weakness has been exposed.


Dreaming about breasts has many meanings. First, it can mean motherhood, food and protection.

Secondly, it can mean dependence, subordination.

Third, it can represent attraction or sexual desire, especially if the dreamer is a man. If the dreamer is a woman, this may indicate a loss of privacy and she may feel that her intimate or private affairs are being disturbed.

To dream that “they are touching my breast” means that you feel that your privacy is suddenly being violated. It can also show that you feel disrespected.


To dream of a calf represents your ability to respond to situations that arise.


The male chest shape symbolizes confidence, vitality and balance. Often, dreams of being shot or attacked in the chest can be a symptom of breathing or heart problems.

To dream of a bare chest or torso means personal pride and high self-esteem. You can also indicate that you want to discuss your personal problems directly without being vague or confidential.


Ears in a dream can represent your perception of what someone is saying to you. If you see small ears in your dream, it means that you will not listen to the advice or criticism of others. Large ears can show what hope and others say or consider you.

Dreaming ear cleaning is a sign that you will feel impulsive or you need to listen to the needs of the people around you. There may be some things you don’t want to see or hear. Are you afraid of criticism? You may ignore the opinions of others, especially your partner.

If someone’s ear is clipped, it shows that this person has a strong personality, is very possessive and likes to impose his thoughts and opinions on others.

If the ears are red or pink, it can indicate embarrassment, embarrassment.

If you see an ear injury in your dream, it may indicate that you are not happy with bad news.

If you see insects or other animals coming out of your ears, this may indicate that you are hearing some negative rumors that surprise you. Show gossip, lots of gossip. If you dream that you lose your ear or cut it off, it may be a sign that you are tired of listening to what they say to you, or you are simply tired of gossip. If you look wrong or deformed ears in your dreams, fake news, deception and lie means.


If you see an elbow in your dream, it means that you need your own private space. This type of dream can reveal your fears and doubts about being questioned or criticized for the choices you make.


To dream of eyes means knowledge, understanding, wisdom. This dream may indicate your ability to analyze yourself.

If you dream of seeing a small object in your eye, it may indicate prejudices, assumptions, or opinions that prevent you from seeing your problems or issues well.

This can reveal a selfish or immature person who does not take personal responsibility for their actions and blames others for their mistakes.

If you see a third eye in your dream, it means spiritual development, emotional maturity and self-actualization.


Eyebrows symbolize your ability to express certain emotions, such as surprise, amazement, doubt, and even condemnation.

If you dream that you have no eyebrows or that your eyebrows have fallen off, it means that you have difficulty expressing the above feelings fluently.

Conversely, if your eyebrows are thick or long, it can be a sign that you tend to exaggerate your emotional reactions. dream with the brain

Shows anxiety or intellectual fatigue. It may also indicate that you feel that your skills or work experience are not sufficiently recognised.


It reflects personal appearance and your attractiveness to the opposite sex. If your eyelashes grow, it is a sign of success and health.


The face in the dream represents the image you show others that are usually different from your image. You can also show your attitude towards her problems.

Face washing in a dream shows that you need to get rid of a disaster, you can also use as a metaphor to “keep your face” in a subtle situation or dialogue; Or just want to do with someone without being hostile or disgusting.

The change of dreams can reveal lies and betrayal to the people around him. This dream is just the incarnation of the phrase “two people” and the word “many faces”.

A blurred or blurred face can indicate distrust, disappointment, disappointment in others.

Your subconscious says that you do not know what the real face of a person is, perhaps his appearance has changed radically. Usually, this dream occurs when you discover that that special someone is not who you thought.


To dream of one or more cheeks is a symbol of closeness, emotional closeness, commitment.

If your dream has a sexual content, the cheeks may refer to the buttocks. Rosy or colored cheeks indicate energy, enthusiasm and health. Conversely, seeing pale, flabby cheeks indicates sadness, lethargy, illness, and even poverty.

Full cheeks can express joy and happiness. Otherwise, it may indicate a passive aggressive personality.


If you dream that your fingers are clenched into fists, it indicates that you have serious intentions regarding some people or things, and this is the best time to confess or express important thoughts and words.

But if you see a bloody fist, you may have bad news. If you dream of a broken finger, it indicates that you will soon face some minor mistakes or accidents.
If you dream that your fingers will soon heal, this, on the contrary, indicates that luck will come.

Sometimes people wonder what it means to have nail polish or paint on your fingers.

This dream is seen when a person is emotionally and emotionally isolated. Falling out of hand indicates that you are facing a crisis in your life (financial, creative), and as a result you will feel weak, depressed and insecure.

But if you dream of fingers without nails, it means that you have lost someone’s help or support, it can also mean a quarrel with friends or family members.

If you see that your thumb has an unusually small shape, it means that you will be very lucky or receive very good news.

However, if you dream of dirt between your fingers and nails, it suggests that you will face problems at work.


In the world of dreams, your feet represent your emotional strength, your ability to move from one stage of life to another. Feet are the part of the body that allows you to move, move forward and stop. If you dream that your feet are injured or damaged, it means that you have difficulty maintaining or maintaining your personal position and making decisions. It can also reveal doubts or personal insecurities.


To dream of hands represents strength, power, the ability to achieve what you want in life.

Hands in the dream world represent the ability to take care of yourself and others. Traditionally, the right hand represents masculine qualities and the left hand represents feminine qualities.

To dream of seeing your hands means that you should be grateful. Because everything is edited by hand. When this happens, you can see how your hands can affect your life. You often treat many people and things around you this way. So we should cherish everything in life that helps us become better people.

Dreaming of seeing someone else’s hands can indicate intimacy.

This dream may be related to the concept of giving and receiving.

This is a message to open up to others and let them love you, maybe you need more than you think.

If you see dirty hands in your dream, it means that you have made a mistake. The dirt on your hands represents the truth.

Shaking the dirty parts of yourself shows that you have bad friends around you.

You may not realize it yet, but your subconscious mind is watching and warning you right now. Be aware of those around you. Please don’t trust anyone.

To dream of holding hands is a positive dream symbol that can connect you emotionally with that person.

Shaking hands releases endorphins in the brain, which reduce anxiety.

These dreams often symbolize strength, energy, communication and love.

The hand is primarily a means of action, and when it breaks, it indicates an inability to act.

If you dream that you have broken your arm, it means that your ego is being attacked. Find the strength to change this situation.

If you see blood on your hands in a dream, it symbolizes guilt. It has more to do with representation. They are more likely to blame themselves for mistakes and bad attitudes. Regret and guilt are emotions that affect many people, so they can cause you a lot of pain.

When you notice broken glass on your hands, focus on communication, work and relationships. Glass is often considered a symbol of fragility, fragility, breakability and transparency. Warning of misfortune, once destroyed. Is it your fault or someone else’s fault? This location indicates where the problem may be.


Hair or hair in a dream symbolizes your mentality and thoughts.


The head symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, understanding and rationality. dreams of worms

This may indicate a small but persistent worry in your mind.

If you see insects in your hair or someone else’s hair.


If you dream of heels, it means flexibility. Show confidence that you know how to respond to a problem or adapt to a new situation. To dream of an injured heel represents a lack of spontaneity or flexibility. dreaming of an ankle

This dream indicates that you are looking for support and direction in your life. If your ankle hurts, it could be a sign that you’ve hit a roadblock in your pursuit of your goals. It could also be a sign that you’ve been asking too much of yourself lately.


Knee in the dream world indicate flexibility or emotional support.
To dream that your knee is bruised or injured indicates that you feel that something or someone is affecting you, that you are emotionally vulnerable, or that you feel a lack of emotional or moral support.


Legs can represent the ability to move through life. For example, ambition gives us the drive and confidence to get up and do something in life. But when indulgence fails, ambition fails and you can get kicked or hurt. When you dream about your feet, it usually relates to your motivation, the emotional and physical effort you are making to move forward in your life.

A broken leg can mean a loss of self-confidence and the ability to carry on with life. If you dream of other people’s feet, it means that people around you are likely to ask you for advice about their problems or problems with others. Maybe this person will continue to help you in the future.

If you see feet in your dream, it means that you are about to enter an area of ​​life that requires knowledge from others. If you are kind to close friends, it means that you definitely see the good in others.

If your legs are out of shape or look out of place, it could mean that your romance could quickly fade away.

If someone hurts their leg, it is a warning that you need to protect yourself from those around you. At the subconscious level, this dream is driven by the desire to know that a new turning point is taking place in your life. Creating projects helps us move forward.

If you missing one or two legs indicates a serious lack of self-confidence or, in some cases, an inability to defend oneself.

Leg injuries means you are feeling restless or unable to stand or stand alone. One leg is shorter than the other: it depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

If you are right-handed, your right foot represents your outward actions, and your left foot represents your emotions and attitudes. If you are left-handed, the opposite may be true. Therefore, a short left leg indicates a lack of self-confidence, which means that lateral activity is not fully supported. If your right leg is short, it means you don’t have enough skill or strength to be at your best in appearance.


The mouth is a symbol of expressing thoughts and opinions.

To dream of opening your mouth means starting a business. This dream reveals a personality that is open to new ideas and perspectives.

If you dream that your closed mouth cannot be opened or covered, it indicates that you are depressed and unable to express yourself.


To dream of nails represents feelings and thoughts related to your self-esteem and worth.

The condition of your nails says a lot about how you feel about your image and abilities.

If your nails are chipped or chipped, this is a pessimistic sign that you have lost self-confidence and damaged your image.

If you dream of applying nail polish, it means that you will feel very proud and your self-confidence will increase, which is generally an optimistic picture. Or if the color is very strong, it can mean vanity.


The neck represents the connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of a person. It also symbolizes the connection between your thoughts and actions.

Neck pain symbolizes inconsistency or contradictions in your thoughts and actions.

Right now, you may feel heartbroken. With my heart telling me one thing and my head telling me another, I don’t know who to believe.
You can have a certain attitude towards someone and have the opposite attitude towards this person. Maybe it’s time to share how you really feel.


When we dream of our skin, it usually has symbolic meanings associated with life change, protection, and a better understanding of life.

The skin is the most visible part of you and can represent itself by surface perceptions such as “only the surface”. Focus on anything on your skin that might be causing the problem. Skin can also be a barrier to your emotions and your desire to express yourself.

Skin can also be related to the tactics we use in dealing with others. Your strengths or weaknesses when you feel the effects of others, their comments or actions.

This is our defense against the overwhelming forces we face every day as our skin processes and destroys thousands of bacteria each day. They may also be sensitive to words, which is described as ‘thin-skinned’ or, if unaffected, ‘thick-skinned’.

Since the skin is also a window to your emotions, some obstacles can appear in your dreams as blemishes, boils, pus, wormy bites, etc. What’s the last strong emotion you’ve felt?

So sometimes you worry about what other people think of you, especially when meeting new friends.

Skin can also serve as a camouflage, a cover that another person or self exists under. In these cases, your skin may indicate that what you’re wearing doesn’t really represent your true feelings and potential. Therefore, this dream may indicate that you are tearing or tearing your skin.


If you have a sore throat, it may be difficult for you to express your true feelings to anyone or anything.

If you see your neck in your dream, it represents the relationship between your spirit and your body. Whether you have a stretched neck, a long neck, or a twisted neck, dreams about your neck can often foretell a situation in your life and how you handle yourself.

If you see someone else’s neck in your dream, it means that you want that person to listen to you. You may feel that someone is ignoring you. This suggests that emotional energy may be largely unconscious and blocked. Our bioenergy flows not only into exercise, sex, digestion, etc., but also into our perception of ourselves, emotions, expressions, and potential.


It symbolizes how you talk about yourself. If your tongue is damaged or cut, it may be a sign that you are not able to speak and express yourself the way you want.

This dream indicates that you are aware of the dangers or negative consequences of speaking the truth about things or people that affect you. Somehow you feel that you cannot speak or act freely.

To dream of someone sticking out their tongue indicates ridicule, insult, and ridicule. You feel that something or someone is laughing at you.


If you dream of a woman’s private parts, it symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit. That shows the dreamer’s desire for ideas, desires, goals. In negative situations, it can mean passivity and lack of initiative.

If the v*gina is small, it reveals problems, difficulties, lack of flexibility to face personal problems.

If a man dreams of seeing the intimate part of a woman, it reflects the possible sexual desire. If you dream of a woman’s organs, not men, it may mean submitting and lacking control of things.