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Dream Meaning of Spiders

Javier Fuertes ~ 02/17/2024

Dreaming of spiders means that you are facing a negative situation that seems inevitable or impossible to escape.

It also reflects insecurities that limit or prevent you from making your personal plans and enjoying the life you want.

Spiders symbolize creative capacity, as we have said, but also aggressiveness.

Spiders are also hardworking insects with enough smarts and patience to create beautiful webs.

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Dreaming of spiders in the bed

This dream reveals that there is a latent threat from a female figure to your romantic relationship.

It also suggests problems or doubts in your sentimental relationship or in your intimate affairs.

Dreaming that spider bites

It represents that you are facing conflicts emerging with a woman in a position of authority in your daily life.

You are afraid that gossip, rumors, comments in bad faith will reach you. I’ve seen dreams in which a spider bites the dreamer reveal that she has a fear that she will be emotionally affected by the things you’re saying about her.

See following dreams in spider bites in dreams

  • Spider bite on arm
  • Spider bite on face
  • Spider biting on finger
  • Spider bite on foot
  • Spider bite on hand
  • Spider bite on head
  • Spider bite on leg

Dreaming of big spiders

Dreams of large spiders reveals that you are becoming aware that someone is manipulating you.

This dream is showing that you are dealing with a female figure (mother, wife, boss) who considerably dominates your life.

Dreaming of a big hairy spider

This dream warns you to be wary of possible betrayals or disappointments.

Dreaming of black spiders

Having a dream where you see a black spider and its web can refer to a rival who has good social connections, a person who can harm you and who has influence over other people.

Dreaming of black spiders would indicate that the dreamer is in contact with people or situations that have the potential to become complicated.

Dreaming of black widow spider

Dreaming of a black widow in particular symbolizes an attractive, manipulative, scheming personality, which also turns out to be dishonest, calculating and cold. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman.

Dreaming that a spider comes out of your mouth

If you dream that a spider comes out of your mouth, it means your need to improve the way you communicate your feelings or thoughts to the people around you.

This dream also reveals that you may be saying things that complicate your personal relationships.

Dreaming of spiders crawling on you

A spider crawling on your body reveals you are becoming worried of being hurt be things said or actions done by people you do not trust. There must a perturbing idea or thought that is starting to crawl on your mind.

Dreaming that spiders crawling up your body is a sign that you are experiencing the negative influence or presence of a woman in your life who may have been cheating or doing quietly something against you, specially when you have not been paying attention.

Dreaming of dead spiders

If a man has this dream, it is a sign that he has overcome or avoided a possible threat to his romantic relationship from a woman.

Dreaming that you eat a spider

This dream reveals that you want to put and end to toxic and harmful comments or gossip coming from people close to you.

Having this dream reveals that you feel like you want to gain control over your life and relationships.

Dreaming that a spider eats an insect

This dream indicates that you can be in contact with a person who can use you as a means to achieve their purposes. Be careful.

Dreaming of spider eggs

Spider eggs represent future problems or complicated situations. It can also indicate that there are situations in your current life that have the ability to become complicated over time.

On the positive side, the presence of spider eggs in your dream reveals a side of you that has not yet been expressed; it also reveals a potential talent or skill that needs to be developed.

Dreaming of spider falling on you

If you dream that you see a falling spider it may mean that you fear losing friends or contacts who support you or could support you.

Dreaming of a golden spider

Dreaming a golden spider reveals you are expecting great news coming from a friend or family member. It is posible your may be getting a positive change in something related to business or work.

Dreaming of spider in your hand

If in your dream you have a spider in your hand and you are not afraid it represents a positive dream, you may receive a present or get something of value.

Also consider that the dream can reveal that you have the possibility of ending a rumor, a gossip or a personal conflict.

Dreaming of a spider with a human head

This dream represents manipulation over other people. If you dream of your own head being in a spider body, it is a sign that you feel that you are using or manipulating other people around you to obtain your own interests.

Dreaming that you kill a spider

A dream in which you kill a spider reveals that you urgently want to end negative situations, conflicts or gossip. You want to face the people who are talking bad about you.

Dreaming that you kill spiders that chase you is a positive dream, it is a sign that you will overcome your problems.

Dreaming of spider with long legs

When a spider has exaggeratedly long legs in your dream, the interpretation is more related to manipulation. That is why this type of dream representation usually represents a great danger, a kind of trap in which we are falling in our real life.

Dreaming of spider multiplying

This dream is showing that your are worried of being surrounded negative influences that are currently bugging you. It could be negative emotions, bad habits, or toxic people or family members that are impacting your physical and mental well-being.

Dreaming of a spider as a pet

If in your real life you are afraid of spiders – like most of us – but dream that you have a spider as a pet, it means that you are ready to face your fears, obstacles or projects in your daily life.

Dreaming of running away from spiders

Having this dream represents your desire to escape or free yourself from a woman with power in your environment. You want to avoid gossip, ill-intentioned comments or embarrassing situations, social commitments that do not bring you any benefit or satisfaction.

Dreaming of small spiders

Dreaming of many small spiders means that the goals or objectives you long for in life generate many difficulties, and that makes you sad and want to abandon what you are doing.

Dreaming of spider tattoo

If you dream that you see a spider tattoo is a sign that you are not afraid to express your creative side.

Dreaming of tarantulas

Dreaming of a tarantula, whatever the scenario in which you find yourself, will augur something dangerous, harmful and worrying for you.

The tarantula in the dream world symbolizes a negative force or entity that is slow, silent and fatal, such as a vice, an undetected disease, a bad diet.

Dreaming of seeing a big tarantula also means you have poor prospects related to health or pleasure. You will be disappointed by a love story.

Dreaming of two spiders fighting

Seeing two spiders fighting each other in a dream reveals latent conflicts, tensions or arguments between two women close to you.

Dreaming that you are trapped in a spider’s web

If you dream that you are entangled or trapped in a spider web indicates that you feel trapped in a relationship (personal, work, business).

Dreaming of spider web

The spider’s web, on the other hand, symbolizes a veil that prevents seeing clearly and that may be hiding something.

In this way, if a spider’s web appears in your dream, it can show that there is something hidden that you are not seeing.

There is another interpretation.

If you have this dream you should consider yourself happy, because dreaming of a spider weaving its web means that you will be able to forge excellent relationships with the beings around you. Your work and effort will give you very good fruits, your work will be recognized.

Also consider the possibility that you are beginning to notice that your latest actions or sayings may put you in trouble with other people.

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Dreaming that you get entangled in a spider’s web

This dream reveals that you fear getting entangled in intrigues, gossip or confusing situations, or in uncomfortable personal relationships.

If in your dream you find yourself trapped or stuck in a spider’s web and feel that you cannot escape, it is a sign that you have a great worry that you cannot avoid.

Dreaming that you destroy spider webs

Dreaming that you clean or destroy cobwebs that lie in front of you suggests that you will free yourself from harmful relationships or uncomfortable situations.

Dreaming of a spider on the wall

Dreaming that a spider goes down the wall

Seeing a spider going down the wall is not a good dream. It means that it will be very difficult for you to get out of a negative relationship or situation in which you feel trapped.

Dreaming that a spider climbs the wall

Having a dream with spiders climbing the wall or if they are on the ceiling reveals that you are starting to notice how a pregnant situation, conflict or intrigue is clearly displayed before your eyes in real life.

Dreaming of white spider

In case this animal is white, it can indicate that the person has managed to overcome problems and will find balance and inner peace; Another meaning with this color is being close to fulfilling dreams or a stroke of luck.

Seeing white spiders in a dream could be related to the repressed desires that one has; that is, the projects or objectives that you left along the way and did not finish.

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