Real Dream Interpretations

Symbolism and Meanings of Colors in Dreams

Javier Fuertes ~ 06/11/2023

Colors have always been associated with certain elements or substances of nature, depending on societies.

Each color in your dream may carry a deep meaning which I share now with you.

See more than 10 meanings bellow:


Black is the color of the mysterious and hidden. Sometimes it also represents pain and death; negativity and evil. However, it is a sophisticated, dignified and colorful color, which also denotes style, seriousness and elegance.

Other connotations of the color black are: formality, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, power, sexuality, underground, mourning, austerity and detachment.


Blue is the color of the oceans, the skies, and invokes the sensations of serenity, tranquility, calm, loyalty, confidence. Hence, famous brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Twitter have incorporated it into their brand.

In its darker tones, it is used to show professionalism, authority and sincerity.

It also transmits softness, peace, calm, tranquility, depth and spirituality.

Other meanings of blue are: cold, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, technology, depression.

Of all the colors, blue is the one that transmits more calm, freshness, purity and hygiene.


Brown is an extraordinarily calm color to observe. It is the color of earth, wood and stone, because it gives off density and solidity. It transmits a feeling of freshness and warmth at the same time. Sometimes it evokes feelings of nostalgia.

This color also represents craftsmanship and being outdoors. It is also used to symbolize humility and the difficulties of life.

It is the color of all earthly things, it is the color of the earth creates for you a feeling of simplicity, stability.

Other meanings of the color brown: stability, home, exteriors, reliability, strength, simplicity and comfort.


The color gray is the color of stones and metals; from ashes and dust. It is related to the weather, boredom, old age and death.

Gray is a balanced and neutral color, which does not arouse emotions.
Other attributions of the gray color are: intelligence, seriousness, modesty, security, dignity, maturity, solidity, traditionalism, practical, functional and effective.


This color represents the natural world, ecology, tranquility, fertility. It can also be used to represent growth and renewal, especially when we use its lighter tones. It also has a financial significance, being the color of the dollar currency. It is therefore the color of wealth and finances.

The color green relates to nature, the environment, youth and spring.

Green is a color that transmits relaxation and rest. It comforts in the face of dejection and fatigue. It inspires security, harmony and balance.

If also reveals the dreamer is expecting abundance in one aspect of her life.


Orange color is the result of combining yellow and red. We associate it with energy, warmth, good cheer, excitement.

On one side, orange is a cheerful, vivid and extravagant color; dynamic, spontaneous, assertive and stimulating. The color orange stimulates the brain, producing energy and mental activity.

This color symbolizes creativity, change, energy and endurance. It is also the symbol of autumn. More meanings of the color orange: youth, audacity, enthusiasm, warmth and balance.

On the other side, shades of dark orange represent deception and distrust.

Some of the negative connotations of orange are associated with youthful exhibitionism and self-indulgence.


Add feminine touches with brushstrokes of rose here and there.
Pink is universally accepted as a feminine color, except in Belgium, where it is considered the color of a child.

Being a combination of red and white, pink is the color of excitement, romance, joy and high energy, but without the aggression of red. It’s a fun, youthful color that can add brightness to a room.

However, naivety and excessive optimism (idealism) are other meanings usually associated with pink.


Depending on the shades, the meaning of the color purple is associated with sensuality and romance.

However, it is also related to negative feelings such as: doom, sadness and mourning, and a world of pain.

The color purple is composed of a combination of red and blue and is the color of calm, creativity, mystery, magic and meditation. It is also considered the color of royalty, nobility and luxury.

Purple is the color of sensuality and royalty.


Red stands out from the rest of the colors and is considered the color of more emotional intensity.

The color red is the symbol of love, passion, desire, lust, fire and fury. It denotes courage and strength.

Red has meanings associated with shadows of danger, violence, anger, malice, and aggression.

In addition to stimulating sexual passion, red also stimulates appetite.

Other meanings of red are: emotion, energy, speed, sincerity, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, blood, war, violence; and everything that has an intense and passionate character.


White is the color of purity and innocence, cleanliness and safety. This color conveys innocence, youth and perfection; also simplicity and freshness.

The white color associated with light conveys peace, purity and goodness. Next to the white it provides a sensation of freshness.

The good, the positive, the clean, the fresh and the heavenly are usually linked to the color white.

White is the virginal color of all good things, and the perfect opposite of black. With white, you can invoke a feeling of purity, innocence, cleanliness, simplicity, sterility, and winter.


To the human eye, yellow is one of the brightest colors. It is the most visible color in the color spectrum. It is a cheerful color that oozes excitement and happiness.

It is the color of the sun, youth and fun. It also represents life, friendship, energy, happiness, joy, optimism, hope and wisdom.

We associate the color yellow with the sun, since it is the most luminous, and therefore represents light.

Sunflowers, egg yolks, lemons and daffodils are also yellow.

Light yellow is luminous and conveys a sense of optimism, imagination, well-being and natural light. It is related to gold, summer.

On the contrary, opaque or muted shades of yellow symbolize decay, betrayal, disease, old age, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, greed and deceit. They are related to old books, falling leaves from trees.

On the downside, yellow is the color of cowardice and madness. Deception and betrayal are meanings associated with yellow as well.