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Snake Dreams: 100+ Meanings

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/16/2024

snakes dreams dream meaning

Dreaming of snakes can have several different meanings, both positive and negative. In the mysterious world of dreams a snake usually means danger, negativity, toxicity, even treason. On the positive side, this reptile means personal transformation and recovery.

Interpretations are posted in alphabetic order:

Dreaming of snake attacking you

A dream in which snakes are attacking you means you are scared that your problems will reach a point where you cannot continue to procrastinate. Precisely, the snake might be displaying our normal doubts or worries because we need to make a key decision.

This dream could be recurrent in people who are facing a challenging or cumbersome situation; perhaps you are afraid of making a big mistake or being exposed to harsh words and nasty comments.

See the full content in page dreams of snake attacking me.

what is the dreaming-of-snakes-attacking-you

Dreaming of angry snakes

Dreaming of an angry snake means you need to deal with a quite harmful and toxic individual close to you, someone who usually displays explosive emotional reactions.

If you see an angry snake in dream, it reveals that you are facing a harsh and hostile situation in an aspect of your life (work, family or studies). You do not know exactly what would be the consequences of doing something other people disapprove.

If you are interested in this dream, take a look at angry snake in dreams.

Dreaming of baby snakes

Dreaming of little snakes means that you are underestimating certain personal issues or threats in your wake life. It may also show your concerns about your current problems getting more complicated or involving more individuals.

Dreaming of baby snakes or vipers may be indicating the beginning of new difficulties or situations with the potential to become annoying or problematic.

If you dream of a baby snake, what your brain wants to tell you is that the person you thought was posing some kind of threat to you has finally turned out to be harmless.

See more in baby snakes in dreams.

Dreaming of snakes in the bathroom

This dream reveals that you are having a hard time trying to get rid of things you consider worthless or harmful to you. Dreaming of vipers or cobras in the restroom exhibits your anxiety or frustration because you may have noticed that solving certain personal issues can be not only complicated but also unpleasant.
See more in dreaming of snakes in the bathroom

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Dreaming of snakes in the beach

Dreaming of snakes coming out of the sea make visible your fears or concerns during a difficult psychological condition in your current life, for example, you may be assimilating the death of a loved one, living with a serious illness or dealing with potential disappointments.
See the rest of this section in snake on the beach dreams.

Dreaming of snakes in the bed

This dream may be warning you of current circumstances, situations or individuals affecting or jeopardizing the health of the relationship with your lover. Another interpretation for this dream states that the snake in your bed uncovers an invasion or threat to your most intimate private space; not necessarily a sexual dimension is implied.

See the rest of interpretations in dreams about snakes in my bed.

Dreaming of hidden snakes under the bed

Seeing snakes hidden under the bed might express your concerns about potential issues, lies, betrayals or duplicities in your current relations or inside your family. See more in dreams of snakes under my bed

Dreaming of snakes in the bedroom

Dream of snakes in your bedroom is showing your fears over a possible invasion of your private life.

It is possible that you are scared of your most intimate secrets being exposed to other people.

See full content in snake in the bedroom – dream meaning.

Dreaming of being chased by snakes

Being chased by a snake in dream means you are trying to avoid to face a bully in real life, or someone who can hurt you. Is it possible you are trying to stay away from an individual who is really bad influence for you.

Being chased by several snakes means you are not able to fulfill your personal responsibilities on due time.

Take a look at the rest of the content here: being chased by snakes in dreams.

Dreaming of big snakes

Dreaming of giant cobras, snakes, boas or anacondas is usually a dream symbol that depicts the size of your fears, uncertainties, fears, or distrust.

This dream is exposing your sense of panic and powerless in the face of a negative force or presence in your life. Indeed, a huge snake in your dream can represent a negative or harmful individual in your life; or a toxic or destructive influence that threatens to provoke dire consequences.

Dreaming of big snakes means that you are noticing deceit and lies among. . .
See the rest of this content in big snake dreams.

what does it mean dreaming large huge snakes

Dreaming of snake biting

If you have a dream that a snake bites you -or other people- read page snake biting dream meanings where you will find the meanings for the following:

Dream of snake biting your:

  • arm
  • back
  • fingers
  • foot
  • hand
  • leg
  • mouth
  • neck

Also, dream of snake biting your:

  • baby
  • boyfriend
  • cat
  • dad
  • daughter
  • husband
  • mother
  • someone else

See many more interpretations.

Dreaming of black snakes

In the world of the dreams a black snake is symbol for pessimism; it means negative feelings like resentment, bitterness and hopelessness are taking control of you.

A snake of dark color might be a dream image embodying what you consider unfair or improper in your life, a situation or individual you cannot tolerate.

This reptil in your dreams may be representing your bad intentions or harmful thoughts towards someone, or someone’s negative feelings towards you.

See more than a dozen of interpretations and scenarios in black snake dreams.

Dreaming of black an red snakes

Having a dream in which you see a black and red snake means that you are feeling angry and upset, and at the same time, very afraid, as a consequence of potential issues in your near future.

And it can also reveal a growing frustration with yourself due to specific personal situations that you can’t easily solve.

See the rest of the content here: dream meanings of black and red snakes.

what does it mean dreaming black snakes

Dreaming of black and white snakes

If you have a dream of a black and white snake, it reveals that you are not able to find an emotional balance in your life. You may feel like you’re experiencing extreme psychological states, or maybe you re’ having changing moods triggered by a distressing event happening in life.

See more in black and white snake dream meanings.

Dreaming of black and yellow snakes

Dreaming of black and yellow snake means you are quite afraid of make key personal decisions.

See more in black and yellow snake dream meanings.

Dreaming of blue snakes

In the world of dreams interpretation the blue color expresses tranquility, emotional calm. Blue is a color representing the sky and sea waters; it suggests also reflection, honesty, relaxation. Consider this interpretation more closely if the reptile neither attacks nor threatens you.

In some cases, this dream may be saying that you are experiencing guilty or shame; maybe you are fearing that the most negative aspects of your personality (or your bad deeds) might be exposed to others. See more in meanings of a blue snake in your dreams.

Dreaming of snakes inside a box

Snakes inside a box or a drawer is interpreted as an image or symbol for your repressed emotions and feelings. It is possible that you have some difficulties or fears at the moment of expressing what you really feel. Alternatively, this dream may be pointing out to certain perturbing elements inside you, which you try to keep quiet or inactive. These elements could be your negative traits in your personality, which make you prone to react to challenging situations with impulsivity, anger or sloppiness.

I invite you to see your dream in this way: those disturbing elements inside you (represented by the snakes) are able to provoke problems if they escape the control of your conscious mind (the box).

Dreaming of brown snakes

A brown snake means that you are not only recognizing but also dealing with negative and toxic elements within (or around) you.

Dreams of brown snakes, vipers or cobras might be announcing that you are having an intense desire to cleanse yourself of negativity. Perhaps, you are acknowledging the need for a purge of thoughts, attitudes, emotions or habits that you consider harmful or self-destructive.

On the negative side, having a dream with a brown snake might indicate that you find it very difficult to get rid of something annoying or burdensome in life.

See the full content in page brown snake dream meanings.

Dreaming of burning snakes

Dreaming that a cobra or viper is burning is considered as a visual representation of the self-destructive effects of your own negativity. This dream exposes your own intense emotions taking control of you and triggering unpleasant consequences.

See more in dreams of burning snake.

Dreaming of snakes in a car

A dream where you find a viper, boa or cobra in an auto indicates the presence of obstacles that can impede the achievement of your personal goals.

The auto or car is a dreaming image representing your ability to reach your targets or fulfill your plans. It can be considered -at a more internal level- the emotional agent that allows you to move from one emotional state to another.

Dreaming of catching a snake

This a very common dream and open to many different interpretations:


This dream may be disclosing your ability to control or eradicate your negative thoughts, vices or personal flaws; perhaps you are getting rid of harmful habits or influences. See the full list of meaning in page catching snake in dreams.

Dreaming of snakes chasing you

It exposes urgent personal matters being neglected or ignored. It is possible that you are procrastinating and avoiding taking the required actions to address your more pressing concerns.

If in the dream you flee or escape from a snake, it shows that you want to keep your distance from an intimidating or toxic individual. See the full content in dreams of snake chasing me, including:

Dreaming of a snake chasing me but I cannot escape

what does it mean dream snake running after you

Dreaming of a snake chocking you

Having dreams where a snake is choking you -or is about to do it- expresses certain negative influences in your wake life preventing you from being yourself. It is possible that you are going through situations that make you feel suffocated emotionally, such as, for example, economic hardship, family issues, or stress for your workplace.

See the complete list of interpretations and scenarios for this dream in snake chocking me -dream meanings.

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Dreaming of brightly colored snakes

Dreaming of a snake with very bright colors reveals problems, complications or changing events, to which we do not know very well how to react nor what results they can bring up at the end.

This dream points to the existence of intense emotions disturbing your inner peace of mind.

It is possible that you are currently experiencing new situations or challenges, and you do not know what consequences they will provoke.

Dreaming of snakes, vipers or boas with brightly colored skin could be a dreaming image alerting you of a danger or threat that your unconscious mind sees as imminent. See more in colorful snake dream meanings.

Dreaming of multi colored snakes

A multicolored snake dream could represent some especial situations in wake life with the capacity of capturing our attention due to its attractive appearance; however, they have also the potential to complicate our routine or personal plans.

This dream may be showing people or situations that have created a pleasant first impression but do not keep up our expectations over time.

I strongly recommend you to read this post: What are the meanings of the color of the snake skin in dreams? (which includes black snake, red snake and more than a dozen of colors).

Dreaming of snakes of different sizes and colors

A dream of snakes of different colors and sizes can be interpreted as inconveniences, complications or unstable situations to which we do not have a clear response.

Dreaming of a coral snake 

It is considered a dream alerting you of current dangers in wake life.

The coral snake is one of the most poisonous of the species, therefore, it means that the dreamer feels she is living at the edge of an extreme personal situation. Some dream experts consider this dream as a warning signal from our unconscious mind about something bad happening at any moment.

See more in dreaming of coral snakes.

Dreaming of snake coming into your body

If you dream that you let a snake into your body and you can’t avoid or resist it, then that means you’re easily accepting or tolerating a very embarrassing situation or unpleasant circumstance in real life.

Also consider the possibility that your dream is just expressing your concerns about your unhealthy diet. In fact, you may be afraid that the quantity or quality of the foods and drinks you are ingesting may negatively affect your organism.

Read full content for this dream in snake entering my body.

Dreaming of snakes coming out of your body

Dreams about snakes that come out of some part of your body have -at least- two interpretations:

The negative interpretation says that the dream is displaying your harmful actions, words, ideas, attitudes, which may have adverse effects on you or people around you. See the rest of this content in dream of a snake that comes out of my body.

what is the meaning dreaming snake comes out my skin

Dreaming of snakes coming out of the ground

Dreaming that a snake appears from the ground means unexpected or sudden arrival of serious troubles; maybe the dreamer is processing terrible news that have taken her by surprise.

Dreaming of snake crawling

This dream is warning your about the fact you are starting to become aware of an imminent threat in your life. Indeed, it is possible you have to face a challenging situation in one aspect of your life (family, work or relationship).

See the rest one the content in snake crawling in dreams.

Dreaming of crushing snakes

Dreaming that you crush a snake or viper is showing clearly the self-destructive effects of your own negativity; in other words, the strong emotions that dominate you at certain times can bring you very unpleasant consequences.

Crushing a snake in a dream reveals that you are quite afraid of being the victim of a strong passion or prolonged obsession for something or someone.

See full content in dream meanings of crushing snakes.

Dreaming of a snake in the couch

Having a dream of a viper or cobra in the couch means that something in your real life is disturbing your inner peace. Alternatively, it may indicate that there is something wrong with the way you spend your free time. 

Likewise, this dream may be displaying your latent concern over the fact that you are spending a lot of your time in futile distractions when there are more important things to do.

See more meanings in snakes in the house.

Dreaming of cutting snake in pieces

A dream in which you are able to cut a snake into pieces is clearly showing your desire to disrupt, destroy or eliminate an uncomfortable situation or circumstance that you do not want to tolerate anymore, because your consider it to be harmful, unfair, or disgusting. Perhaps you detest a current scenario in your family, sentimental, work or academic life, which you cannot accept in any way. 

Read more in dream of snake cut in pieces.

Dreaming of dead snakes

This dream means that the dreamer is overcoming her problems.

Dead snakes in dreams are revealing personal dangers or troubles that have been avoided or overcome. This dream might be suggesting that your fears, doubts or concerns are not making sense anymore.

When you see dead snakes in a dream, it indicates that you are visualizing some of your negative habits or attitudes left behind in real life. At a more symbolic level, finding killed snakes could be a way of displaying uncomfortable aspects of yourself that you would like to eliminate or overcome.

Alternatively, this dream might be suggesting emotional or physical recovery, the restart of something new in you at a spiritual or emotional level.

what does it mean dreaming dead snakes

Dreaming of eating snakes

This dream is open to different interpretations:

One of those states that you are prevailing over your personal conflicts and problems.

Alternatively, the dream might indicate that you are learning and assimilating the lessons you got from defeating your adversities or overcoming challenges.

It can also express sexual desires or interests that need to be satisfied, as Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, mentioned.

On the other hand, dreaming that you eat a snake has also a negative interpretation, because you could be internalizing feelings or negative emotions, which are represented in the figure of the snake you ingest. See more in dream meaning of eating snakes.

Dreaming that I eat snake that I killed 

This is an excellent dream because shows your personal growth as a consequence of overcoming challenging or threatening emotional conflicts.

This dream is expressing the dreamer’s personal satisfaction for becoming aware that she is nourishing herself with rich and meaningful life experiences.

See more in killing snakes – dream meanings.

Dreams of snake eating

See the full content with many interpretations and scenarios in snake eating prey -dream meanings., where you will find the following cases:

Dreaming of a snake eating a mouse

A snake eating a mouse means a nuisance or discomfort being displaced or out-weighted by a more serious and harmful event in your wake life.

See more in dream of snake eating a mouse.

what does it mean dream snake eats another animal

Dreaming of being eating by a snake

Being swallowed by a big snake means that you are being dominated by negative impulses, reactions or emotions.

Dreaming of snakes eating people

If you have a dream of a big snake devouring a person, it shows that you are dealing with people with the power to impact your lifestyle or hurt your feelings. See more in snake eats someone -dream meaning.

Dreaming of a snake devouring another snake

This is always a symbolic dream, which cannot be read literally . . .

See here the full content of page dreams of snake eating, where I discuss and explain the different interpretations for the scenarios above mentioned.

Dreaming that a snake is entangled in your body

This dream offers several interpretations. The first and often the most common: it reveals that the dreamer feels overwhelmed in her life, either by external factors or because she imposes limitations to herself.

See more in section dreaming of a snake wrapped around me bellow.

Dreaming of snake eggs

A dream where you see eggs of snakes indicate latent personal issues that might expand, proliferate or spread. It may also uncover constant and permanent suffering, pain or difficulties in the dreamer’s life.


Dreaming of snakes everywhere

A dream in which you see snakes in many places reveals the existence of a permanent obstacle or problem that is recurrent or repetitive, something bad constantly perturbing you, day after day. 

Also, you may be feeling cornered or overwhelmed with current complications or difficulties that occur simultaneously.

what does mean dream many snakes everywhere

See the full content in page snakes everywhere -dream interpretations.

Dreaming of fighting a snake

It means that you are resisting negative emotions.

A dream of fighting snakes would express your inner struggle against negative influences in your life, as well as toxic or harming relationships. It could also reveal your deep irritation or annoyance caused for some of your personal traits that you are not able to control or change.

Read more in dream meanings of fighting snakes.

what does it mean dreaming fighting snakes

Dream of snakes fighting each other

See full content in dream of seeing snakes fighting each other.

Dream of snake on fire

Fire in the world of dreams means an intense, strong or destructive emotional activity. Dreaming of snake or viper on fire warns of conflicts, disagreements or crises in your relations.  

A snake in fire expresses fierce and stormy sensations such as jealousy, envy or hatred, which may be consuming you in wake life. 

If in the dream it is you who set the snake on fire, it can reveal your vehement desire to finish or eliminate your problems with bitterness or fury. It is possible that you may have been thinking about dealing aggressively with your opponents or seeking personal revenge against someone who has hurt you.

Dreaming of flying snakes

Having a dreaming of a flying snake is just pretty bizzarre.

It means that you are going through an uneasy or unsafe situation and you feel that new trouble may come to you at any moment.

If you dream of flying snakes, it means you have lingering worries doubts, fears over receiving very unsettling news over your personal life.

See full content in dream meaning of flying snakes.

Dreaming of friendly snake

Dreaming of friendly snakes means you are getting in control over your own instincts, forces or internal impulses that very few people can exert. 

Having a snake acting very friendly towards you shows that you are gaining influence or authority over hostile or toxic people. I would also suggest that you are overcoming obstacles or possible betrayals.

Read more in seeing a friendly snake in a dream.

Dreaming of gold snakes 

It means sudden troubles, arguments of feuds as a consequence of money management in your life. It might indicate lost or wasted financial opportunities.

Dreaming of gold-colored boas or vipers may expose current concerns about financial or economic issues happening in the dreamer’s unconscious mind. Pay close attention to this interpretation if the reptile attacks or scares you.

The golden color in the world of dreams represents what you consider worthy in your life. See the rest of the content in dream meaning of gold snakes.

Dreaming of snake in the grass

Having a dream in which you see snakes in the grass or in your lawn may be hinting to the existence of certain recreational activities with may be causing you problems after some time. Alternatively, there could be small problems or differences in your family that can grow over time. 

See more in snake in the grass dream interpretation.


Dreaming of green snakes

This kind of dream suggests that the dreamer is experiencing an emotional change, and the green snake may be revealing your personal insecurities or uncertainties related to the beginning of a new stage or direction in your life. 

Dreaming of a green piton, viper or cobra represents inexperience or lack of full development. In fact, this dream could be uncovering traits or skills in you that need to be trained or refined with some urgency. See the rest of this entry in green snakes – dream interpretations.

Dreaming of grey snakes

This dream may reveal that the dreamer is experiencing uncertainty, indecision, even confusion.

Dreaming of vipers, cobras or snakes of grey color might disclose a sense of isolation, apathy, even loss of interest in something or someone. Indeed, this dream is suggesting that you are feeling emotionally distant from what is happening to you and the world around you; perhaps you are lacking focus on certain personal matters; it seems that you are not satisfied with yourself.

See more meanings in page grey snakes -dream meanings.

Dreaming of a snake cut in half

Seeing a snake cut in half (or cut in pieces) in a dream may be disclosing the dreamer’s negative aspects or traits she has left behind, such as, for example, bad habits, toxic attitudes, unhealthy emotions. 

what does it mean dream snake's head

In some cases, the dream might be revealing personal problems, concerns or conflicts that you -desperately – want to get rid of. It could also indicate that you are cutting ties with annoying or unbearable individuals close to you.

Moreover, seeing the image of a snake cut in pieces might be displaying your thoughts about ending a current personal relation, which you might consider harmful, unfair, or disgusting.

You should read the entire article: dream meaning of snake cut in half.

Dreaming of snake cut into pieces

Seeing a snake in pieces can also manifest your latent desires to separate, remove or sharply eliminate your current obstacles or personal problems, or perhaps an illness.

This dream would exhibit your desire to disrupt, destroy or eliminate an uncomfortable situation or circumstance that you do not want to tolerate anymore; perhaps you detest a current scenario in your family, sentimental, work or academic life, which you cannot accept in any way.

If you are quite interested in this dream, I recommend you to read cutting snakes into pieces in a dream.

Dreaming of a snake’s head

It reveals your impression that there is no way to keep procrastinating on very important personal matters. 

On the other hand, dreaming that you see only the head of the snake, viper or cobra might have a positive connotation, because it is suggesting that you are facing your greatest fears. This interpretation is more appropriate for your dream if in your encounter with the reptile you killed it or made it run away.

This dream may be a warning signal of serious issues or duties needed to be addressed urgently.

See more meanings in dream of snake’s head.

Dreaming of cutting off a snake’s head

Dreaming of cutting off a snake’s head is a very powerful dream, hard to forget. It means that you are eager to distance yourself from people or situations that are emotionally toxic or harmful for yourself.

It also may reveal that you really want to eliminate something you don’t like about yourself or your life.

Find more than 7 interpretations and scenarios in dreams of cutting snake’s head off

what does it mean dreaming cutting snake's head off

Dreaming of a two-headed snake

Dreaming of a two-headed snake, viper, boa or cobra means that you are being impacted or challenged by two critical problems happening at the same time. 

This dream may be revealing that you find yourself in the middle of a difficult dilemma. It seems to you that none of the possible alternatives seems to offer a positive result.

If the snake has a head at each end, then it is possible that you are going through a tough emotional situation in life and don’t know what decision to make; you might be in front of a conundrum, being terribly pushed towards two opposite directions. Perhaps you got to choose between two individuals, two people who hate each other.

Dreaming of a three headed snake

Dreaming of a three headed snake means that you feel affected by three problems at the same time. In some cases it could represent three individuals people you know, people you do not trust.

See more in three headed snake in dreams.

Dreaming of snake with many heads

This dream shows several concerns in different situations or aspects of your life that are happening simultaneously; for example, you may have the feeling that issues with your health, family or workplace are hitting you at the same time. The number of snake heads could represent the number of problems you are dealing with.

Consider the possibility that the multi-headed snake incarnates only one obstacle with different expressions and manifestations; perhaps a disease with multiple symptoms.

People who are living with a lot of anxiety usually tend to dream with a snake with many heads.


Dreaming of a headless snake

This dream says, in a subtle way, that you do not want -or cannot- see current threats, conflicts or complications in your life. 

A snake with no head could represent a intimidating current situation that make no sense, a pointless or foolish circumstance causing you anxiety.

Alternatively, a snake without a head might be indicating that -fortunately- a potential terrible situation did not materialized.

Dreaming of hidden snakes

Most experts in dream interpretation believe that a dream in which snakes are hiding means concealed, unknown or covered threats and challenges in the dreamer’s life.

This dream might be pointing to the existence of situations that initially caused you fear but later become much less dangerous or serious.

Another interpretation has a deep psychological connotation, since it states that the image of a hidden snake represents the dreamer’s negative inner aspects or personality traits, things she has difficulty understanding or controlling.

See more meanings in page Snake Hiding – Dream Interpretations.

what does it mean dream snake hidden

Dreaming of hitting snakes

Dream of beating a snake in the head means you are tackling a problem, an obstacle, a situation causing you distress. 

It reveals you really want to put and end to a relationship with someone you consider a toxic person.

See more in:

Dream meaning of hitting a snake on the head.

Dreaming of holding snakes in my hand

Dreaming about holding a snake in your hand means that you are feeling confident enough to take command of difficult and challenging situations in real life. 

The dream may be revealing your renovated inner energy, perhaps you are feeling able to handle problematic individuals who have the potential to cause you tribulations and setbacks. See the full content in dream meaning of holding a snake in your hands.

I also recommend you to read dream of catching snakes. If the snake bites your hand, see snake bites my hand in a dream.

Dreaming of snakes in the house

You should go to page dream meanings of snakes in the house where you will find interpretations for the following scenarios:

  • Snake in the bathroom
  • Snake in the kitchen
  • Snake in the bedroom
  • Snake in the lawn
  • Snake in the roof
  • Snake at the window
what is the meaning of dreaming snakes in my house


Snake in my old house

Snake in someone else’s house

Dreaming of snakes with horns

Dreaming of vipers, boas or cobras with horns may reveal bad intentions, abuse or aggression. It can also suggest that you are in the middle of a hostile situation in real life where you have no choice but to interact with cold, rude or aggressive individuals; perhaps you fear to deal with a bully.

It is possible that you are scared of someone constantly harassing you. 

dreaming about killing snakes mean you are facing unfair situation

Dreaming of jumping snakes

If you have this dream, in real life there is a situation in front of you that seems to be promising or tantalizing; however, there are details over it that make you feel a little bit skeptical or undecided.

Seeing several snakes jumping in your dream means you have to deal with voluble individuals, people who are known for changing their opinions or personal decisions quite often according to their interests.

See more in jumping snakes in dreams.

Dreaming of killing a snake

Go to page dreams of killing snakes where you will find the following interpretations:

  • Killing many snakes,
  • Killing a snake but others appear,
  • My husband kills snakes,
  • Killing snakes with a knife,
  • Killing black snakes,
  • And many more.

Dream of being bit by a snake and killing it

To dream that you kill a snake that bites you is revealing that you don’t want to tolerate something hurtful or painful in your life.

This dream may be clearly expressing emotions such as indignation and impatience, which would be channeled into your act of eliminating the snake.

See the entire content in:

Dream of being bitten by a snake and killing it.

Dreaming of snake killing someone

If you dream of snake killing someone, it means that you are having an inner fear of your violent or dangerous surroundings, perhaps your neighborhood is not safe, or for some reason you have no choice but to interact with some rough or belligerent people.

Dreaming that a snake kills a random person reveals some kind of emotional weakness in the dreamer.

Read more in page: dream of snake killing someone.

Dreaming of snake laying eggs

It may be saying that you are afraid of the emergence of new problems or the advent of possible new troubles, obstacles or rivalries in your life.

Dreaming of long snakes

This dream shows that you are acknowledging one fact: settling your problems will take more time than you thought. Indeed, dreaming of very long snakes or vipers might be hinting at the existence of concerns or worries with the potential to lengthen in time and in difficulty.

Perhaps you are afraid that a troubling or stressing situation will persist much longer than you expected, impacting areas of your life that you considered safe and stable. See full content in dream meaning of long skinny snakes.

Dreaming of many snakes

Having a dream of many snake means several worries perturbing your mind.

If you see a lot of snakes in a dream it reveals that you are having personal issues with more than one individual in real life.

If you were scared of the reptiles, or worse, if you ran away from them, it means you are not ready to tackle your current worries.

See full content in lots of snakes -dream meanings.

Dreaming of snakes in my mouth

Dreaming of snakes coming into my mouth

It may suggest that your sociability or openness to others has the potential to bring up negative experiences or put you in harmful situations. 

Alternatively, it may be showing that you are internalizing negative thoughts. 

I recommend to go to page the snake gets out from my body where I discuss more interpretations and scenarios related to your dream.

what does it mean dream snake comes out my mouth

Dreaming of a snake coming out of my mouth

It may be displaying your own sense of remorse for something you have recently said or done to others.

If in your dream the snakes coming out of your mouth attack you, it means that your own comments or remarks have caused a negative impact among the people you know. It is possible that -involuntarily- you have offended or alienated certain individuals. 

See the full content in page dreaming of snakes coming out of my body.

Dreaming of snake with mouth open

Dreaming of a snake with open mouth means that you find yourself in a climate of rivalry, completely based on challenges in which may compromise your honor or ego.

Read the rest of the content in page: snake with mouth open in dreams.

Dreaming of snake nest

It is a symbol for future threats or worries in the dreamer’s life.  If you dream you see a snake’s nest, it means you have found the source of your current (or potential) problems or sorrows.

See more meanings in dream of snake nest.


Dreaming that someone offers you a snake

Dreaming that someone is offering you a snake means that you do not want to tolerate or accept false realities, misleading appearances or lies. This may constitute a dreaming metaphor for the popular saying “Oil snake salesman”.

Dreaming of orange snakes

Dreaming of orange snakes indicates that you have generated inner confidence to undertake bold and risky ambitions. This dream could be revealing your enthusiasm for engaging on new and exciting activities; perhaps you want to spend some time experiencing new places, folks or hobbies. 

In fact, this dream announces your desire for greater sociability in your life and a renewed sense of adventure; there must be a sudden desire inside you to expand your world.

This dream may be announcing your sudden feeling of being alive; perhaps you are recovering from an emotional or physical setback.

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Dreaming of snake as a pet 

Having a dream in which you have a trained or domesticated snake expresses your ability to remain calm and serene in the face of dangerous situations in your real life. 

Having a viper, cobra or python as a pet means that you are acquiring influence or authority over people around you. It may also be revealing that you are overcoming personal obstacles or challenges.

From a different perspective, this dream might be suggesting that you are trying to influence or dominate individuals who are unreliable, or maybe you want to control elements or situations that are unstable or unpredictable.

Pay attention to this interpretation if during your interaction with the reptile you feel fear or suspicion, since your unconscious mind might be recognizing the risk of getting involved with those scenarios or characters.

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Dreaming that snake attacks my pet

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what does mean dreaming snake as a pet

Dreaming of children playing with snakes

Dreaming of kids toying with pythons, cobras or anacondas are just exposing the fact that you have been a little bit credulous or naive in relation to some new situations or people who may be unpredictable or fickle. You may be making a mistake by trusting people who are not 100% reliable.

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Dreaming of pink snake

Pink color in the world of dream interpretation usually symbolizes femininity, delicacy, tenderness. If in your dream the snake is friendly and makes contact with your body it can represent passion or romance.

To dream of pink boas, cobras or vipers might be pointing to the existence of deep affection and passion in one of your personal relations. It is perfectly possible that something you have experienced in the last 24 hours has inspired this type of dream. 

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Dreaming of snake pulling out my body

This dream is showing you got some expectations about the return of healthy, pure and harmonious conditions of some of the points mentioned at the beginning and that make up health in its entirety.

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Dreaming of a snake in my pocket

It reveals problems or fears regarding your financial or economic issues. 

Dreams in which a snake is coming out of your pocket can also show your anxiety about losing access to something you possess or use without any effort. Perhaps you are losing influence in a relationship.

Consider also the possibility that the dream is warning that something you consider under your control (repressed emotions, feelings, reactions) may escape anytime and hurt you.

Dreaming of purple snakes

If you dream of purple snakes it is possible you are having issues with an authority figure, a person with influence and power, such as an employer, a supervisor, a teacher or a father or grandfather. 

Maybe you are feeling distress because of an individuals’ ego or pride.

There must be some issues or worries over your health.

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Dreaming of a python snake

To dream of a snake python is expressing your fear of total failure or losses that you are not able to avoid. It is possible you are quite scared of being in front of an individual who can beat you or impose her will over you.

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Dreaming of rainbow colored snake

Dreaming of a rainbow colored snake means that you are having strong emotions capable of disturbing your tranquility.  Maybe you find yourself experiencing new situations and don’t know what results to expect.

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Dreaming of red snakes

Dreaming of a red snake has at least three different interpretations:

According to the the first one, this dream means violent emotions such as anger, rage, bitterness, hatred, which would prompt you to react aggressively before a situation in real life that seems uncertain.

Another interpretation considers this dream as a wake-up call, a warning sign coming from your unconscious mind saying that something very important needs to be done without delay.

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Snake with red eyes in Dreams

Dream of snake with red eyes means your are expecting to face a tough environment .

The red eye is the dreaming symbol that represents your fears and worries.

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Dreaming of snakes on the road

In the world of dream interpretation a route, a path or a road you walk represents the current direction of your life. 
Finding these reptiles on your road would express both your tangible obstacles (limited economic resources, lack of time or expertise) and your psychological ones (fear, insecurity, passivity), which prevent you from moving forward in life.

The snake in your road may show also the risks of a route you are following – or planning to do – in an aspect or dimension of your life.

what does it mean dream snakes in my road path

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Dreaming of snakes running away from me

It means that the dreamer is facing problems that are not only difficult to comprehend but also to confront.

It uncovers complicated, uncomfortable or thorny situations with the potential to cause a very ugly experience.

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what does it mean to dream snake escape from you

Dream of running away from snake

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Dreaming of snake in the sand

If you dream of finding a snake in the sand, it means that you are harboring doubts about your current life style or over key personal decisions you need to take.

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Dreaming of snake shedding its skin off

This dream clearly represents renewal, healing and transformation, as mentioned by the famous author Carl Jung. You may be healing, recovering or growing -emotionally- after a terrible personal event, such as, for example, a family member’s death, breakup, unemployment, etc. 

If in your dreams you see a snake shedding off its skin, it means that you are expecting some radical changes happening in your life, new opportunities or new situation arriving giving you another change to grow up.

This dream is really a very positive dream for those people who are suffering a serious illness.

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Dreaming of snakes under my skin

A dreaming in which snakes are crawling inside your skin REVEALS that there are perturbing feelings and emotions inside you needed to be expressed or release in some way.

Seeing snake crawling under your skin in a dream means you are very worry about your unhealthy diet.

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Dreaming of snakes in my shoes

Dreaming of snakes in your shoes displays your fear of taking a bad step in a key aspect of your life. Perhaps you are insistently thinking about making the right decision regarding a relationship or a current event in life; you are afraid of making a costly mistake.

If you are convinced that something bad may happen any time, then it is possible that you dream of a snake inside your shoes.

If the snake comes out of the shoes in the dream, it may reveal that the dreamer has problems or complications with the way she expresses her personal choices. The basis for this interpretation is justified by the fact that the type, model and brand of footwear we use is usually a form of expression of our personality or personal preferences.

At a more abstract level, this dream can be suggesting that you are having issues with the way you are dealing with your personal projects.

Dreaming of snake in a shower

f in a dream you see a snake in the shower, then it is very likely that you are having a difficult time removing bad memories, emotions or attitudes from your mind; you may be feeling uncomfortable with current personal matters. Perhaps you long for a new beginning in your current relationships with people close to you.

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Dreaming of a silver snake

A silver-colored snake symbolizes insight, vision and intuition. It is possible that this dream reveals an individual that is more focused on the details than the bigger landscape of the picture.

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Dreaming of a sleeping snake

A snake sleeping in a dream could be expressing the dreamer has lingering issues or problems in her life that need to be confronted.

Dreaming of small snakes

Small snakes means small apprehensions or doubts in your daily life. They might also represent uncomfortable or uneasy situations that are short or temporary. 

It is possible that this dream is hinting to the existence of certain disagreements in a relationship, which have the potential to become serious or more problematic over time. 

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what does it mean dreaming small little snakes

Dreaming of snake staring at you

If you dream of a snake staring at you it means you have no choice but to face and deal with a problem, and individual, a conflict you have been trying to avoid or postpone.

If you have this dream if you wake up in distress, that it because you feel that you can no longer postpone or run away from your conflicts and problems.

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Dreaming of snakes on the streets

Having a dream in which you found this reptile on the streets might be hinting at the existence of problems with your social activities. This dream may uncover your deep concern with friendships or social relations; perhaps you are having some difficulty getting along with certain kind of individuals.  

It is likely that this dream is revealing conflicts or quarrels within neighbors, coworkers, classmates or friends.

Dreaming that I swallow snakes

Swallowing snakes in your dream shows that you are overcoming threats or inhibitions. The traditional interpretation considers this dream as a clear victory over rivals.

According to a freudian interpretation, that this dream might be uncovering sexual desires or personal wishes needed to be satisfied. See more in entry dreaming of eating snakes.

Dreaming of snake swallowing a child

Dream of snake swallowing a child reveals your fears of having to deal with a pretty unfair situation, maybe you have seen someone being abused by someone else with power, authority or influence over her.

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Dreaming of snakes on the table

This dream is disclosing apprehensions about something in your relations that you think is not fair or appropriate.

Some authors consider that this dream may be expressing your expectations about an embarrassing secret being divulged very soon.  

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Dreaming of snakes’s tail

Seeing a large snake’s tail in a dream reveals you are facing current difficulties with the potential to lengthen or extend in time, personal conflicts or tensions escalating or becoming worst.  It can also suggest the existence of setbacks and inconveniences in your life, which threaten to trigger deep and prolonged consequences.

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Dreaming that you are talking to a snake

Some authors consider that having a conversation with a snake is basically the dramatization of tensions between various parts of our psyche, one of them adopting the figure of an animal.

Indeed, consider this dream as the way your unconscious mind is expressing different emotions, ideas, or impulses that you cannot (or do not want to) recognize while you are awake and conscious.

This dream might be hinting at some kind of spiritual growth or personal introspection. Recurrent dreams of talking snakes may be expressing the dreamer’s interest or curiosity on mystical matters. See more in Dream meaning of talking snakes.


Dreaming of snake with teeth

Seeing a snake with teeth a dream is always understood as a threat. Your subconscious mind is trying to warn that there are people you know (from your social environment) who intend to do harm to you or your family members.

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Dreaming of three snakes

Seeing three snakes in a dream means you are upset or distressed for three or more people who have the capacity to hurt you with their words or actions. It could also represent a serious health condition worrying you which manifests itself in three or more symptoms.

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Dreaming of throwing up a snake

It can be showing the fact you possess an unconscious desire to over-compensate for lacking something valuable in real life. It also manifests your vehemence and impulsiveness to get the things you want as soon as possible.

According to another interpretation, the dream may be showing that you are not able to continue holding negative and toxic emotions, feelings or ideas inside yourself. 

Dreaming of throwing a snake at someone

Tossing a snake into a person in a dream is disclosing the dreamer’s weird and cruel tendency to find joy and pleasure when she gives people a very bad time; more particularly, by displaying her capacity to inflict harm to others if she wants to do so.

Dreaming that someone is throwing a snake at my face

This dream may be revealing that your fears and worries finally come to materialize in front of you; perhaps the problems you have being avoiding finally are able to reach you. 

This dream indicates disappointments or disaffection with an individual or a social group for whom you had admiration or loyalty. 

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Dreaming of snake in a toilet

Dream of snakes in a toilet shows that you are having issues with things that you want to remove from life, such as, a toxic relationship, an illness, bad memories or perturbing fears.

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Dreaming of a tree with snakes

A dream of snakes in a tree can be a symbol for long-time problems, or conflicts that are deeply rooted in your daily life.   The dreams reveals a disturbing discomfort in those aspects of your life that are growing or developing. 

See more in dream meanings of snakes and a tree.

snake falling from trees

Dreaming of two snakes

Two snakes could be announcing you are worried for an event that may bring together two negative people or two troubles.

Dreaming of two snakes attacking you may show two big mistakes you feel regretful about.

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Dreaming of someone turning into a snake

This dream reveals vices, manias or bad habits the dreamer cannot restrain or control. Perhaps she gets a terrible feeling that she is deteriorating morally or physically.

This dream might be pointing to the existence of fake emotions or feelings in the dreamer’s life.

Dreaming that a person you know become a snake may be uncovering unreliable or untrustworthy friendships or relationships.

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Dreaming of snake turning into another animal

This is the kind of dreams that are not only intense but charged of symbolism. Obviously, your dreaming mind is using the image of these animals to communicate a message.

A guideline to facilitate the interpretation is to ask yourself what emotion you felt when you saw the emerging animal in the dream. Was it fear, hatred or perhaps affection or compassion? For example, if the snake turned into a spider or another insect and you were less afraid, then the dream means that the problems or obstacles in front of your are turning to be less complicated or scary.

If, on the contrary, the snake becomes a dog, cat or other domestic pet and you feel relieved or satisfied as a result of this mutation, then the dream indicates that an alarming personal scenario in front of you turned to be a pleasant opportunity to develop a positive aspect of yourself.

Dreaming of someone turning into a snake

Seeing someone turning into a snake in a dream means that the dreamer is having issues with manias, bad habits, vices the dreamer cannot restrain or put under control. Perhaps she gets a terrible feeling that she is deteriorating morally or physically.

This dream might be pointing to the existence of fake emotions or feelings in the dreamer’s life.

See more interpretations in page someone turning into a snake- dream meaning.

Dreaming of two snakes

Two snakes could be announcing you are worried for an event that may bring together two negative people or two troubles.

See more meanings in dream meaning of two snakes.

Dreaming of unearthing a snake

Dreaming of digging and finding a snak means that the dreamer is searching in past emotions, feelings or experiences. 

If the snake attacks or threatens you, then the dream may be pointing to an expectation of receiving unpleasant news. 

If, on the contrary, the snake is gentle and friendly then it is a signal of good news. The act of digging is a dream image that represents searching in the past for something in particular; perhaps the dreamer is longing to bring back certain relationships or retrieve some cared memories. 

Dreaming of snake spitting venom

This dream reveals that there may be strong harmful emotions like hatred, envy, or jealousy dominating your basic reactions.

Dreaming of snake spitting its venom on you suggests that there is a negative personal relationship, an influence or situation that is polluting your mind. 

It also uncovers your fears of being impacted by negative consequences or influences. Certainly, this dream can be expressing your concern of being exposed to a toxic environment. Pay attention to the negative things that have happened to you or the things you have been told in the last 24 hours.

In some cases, the dream is showing that you are scare of developing a contagious disease.  See more in dream meaning of snake spitting poison.

what does it mean dream snake spits poison

Dreaming of walking over snakes 

You have this dream because you may have realized that you are in the midst of unfavorable, hostile, or even violent environments. It is possible that you are currently dealing with rude, aggressive or hostile people.

This dream may reveal your latent fear of unleashing intense emotional reactions among some folks close to you if you make a mistake or say something inappropriate.

Dreaming of snakes swimming in the water

A menacing snake in the water displays anxiety inside the dreamer because of an unfriendly and toxic environment, perhaps there is something in her life which is not been addressed properly. 

A dark or poisonous snake in the water might be hinting at the presence of negative thoughts or disturbing feelings polluting the dreamer’s mind.

See the full content of this section in dreams of snakes in the water, where you will also see the interpretations for these situations:

Dreams of snakes in clear water

Dreams of snakes in dark water

what is the meaning of dreaming snakes in water

Dreaming of white snakes

It means lack of enthusiasm for one of more of your personal matters; perhaps you have lost any interest in keeping a relationship healthy.

Another interpretation says that this reptile is showing your naivety in regards to a very important activity that demands a healthy dose of skepticism; it is likely that are putting yourself in a compromising situation with a candid or clueless attitude.

See more interpretations in page white snakes dream interpretations.


Dreaming of snakes at my workplace

A dream of snakes in the place where you work (office, factory, restaurant or store) is displaying your impression that the atmosphere of your workplace is harmful or toxic for you.

Alternatively, this dream is expressing your fears about your job performance, you may be feeling that your professional abilities are not enough to deal with your work duties. Try to remember what thoughts or feelings you had in relation to your work in the last 24 hours, that can help to have a better idea what you dream is talking about. 

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around me

Dreaming that a snake (particularly a python or anaconda) is wrapped around you can offer several interpretations: 

For instance, it can be expressing your feeling of living in a state of permanent anxiety, in which you don’t have the time to rest or have peace of mind. You feel like you don’t have a lot of viable options in life.

A snake wrapped around your neck could be considered as a dream symbol for a romantic relationship that absorbs you completely, or for a demanding job. It may also be a signal for an addiction, obsession or even a disease that is engulfing or afflicting you and not letting you enjoy your life. 

See more in dream interpretation of a snake wrapped around me.

Dream of two snakes wrapped around each other

Dreaming of two snakes wrapped around each other means you are facing a menacing and chaotic situation in your current life, it could be a toxic scenario at your workplace or in your family relationships.

See more seeing 2 snakes wrapped around each other in dreams.

what does mean dreaming snakes wrapped around me

Dreaming of yellow snakes

Yellow snakes dreams are showing that you are harboring growing concerns about the possibility of something obstructing or spoiling your daily routine or personal projects. 

The dream might be unclosing a paralyzing confusion at the moment of making a key decision; perhaps you are afraid of taking bigger responsibilities.

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