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Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

Last dreams I’ve interpreted in the last 48 hours

I dreamt of a small snake strangling my dog

A young girl in a relationship wrote:

“I dreamed of a small red and black snake inside a jar. Later, the snake is inside my dog’s mouth suffocating him, a few seconds my dog is dead.”


A red and black snake means there is something toxic, dangerous in your life. Something that causes you at the same time fear and despair, or also despair and anger.

A snake inside a container means that you harbor negative and perturbing emotions above your family members (your kid, your husband) that you have been stored, contained or repressed. That is, you wanted to contain such fears about them, and suddenly they have spread out or got worse.

The dog in the world of dreams means friendship, trust, loyalty. In this sense it means that you fear (or resist) to become aware of the chance of losing your connection with your partner. Perhaps you fear that you will lose his loyalty or affection, which is usually the most important feature of puppies.

Dogs also represent younger children, as we protect and pamper them as we do with our little ones. In this sense, your dog can express very well your fear that something very bad might happen to your child.

This dream does not mean that something bad necessarily happens to them (husband, son) in real life.

Dreaming go a large viper biting my son

“I dreamed that I was in a field with my son, 3 vipers passed by and one of them bit him”


It seems to me that your dream is expressing your natural fear that something bad might happen to your child when he is alone; perhaps he is in the middle of a personal situation that exposes him to making mistakes or being affected by individuals who are not at all positive.

Dreaming of snakes under my bed, they turn into crocodiles

“My dream was more of a nightmare, in my bed was a huge yellow snake with white, they managed to kill it, and we discovered that under the bed there was a nest with equal and smaller snakes that became crocodiles and escaped, I was terrified.”


Tremendous nightmare, anyone is frightened by that experience. Well, as I mention in the post, the bed is the most intimate space we have in life, and it is the stage where your dream takes place.

Now, this can offer several readings, one of them can indicate that for a long time you have been living ignoring very dangerous truths (nest of snakes under your bed) that you have just come to know.

Another interpretation, the fact that snakes transmute and become crocodiles can indicate that you suddenly realize that you are exposed to a harmful or harmful situation that can consume, devour or bruise you (precisely what a crocodile does when it attacks its victim), is there any secret whose diffusion you fear can harm you a lot (crocodiles escaping)?

I recommend checking to dream of snake in bed.

A male reader shared this dream:

“I dreamt that a very big snake ate my dog, swallowed it completely. I tried to save him, I began to pull him out of the snake’s mouth.”


In real life he was angry and dissapointed because his friend was not paying him back money borrowed. The dreamer was realizing his friend has lied to him.

The huge snake represents the friend’s betrayal. The dog symbolizes the broken friendship, the lost trust he once had in his friend. The fact that the dreamer tries to save the dog reveals his desire to regain some of that relationship.

Alternatively, the puppy can symbolize his relationship with another close person, which is negatively impacted by his ex friend’s bad deeds. Rescuing the puppy means that he wants to protect his relationship with that individual.

My boyfriend and I were trying to suffocate a snake

“I dreamed that a very long snake was in my house and I approached him and jumped and bit me, he also bit my partner and I managed to grab the part of the head so that it did not move and my partner took a cord and squeezed it to hang her and we released her thinking she was dead and she jumped back to bite but she did not bite me and I managed to take it again and we squeezed her. plus the cord and died.”


Effectively, your dream is communicating that there is someone in your life who is threatening your relationship, someone who with their words or actions is being poisonous or toxic. Is this how you see your partner’s ex?

On the other hand, the positive thing I find in your dream is that it shows you and your partner fighting together against this threat. Another detail that suggests the dream is that it takes a while to completely suffocate the snake, it is necessary to be patient.

I dreamt of big snakes biting my dog at home

A single woman wrote:

” I was in a room with my mom, grandmother, sister-in-law and mother-in-law when I suddenly see a snake near the dog and with my sister. I start telling my sister to stay away from the dog since the snake was alerted and bites her.

I went back to my mom and grandmother in the room and suddenly I found many snakes with different colors (like yellow, red and black colors that I remember). I started killing as many as I could. Finally, they surrounded me. I woke up”


Seeing a snake and a dog in a dream usually reveals that the dreamer has issues over trust and loyalty on her relationships with people, especially with a friendship or romantic partner (real or potential).

I noticed that all the characters in the dream are female relatives. On the other side, the invading characters are snakes, which represent the male presence in general, which the dreamer finds uncomfortable, disturbing or threatening.

That’s right, in the dream the snakes are expressing her personal insecurities regarding males, her difficulties in trusting a potential partner.