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Javier Fuertes ~ 05/25/2023

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Being attacked in a dream reveals you are feeling guilty for something done or said in the past.

Likewise, dreaming of being attacked means you need to tackle an issue or address a problem or there is need to face a personal conflict in real life.


Seeing an auto while you sleep can have a representation linked to your ambition and that ability to explore and adventure that you love so much. In other cases, it would also be the demonstration of your desire to travel the world and not enter into commitments of any kind other than to enjoy your independence and control everything that happens in your own life.

If you dream that you have a car accident, that can reveal that there are personal or family habits or situations that can end abruptly and cause a radical change in your life. This dream allows you to reflect on those personal aspects that can cause you a shocking emotional decay.

It may indicate that you are in a personal situation where you are facing a personality or situation that completely opposes or denies your present projects or conditions.



Dreaming of a baby represents the beginning of new episodes in your life. It is very likely that you are going through a moment of anguish and despair, but, just as a newborn child represents the beginning of life, for you it is a sign of the appearance of the right time to take new paths and leave behind everything that causes you harm.

A baby in dreams has more than one meaning and, although many times it refers to having a child or the desire to have a child, many other times that dream is linked to a project, to a great desire that we want to realize in our lives and that is close to being fulfilled.

Dreaming of a baby can be linked to something worrisome in your mind, like the fear of losing a child on the street, of being robbed in an oversight, of having an accident and dying is something that can accompany us from pregnancy until our children are already grown.

baby boy

Dreaming with a baby boy brings me a whole new universe of symbolism and introspection. Yes, a baby boy represents innocence, new beginnings, nurturing, protection, unresolved emotions, and the fulfilment of hidden potential.

Accept the presence of the newborn boy in your dreams since it unlocks the mysteries of your subconscious, paving the way for a brighter and more happy future.

Dreaming about a newborn boy indicates the awakening of untapped potential inside ourselves, just as a baby boy represents boundless possibility and future promise. Such dreams may signify latent abilities or passions that demand to be developed and manifested. They gently inspire us to pursue our dreams and take steps to make them a reality. Accepting the purity and openness represented by the unborn boy within us can lead to a bright future.

baby girl

Dreams involving a baby girl represent emotional growth and vulnerability. They may prompt you to reconnect with your inner child or confront unresolved emotional issues from your past. The dream serves as a gentle nudge to embrace vulnerability and approach your emotions with openness and compassion.

It is crucial to consider the context and personal experiences surrounding the dream. The baby girl in your dream could symbolize a specific person or embody qualities associated with that individual. Reflecting on your relationship with this person and the emotions evoked in the dream can provide deeper insights into its meaning.

Dreams featuring a baby girl carry diverse meanings and interpretations, rooted in an individual’s unique circumstances and emotions. While these dreams may encapsulate innocence, nurturing, new beginnings, fertility, emotional growth, or symbolic representations, it is essential to analyze them within the context of your own life.

By exploring the feelings and experiences intertwined with the dream, you can unlock valuable insights and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your aspirations. Remember, dreams are deeply personal, and their interpretations should be approached with an open mind and introspection.

Dreaming that a baby drowning means you think you’re not a good mother

A common element that I have found in these types of dreams is that the dreamer believes (justifiably or not) that she is failing in her role as a mother.

It is possible that in real life in your home there is a situation that is beyond your control or surveillance. Or maybe you feel guilty about all the mistakes or mistakes your young children make. All of them can be factors that make you feel—or think—that you’re not the perfect mom you wish you were.


For the interpretation of this dream, I need to speak something quite important first. Two important elements converge in it: water and sand. In general, dreaming about the beach represents a connection between reason and emotion that allows us to analyze where we are and where we want to go.

If you dreamed with a beautiful beach represent you are expecting a rebirth or a new beginning. It symbolizes that you are going to live moments of prosperity and happiness, due to your clean way of acting before life. You are in a moment in which your self-esteem is strengthened and you fully believe in your abilities. So you can face any circumstance. Make the most of this moment and enjoy every moment.


Dreaming that you clean the bathroom reveals that you are going through a process of emotional cleansing, purification.

Dreaming that you clean the bathroom reveals your eagerness to face your negative ideas or feelings, or also distractions and bad habits. Maybe you’ve been examining yourself and found things, details, traits, or flaws that you dislike.

You may want to turn away from people or environments that you consider negative or pernicious.

You may want to clear up misunderstandings in your relationships with other people.


A bedroom represents your intimate thoughts, your feelings that you want to keep to yourself. Those thoughts include sexual or sentimental desires and interests that you don’t usually discuss or share with anyone.

Dreaming that your bedroom door is open is a symbol for your desire to reveal or share these intimate matters. Conversely, if the door is closed or you close it may indicate your desire to keep it in reserve.


A childbirth is a very special moment in the life of a woman, unforgettable, many say that after it her life changes definitively.

Dreaming of having a normal birth is a message from your subconscious that tells you that you are open to drastic or radical changes in your life.

If you have this dream, it is because you are feeling tired of the direction your life is taking and you want to change course. Start from scratch, changing what brings you boredom and comfort.

This goes from the professional level, through the family level and ending with the sentimental level. This change will make you open up to new ventures, investing more in your professional life, with new courses, good readings and the search for a new area of activity.

Regarding you family relationships, you’ll change the way you treat your family members. You will take charge of your life, only allowing them to have a voice in your attitudes if you let them.


Black is the color of the mysterious and hidden. Sometimes it also represents pain and death; negativity and evil. However, it is a sophisticated, dignified and colorful color, which also denotes style, seriousness and elegance.

Other connotations of the color black are: formality, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, power, sexuality, underground, mourning, austerity and detachment.


Dreaming of blood can frighten the dreamer, as blood usually symbolizes pain and death. However, these dreams in no way indicate imminent death.

Dreaming of blood indicates your health and vitality in some aspect of your life. Bleeding is therefore a symbol of loss of strength and emotional, physical and even financial energy.

Blood dreams are usually associated with fear of emotional distress. Fear of losing confidence in oneself, affecting your self-esteem.

Often, blood dreams are related to your emotions and your emotional state of wakefulness.

If you bleed while you sleep, it means that your vital energy is being depleted. It will help you decode the dream locate yourself and what caused you to bleed. You’ll want to think about what’s causing you weakness, drain, and low energy in your life. An additional area to investigate could be the unconscious emotional pain of the past.


Blue is the color of the oceans, the skies, and invokes the sensations of serenity, tranquility, calm, loyalty, confidence. Hence, famous brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Twitter have incorporated it into their brand.

In its darker tones, it is used to show professionalism, authority and sincerity. 

It also transmits softness, peace, calm, tranquility, depth and spirituality.


being chased

Being persecuted in dreams reveals that you have worry, anguish about unfinished business that you urgently need to address.

It reveals that you have a strong remorse, a feeling of guilt for an episode from your past. There is something you do not want to accept.

This type of dream reflects your anxiety not only towards situations that you have not been able to solve but also towards negative feelings that hurt you such as anger or envy.

Having a dream where you are being pursued can be thought of as your unconscious mind’s way of alerting you to face your personal responsibilities or resolve your personal insecurities.


Dreaming of crying would reveal that the dreamer is processing a disappointment. It also reveals a deep sense of personal loss or failure.

You may feel frustrated, even empty by a very delicate situation that is affecting you tremendously.

This dream is not necessarily negative, since there is a favorable aspect, because it indicates that you are recognizing problems that you were not facing, sorrows and ailments that you were hiding, repressing or avoiding attending. In other words, you may see the need to face your fears. In this sense, this dream can be part of your own catharsis (discharge and emotional cleansing).

If you wake up with tears in your eyes it can refer to psychological traumas in you that you do not want to face. You may have a lot of trouble dealing with your problems.



Dream about your daughter reveals you current concerns and worries over her health and welfare. It is possible that you are not spending enough quality time with her.

If you have a daughter and dream about her, especially if she is already a kid or a teenager, it insinuates that she is trying to hide certain problems that must be solved as soon as possible.

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dead people

Generally speaking, this dream may represent attempts by our mind to process the feelings we have in relation to the death or departure of a family member. In many cases your mind is trying to understand and accept his passing.

If you see a dead person being alive in a dream, it means you really missed her. It is possible that you need her help, companionship or ideas.

Dreaming of dead people means that you may be remembering—or even—considering the words or lessons the deceased individual gave you when you were alive. You may be seeking advice to make an important decision in the present.


My Ex

According to my experience in all these years interpreting dreams I can tell you that dreaming of your former romantic (partner boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife) usually reflects the emotions and attitudes you harbor over your romantic past.

Having this type of dream suggests that something or someone in your life is triggering similar feelings you had in the past when you were with your ex-partner.

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Dreaming of fights can be related to personal situations where you are trying to prove yourself, or show others what you are capable of.

Dreaming of quarrels or fights can represent an internal conflict, an inner battle. You may find it difficult to make a decision or follow a consistent course of action. This dream can represent personal situations that arouse contradictory emotions or thoughts in you. Occurrence of personal dilemmas.

You may be feeling that others have a hostile attitude toward you. You may also be dealing with adverse situations in your daily life that you consider unfair.

Remember one thing, many dreams of this type are highly symbolic, and precisely tend to exaggerate a situation that has happened to you in the last 24 or 48 hours. These dreams can help us a lot, because they are indicating that there are some internal issues that need to be solved with some urgency.


It reveals strong emotions that you cannot control such as anger, frustration, envy.

Dreaming of fire indicates charged issues that consume you emotionally.

It can symbolize destructive jealousy. Harmful obsession with something or someone.

This dream indicates that the tranquility of the dreamer is being disturbed tremendously, something very strong shakes her emotional balance.



Dreaming of golden color reveals the dreamer is having some issues with money, debts and employment.

Alternatively, dreaming of riches, treasures, precious stones can generally be interpreted as valuable and unique opportunities that are available to the dreamer.

This dream may reveal that you feel secure with the freedom to do whatever you want. Indeed, this dream experience projects your sense of personal security with something you value.

Dreaming of riches can be a dream symbol for experiences or guaranteed rewards.


The color gray is the color of stones and metals; from ashes and dust. It is related to the weather, boredom, old age and death.

Gray is a balanced and neutral color, which does not arouse emotions.
Other attributions of the gray color are: intelligence, seriousness, modesty, security, dignity, maturity, solidity, traditionalism, practical, functional and effective.


This color represents the natural world, ecology, tranquility, fertility. It can also be used to represent growth and renewal, especially when we use its lighter tones. It also has a financial significance, being the color of the dollar currency. It is therefore the color of wealth and finances. 

The color green relates to nature, the environment, youth and spring.

Green is a color that transmits relaxation and rest. It comforts in the face of dejection and fatigue. It inspires security, harmony and balance.



A house in world of dream interpretation represents your personal impression of a situation in front of you. This dream represents your mentality or way of thinking with which you identify and of which you are not always aware.

The type of house in your dreams reveals your positive, negative outlook on a particular issue.

The house represents the current state of your family relationships. It also represents your memories.

Dreaming that your house is flooded with dirty or muddy water means that there is a lot of negativity in your home, maybe it is differences, conflicts between members of your family. Maybe you have the feeling that there is a toxic or harmful environment in your home. In several cases I have seen that this dream clearly shows that the dreamer is invaded by negative feelings such as pessimism, sadness, and the like.

A situation in your home has overflowed, lost control, or exceeded family boundaries or restrictions.



Dreaming of killing means that you are facing a dramatic end of a stage in your life.
You are afraid of strong and profound changes happening in you.

In the world of dreams, killing indicates the need to finish, close or forget matters permanently.

It indicates the need to oppose or rebel against something you consider greater or stronger than your abilities.

Dreaming of killing, murdering, removing, or stabbing someone can reveal your recognition that you are negatively affecting others.

Dreaming that you are killed reveals your recognition of negative forces or influences that are very powerful and that you cannot change.


many colors

different and intense emotions inside you.



Dreams about pets usually symbolize the need to give and receive affection to other people, especially those who are more vulnerable.

Dreaming that you own a pet is just telling us that we are nice people, we enjoy great empathy and we are not indolent in the face of the problems of the people around us.

Dreaming that we take care of our pets, when in reality we do not have, is a sign that we have become aware of the need to look after the interests of the people around us, friends and family.

Dreams where we see ourselves taking care of pets that are not ours usually indicate that someone else has control over our emotions and thoughts.


Add feminine touches with brushstrokes of rose here and there.
Pink is universally accepted as a feminine color, except in Belgium, where it is considered the color of a child.

Being a combination of red and white, pink is the color of excitement, romance, joy and high energy, but without the aggression of red. It’s a fun, youthful color that can add brightness to a room.


Depending on the shades, the meaning of the color purple is associated with sensuality and romance.

However, it is also related to negative feelings such as: doom, sadness and mourning, and a world of pain. 

The color purple is composed of a combination of red and blue and is the color of calm, creativity, mystery, magic and meditation. It is also considered the color of royalty, nobility and luxury.

Purple is the color of sensuality and royalty.



Red stands out from the rest of the colors and is considered the color of more emotional intensity. 

The color red is the symbol of love, passion, desire, lust, fire and fury. It denotes courage and strength.

Red has meanings associated with shadows of danger, violence, anger, malice, and aggression.

In addition to stimulating sexual passion, red also stimulates appetite.

running away

Dreaming of escaping danger is a warning that it will possibly happen in real life, for example, getting out of bad business, away from enemies or diseases, etc.

If the dreamer was not able to escape in the dream, it indicates that she will fall into the trap of that danger.

If in the dream we escape from the house it hints at the desire to start a new life, free from family pressures.

Dreaming that we escape from an animal indicates that new experiences are coming in our lives, while if we escape from a person, it is a reflection of our dissatisfaction with some relationships.


someone else

Dreaming of someone else is one of the most difficult to interpret but it is linked to certain doubts. An example of this is finding a path that we do not know and we do not know whether to follow it or not, because we do not know where it arrives. This point has to do with the fact that we do not know where we are going in life.

Some of the most common interpretations are associated with seeing many strange people, which means that a good friend will help you.

Dreaming that you kiss someone represents acceptance of the aspects you repress about yourself.

Dreaming of a stranger posing as someone you know means that you know well who that person is but that he is not what the rest thinks he is.

If you dream that you have intimate relationships with someone you do not know, it means that you want more passion and risks in your life, as well as wanting to go in search of new emotions.


Dreaming of snakes can have several different meanings, both positive and negative. In the mysterious world of dreams a snake usually means danger, negativity, toxicity, even treason. On the positive side, this reptile means personal transformation and recovery.

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Dreaming of spiders means that you are facing a negative situation that seems inevitable or impossible to escape.

It also reflects insecurities that limit or prevent you from making your personal plans and enjoying the life you want.

Spiders symbolize creative capacity, as we have said, but also aggressiveness.

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Dreaming of number three has different meanings.

First of all, the number 3 is a sacred number. Because in addition to being the number of the sacred, of the triad of Hindu gods, of the Holy Trinity or of the balance that represents the triangle, 3 is also the number of creativity, talent and the artist.

The number 3 is also a symbol of the past, present and future.

It gives us a signal that everything we did in the past is the result of our present, and everything we plan to do today will be tomorrow’s result.

We must analyze everything before doing so, most people regret what they did in their past.

It can also mean that they are thinking too much about the future, and analyzing a lot of their past.

Your dream is a reminder that we must live one day at a time, live each moment as if it were our last.

The number 3 is also a symbolism of mind, body and soul, if one manages to find harmony in these 3 aspects, one can find the satisfaction he is looking for.


The tree is the visual dreaming representation for family or social group, family tree.

A tree can represent stable and lasting aspects in your way of thinking: convictions, values or beliefs. It can also refer not only to what you consider firm and permanent in your life, but also to what gives you protection and support such as your family, marriage, the company for which you work, a religious or civil institution, etc.

Negatively, it can mean an evil or problem that does not disappear and multiply.

Some authors argue that the image of the tree in the dream world symbolizes the arrangement of the human body: with a trunk as the torso, the branches as upper limbs and the roots as the feet.


Seeing this number two in you dream speaks of the duality of life: The good and the bad. It may be that you are going through complex situations in your life, but you have not learned to value them, because every strong moment takes a message that may be the one that helps you in a future dilemma.

Seeing the number 2 on a door, it tells you about the possibility of a second path, this is because at this moment you feel facing a difficult situation and your subconscious is showing you that, just as you have thought to continue on the same path. Remember, there is always another door you can open.

Symbolism of number two in dreams

The number two often represents the concept of duality and balance. That is correct, this number in dreams can symbolize opposing forces or contrasting aspects of your personality or life. Precisely, number two in dreams signifies the need to find equilibrium and harmony in your thoughts, emotions, or relationships.

The appearance of the number two may suggest the importance of embracing both sides of a situation or integrating seemingly conflicting aspects of your life. Moreover, the number two is closely associated with partnerships, relationships, and connections.

Dreaming of the number two may reflect the need for companionship, teamwork, or collaboration in your waking life. It can symbolize the desire for a supportive romantic relationship, a harmonious friendship, or successful collaborations in your professional endeavors. The dream may encourage you to seek or nurture meaningful connections with others.

In dreams, the number two can also represent choices and decisions. It signifies the need to make a pivotal decision or choose between two options that may have different implications. The appearance of the number two may reflect a dilemma you are facing or a crossroads in your life. It urges you to carefully consider the alternatives and embrace the power of choice.

Interpretations of Dreams Involving the Number Two:

  1. Relationship Dynamics: Dreams featuring the number two may indicate the dynamics within your relationships. It could signify the need to examine the balance and harmony between you and a partner, friend, or family member. The dream might highlight areas where compromise or communication is necessary to foster healthier relationships.
  2. Self-Integration: The presence of the number two in dreams can also represent the integration of different aspects of your personality. It suggests the need to reconcile conflicting traits within yourself and find inner balance. The dream may prompt you to explore your strengths and weaknesses, seeking self-acceptance and personal growth.
  3. Decision-Making: Dreams involving the number two often arise during times of decision-making. It can reflect your subconscious mind weighing the pros and cons of different choices. The dream may encourage you to trust your instincts and consider the potential outcomes of your decisions before moving forward.

The appearance of the number two in dreams carries rich symbolism and profound meaning. From representing duality and balance to signifying partnerships, relationships, and choices, the number two offers valuable insights into our waking lives. It prompts us to reflect on our relationships, seek harmony within ourselves, and make mindful decisions.

As with all dream symbols, it is important to consider the context and personal experiences surrounding the dream to unlock its specific significance. By exploring the hidden messages embedded in dreams involving the number two, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and navigate our waking lives with increased awareness and clarity.



If in the dream we find ourselves walking in a pleasant, beautiful and peaceful place, it usually foreshadows that we will be able to decide freely about our own fortune and destiny.

Walking at night is an announcement of annoyance and sadness, it usually presages misfortunes, although it depends largely on the other circumstances of the dream.

Walking on an iron or steel plate means that compromises will possibly be made that will not be pleasant.


Water represents people’s mood. If you see calm waters, they mean that good times are coming and that you are at peace with your spirituality. It indicates serenity, rejuvenation and self-acceptance. If they are clean and pure, we hope to achieve success and acceptance by our fellow human beings.

If the water is scrambled or dirty, caution is advised: You should reconsider your decisions and not get caught up in your negative emotions. You may need to find time to clarify your mind and find inner peace.

If in your dream you are immersed in muddy or murky water, it is revealing that you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation or by your emotions. If you dream that there is a flood, it means that you face difficult struggles and emotions.


White is the color of purity and innocence, cleanliness and safety. This color conveys innocence, youth and perfection; also simplicity and freshness.

The white color associated with light conveys peace, purity and goodness. Next to the white it provides a sensation of freshness.

The good, the positive, the clean, the fresh and the heavenly are usually linked to the color white.



To the human eye, yellow is one of the brightest colors. It is the most visible color in the color spectrum. It is a cheerful color that oozes excitement and happiness. 

It is the color of the sun, youth and fun. It also represents life, friendship, energy, happiness, joy, optimism, hope and wisdom.

We associate the color yellow with the sun, since it is the most luminous, and therefore represents light.

Sunflowers, egg yolks, lemons and daffodils are also yellow.

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