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Dream of your daughter drowning

Javier Fuertes ~ 04/27/2023

If you dream that your daughter is drowning, it means you are having current concerns, fears, or doubts regarding your daughter safety or well-being in real life.

According to this interpretation, this dream is simply expressing your fear that in real life something bad will happen to your younger children. Maybe you’re spending less time on them, or for some reason you have to get away from your baby temporarily.

Keep in mind that for a mother a son or daughter will always be her baby, as it is commonly said. This is clearly reflected in many dreams with babies that I have helped interpret.

Pay attention to the following interpretation, since is hinting something distressing about you:

Dreaming that your daughter drowns means you think you’re not a good mother.

That’s right. A common element that I have found in these types of dreams is that the dreamer believes (justifiably or not) that she is failing in her role as a mother.

It is possible that in real life in your home there is a situation that is beyond your control or surveillance. Or maybe you feel guilty about all the mistakes or mistakes your young children make. All of them can be factors that make you feel—or think—that you’re not the perfect mom you wish you were.

Seeing your daughter or son drowning is revealing you have to deal with current or future problems and arguments in your family life. This dream may be telling you to get ready and begin to take precautions before hostile situations in your family that you may have on a day-to-day basis. Being cautious you can have better control of your personal or work situation.

Dream that your baby daughter is drowning

Dreaming of seeing a baby drowning in clear water could mean that someone you love deeply, not necessarily a child, could be or could soon start developing some kind of illness involving shortness of breath or a lung-related infection.

There is also another interpretation for this dream.

It can be interpreted as a warning sign, because some of your projects could come out more or simply be discarded, destroying all the illusions you had in these. The basis for this reading is the following: in the world of dream interpretations, a child or a kid could represent the plans, projects or personal ambitions that the dreamer want to develop in real life.

Dreaming that your daughter is drowning in a swimming pool

Through all these years interpreting dreams I have noticed that dreaming of a drowning baby is very common among dreamy women, especially when they feel vulnerable, weak, or in need of emotional support.

If you have this dream, you may have the bad feeling that you’re not managing your time in the right or sensible way. Maybe you’re spending a lot of time on distraction or social media entertainment, rather than attending to your most important issues.

What does it mean of dreaming of saving your daughter from drowning?

If you dreamed that you save a person from drowning, speak of the righteousness of your character, and that you are a person who knows very well the dangers of life.

Therefore, you try to advise a friend or family member on how they can avoid going through the difficulties you have already gone through.

This dream is somewhat peculiar, because your mind tells you to act doing good, but to be careful and not let your guard down before others.

Remember that dreams have the tendency to exaggerate and amplify situations or emotions that we experience in real life. Many times dreams are like this because they want to get our attention.

Related Dreams

Dreaming that your daughter is bleeding

Dreaming of your child bleeding is expressing your worries about something bad happening to her in real life. You must be little sensitive right now.

Also seeing your child’s bleeding reveals that the dreamer is harboring health and wellness concerns and doubts. This problem can affect someone close to you, your family, or yourself. It doesn’t have to be a serious problem, but it could be dangerous enough to cause a lot of pain.

Dreaming of seeing you daughter sick

If you are unlucky enough to see your daughter sick, this could mean that there is some kind of worry in you, either because of some decision you have to make or maybe an insecurity about something that has happened in your past or is about to happen.

Dreaming of our sick daughter indicates is a harbinger of complicated situations in the family, possible upsets that will destabilize the home.

Dreaming with a daughter but you do not have one in real life

For a woman, dreaming of a daughter, when in real life she does not have it, symbolizes that she feels nostalgia for the past, it is also possible that in her adolescence she has made some mistakes that she regrets today.