Snake biting in dreams

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what is the meaning dream snake biting

Reveals your fears and anxieties.
Lingering concerns needed to be addressed.

Dreaming of a snake biting you is a warning signal from your unconscious mind (creator of your dreams) for urgent action to be taken regarding a key situation you are avoiding, neglecting or disregarding.

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Dream of a snake biting my arms

If a snake bites your arm in a dream, it means that you are having a hard time coping with hostile, unfair or nasty situations. Indeed, this dream may be showing that you are are not able to protect yourself -emotionally speaking- in the face of an uneasy relation, circumstance or social environment. Maybe you feel that you are not tough enough to deal with . . .

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what does it mean snake bites arms in a dream

Dreaming of a snake biting my right arm

This dream might be revealing that you are having a hard time trying to affirm yourself in some aspects of your social life. In addition, it may show that you are lacking the willpower needed to deal with a tough situation or a competitive environment in wake life.

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Dreaming of a snake biting my back

A dream with snakes biting you in your back has several interpretations:

The first and most common interpretation states that this dream reflects your concern about potential betrayals or disappointments in your current personal matters.

Another reading states that a snakebite in your back might uncover a sudden setback in an area of your life to which you were not paying enough attention. Also, it may refer to a perturbing event happening when you are not prepared, or when nobody close to you was expecting something like that.

Dreaming that a snake bites me when I am lying on bed

Basically, this dream is displaying your anxiety about your intimate affairs.

If in your dream the mamba or viper bites you when you are lying in bed, it can offer at least two interpretations:

The first one has to do with your sentimental life. Having a dream that a snake attacks while you are lying down might be revealing some issues with personal matters that you usually keep for yourself; maybe you are having a lot of worries and feel that something bad might happen to you at any moment. You need to take into consideration the context of the dream to determine the integral meaning.

According to the second interpretation, this dream may be expressing your worries in relation to an important decision you made in the past. Certainly, the dream might show that you have begun to harbor second thoughts regarding serious personal businesses that you thought wouldn’t be discussed anymore. Perhaps this dream is disclosing your resistance, -or even stubbornness- to admit you made a substantial mistake.

This dream might be pointing to the existence of a latent risk of serious personal setbacks to which you were not paying enough attention. Additionally, this dream could reveal a problem that may happen -or may get worse- because you are not being careful enough.


Dreaming of snakes biting my breast

This dream means problems with your instincts or maternal aspects. It can also indicate problems with your ability to nurture, to take care or to guide your children.

Another interpretation says that the dreamer may be experiencing issues with her own intimacy.

Dreaming of vipers or pythons biting your breasts indicates that you are dealing with issues in your relationship.

Dreaming of a snake biting my daughter

A dream in which a snake assails or bites your daughter is revealing not only your concern that your relations with her may be turning bad, but also . . .

Dreaming that a snake bites me and I die

A dream in which a snake is biting you (and you die afterwards) might uncover the fact that you are falling into negative, dark or harmful emotions. It could also be revealing symptoms of depression. 

If in the dream the snake bit you and you lost your life, it means that a part inside you has died, such as, feelings and emotions towards someone; or maybe it represents a big personal plan or expectation that fails.

In some cases, a deep disappointment in someone or something on which you had great enthusiasm or trust may have triggered this type of dreams.

This dream may be a metaphor for the presence of toxic or harmful influences affecting your very deeply.

Dream that a snake bites me and it dies

This dream means that you might have overestimated a situation that seemed to be ugly or threatening.

Indeed, it is possible that you had concerns regarding a specific problem that turned out to be small, brief or inconsequential; perhaps your worries turned to be unfounded, or perhaps the worst scenario you were expecting did not materialized.

There is also a negative interpretation. According to this reading, if you dream of snakes biting you without significant harm for you, it shows that you are underestimating certain scenarios, people or subjects; somehow you are pretty sure that certain problems or misfortunes happening to others will never reach you.

Dreaming of a snake biting my pet dog

The dog in the world of dreams represents faithfulness and trust; it also symbolizes friendship. If the snake attacks your dog it might be suggesting that you have lost faith in . . .


Dreaming of snake biting my ear

Dreaming of a viper or snake that bites your ear means that you have been impacted by negative rumors or very toxic gossip. This dream can be just expressing your fear of being affected by hearsay at home or at your workplace. Maybe something you have just heard may have caused you distress lately.

Alternatively, the dream might suggest that you’re not hearing advice or recommendations given to you. Precisely, your unconscious mind is telling you -with this dream- to pay more attention to certain new things happening around you.

Dreaming of snake biting my face

It may be expressing your resentment, annoyance or irritation as a consequence of nasty or toxic comments you have received recently.

If you have had a dream of rattlesnakes or vipers biting your face, it means that you have severely criticized the previous day and, consequently, your personal reputation or social image took a big hit.

what does mean dreaming a snake bites my finger
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Dreaming of a snake biting my fingers

This dream shows painful frustration or dissatisfaction in one aspect of the dreamer’s life.

A dream in which snakes are biting your fingers is displaying your apprehension or uneasiness for not being able to respond correctly in front of a very problematic situation in real life.

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Dreaming of a snake biting my foot

A dream of snakes biting your foot offers at least two interpretations:

According to the first interpretation, this dream is uncovering the existence of certain obstacles (material or psychological ones) blocking you from getting ahead in your professional or personal life.

In addition, the dream might be revealing that you are facing hurdles or roadblocks that all of the sudden . . .

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Dreaming of a snake biting a girl

This dream is revealing the presence of harmful influences in your life which really have the potential to harm something that you’re starting in your wake life, something which is still vulnerable and need protection and care, such as, for example: a relationship, a business project, studies.

In some few cases, the girl attacked by the snake could be embodying your current emotional state. Pay attention to this interpretation, if you feel vulnerable, helpless or restricted as a young girl.

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Dreaming of a snake biting my hair

It expresses your acknowledge -at a sub-conscious level- of inner doubts regarding your decision-making capacity. This dream may occur as a result of a really bad decision you have taken recently.

In some cases, this dream just means that you are having a hard time trying to stop thinking about something that really disturbs you.

Dream of snake biting my hand

In the world of the dream interpretations a hand is regarded as a symbol expressing the dreamer’s command over her personal affairs or emotions. Hence, a snake is biting your hand in your dreams means that you are having trouble with . . .


A bite in the dreamer’s hand might uncover the fact that the she is losing grasp or understanding of the nature of a current situation, which makes her feel more anxious.

This dream may be revealing an internal conflict inside the dreamer about the proper or correct action to take regarding an ongoing issue that really worries her.

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Dreaming that a snake is biting my head

To dream that a snake bites your head means that you are begun to acknowledge your own shortcomings or inner imperfections. It may also reveal that you are finally admitting the poor decisions taken in relation to a important matter in current life.

A snake biting your head could display the fact that you are having unpleasant and disturbing thoughts or ideas, which might be the cause of you worries and headaches.

This dream may be delivering a clear message from your unconscious mind -the real maker of your dreams- warning about a very stubborn personal stance or decision you have made recently.

Your dreaming mind is using the image of the snakebite to push you to react and finally become aware that something must be done.

On a more symbolic level, this dream is suggesting that you are paying more attention to your ideals, values or thoughts, and at the same time, neglecting your basic physical needs.

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Dreaming of a snake biting my heel

This dream is indicating problems with your personal flaws or bad habits. In fact, a snakebite in the heel may reveal the existence of negative habits or personal traits that the dreamer cannot overcome easily. The heel in the dream world represents your willpower; therefore, dreaming that a snake bites your heel would represent your struggle to resist or avoid something you consider negative, immoral or (self) destructive.

Dreaming of a snake biting my leg

If a snake bites your legs in your dream, then it may be revealing your discontent or frustration at noticing that your personal projects are not going to be achieved , maybe something or someone is derailing your . . . 

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what does it mean snake bites leg in dreams

Dreamt that a snake bit me and I went to the hospital

If you dream that a snake bites you and then you ended up at the hospital, it means that you are trying to heal or restore your emotional balance. This dream is suggesting that you are not only admitting that you are experiencing pain but also that you are longing for a recovery.

If in the dream you are the one choosing going to the doctor, then it might reveals an emotional readiness and willingness for the arrival of inner changes that may help you out to restore or improve your psychological or physical well-being.

Dream of a snake biting my husband or boyfriend

This dream reveals that you are having a feeling that something bad will happen to your husband or boyfriend.

Likewise, you can read this dream from a symbolic perspective: the snake in your dream may be embodying . . .

what does it mean to dream snake bites my husband boyfriend

Dreams of killing snakes that bite me

This dream offers several meanings, the following are the most common:

  • You want to eliminate something from your life.
  • You’re feeling more confident or desperate,
  • You’re facing an unfair situation,

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dream of killing a viper means that your want to get rid of someone in your life

Dreaming of a snake biting my mouth

This dream reveals that you are having issues at the moment of expressing your emotions and feelings to others. It may also indicate that you are preventing yourself from expressing what you want; maybe there is a lack of good communication skills.

This dream could be pointing to the existence of a strong and constant remorse and guilt over certain words or statements said recently by the dreamer. Perhaps you should be more carefully with what you say, and choose wisely when to speak up and when to be quiet.

Dream of a snake biting my neck

This dream is showing that the dreamer is having serious personal dilemmas. In fact, this dream might reveal that you have experiencing profound internal . . .

Dreaming that a snake bites me and I don’t get hurt

Dreams of snake biting you without causing substantial injury means that there are current situations in real life that did not turned out to be so serious or painful as you had thought.

According to another interpretation, this dream may be disclosing that the dreamer may be going through a deep personal transformation.

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Dreaming that a rattlesnake bites me

This dream means that the dreamer feels a high level of remorse for having ignored previous hints or warnings of something bad happening in her wake life.

Indeed, dreaming that a rattlesnake bites you reveals a terrible emotional state due to the fact that you did not paid attention to the details, symptoms or events that indicated that something harmful was about to occur in key personal matters, such as health, relationships, business or studies.

In some cases, this dream may reflect the fact that the dreamer feels that something bad may be occurring in the near future.

Dreaming of a snake biting my shoulders

This dream makes visible complications, concerns or problems with your sense self-confidence and pride. It is possible that you are being arrogant or stubborn because you are not listening to the advice given by your dear ones; perhaps you are being a little too cocky and do not want to respect the opinions of others.

On the other hand, dreaming that snakes bite you on your shoulders may indicate that you are having a hard time dealing with the weight of your own personal responsibilities. Maybe you have taken for yourself so many professional or family duties, and you have just realized that there is no enough resources, time or skills to fulfill them.

In some cases, the dream may be disclosing your difficulties in resisting social pressure or the negative influence from people close to you.

Dreaming of snakes biting someone else

According to a plain interpretation this dream is just expressing your worries about something bad happening to someone you know.

However, there is another reading: people you know in your dream can also represent an aspect or characteristic of your . . .

what does it mean dreaming snake bites someone

Dreaming of a snake biting my son

The first interpretation considers the dream as a simple manifestation of your worries about someone or something hurting your child in real life. Well, those are natural fears a good parent has.

However, there is another reading for the dream: it might be revealing your lingering concerns in relation to . . .

Dreaming of a snake biting your stomach

This dream shows the dreamer is having some trouble with ideas, emotions or situations she does not want to assimilate or “digest”. It is possible that she may not want to accept the new realities happening around her life.

In some cases, a dream of rattlesnakes or cobras biting your belly might be uncovering problems managing your diet. Following the idea behind this interpretation, the dream may be revealing your own concerns with your current body weight. Do you think you have trouble dealing with extra pounds?

Dreaming that a snake wants to bite me

Dreaming that a viper or a cobra threatens to bite you can be considered as an alert coming from your unconscious mind because you are noticing that you are placed in the middle of a hostil scenario or environment in waking life. Indeed, this type of dream could happen when the dreamer is in the midst of a situation of intense stress or anxiety.

It is possible that your unconscious mind is saying that you need to fix your own bad habits or attitude causing you problems in the present. Perhaps the reptile represents feelings of distress, or even guilt, for something you have not done properly.

This dream could be just expressing the fact that you are dissatisfied with your current social image. Certainly, it is also possible that you feel uneasy about the way people around you is seeing you.


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