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Common Questions About Dreams Answered

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/27/2023

The most frequently asked questions about dreams and their answers are the following:

Why do I always have the same dream? Why I am having nightmares? Why do I often dream of my ex-boyfriend? Why do I dream of my deceased loved ones? Why can’t I remember my dreams?

Here I am answering the most frequent questions about dreams:

Why do I have nightmares?

Nightmares are dreams that cause us to wake up distressed, they are more common than you can imagine.

There are several reasons why we have nightmares. One of them is because we are having serious problems to face a present or potential situation or result that is generating anxiety. We may have a persistent personal issue that we cannot (or do not want) to deal or resolve in real life.

Nightmares reveal that you are having serious trouble coping with something causing you anxiety

For example, dreaming that a snake bites you in the hand is usually a sign that indicates that you need to take urgent action in a personal or family scenario. Another dream that also reveals that you have to solve a problem or face a conflict is to dream that you are being chased by a snake .

I share this case that helps us to understand this point:

A woman dreamed of a black and poisonous snake was placed right in front door of her house, she could not go outside because the reptile blocked her way out.

In real life she feared to meet and face her new next-door neighbor who was a troublemaker.

If you have recurrent nightmares, it is possible that you are having a painful remorse.

Indeed, frequent nightmares happen because there is an important fact in your past that you would like to change. Something you did or couldn’t do at the time is tormenting you. You feel guilty for disappointing someone, or even for failing yourself.

I have found with great sadness several cases in which dreamers have painful repetitive dreams that have as their origin the violent death of a young son.I have noticed that there is a felling among them of having been able to do something more to prevent the tragic event from happening.

Such a feeling is very difficult to overcome. It’s as if you have an emotional wound that you cannot close.

Nightmares shows that your are having too much stress

Nightmares can occur because there are too many worries on a personal, family, or work level. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where there are many problems happening to you at the same time: a close person being seriously ill or passing away, an accident in a member of your family, debts or obligations that you can not fulfill.

It is possible that inside you there is a struggle among negative emotions or personal conflicts that you nee to face, resolve or overcome.

Remember, experiencing a lot of anxiety is associated with an increased risk of nightmares.

Why do I keep dreaming about deceased loved ones? 3 Answers

According to my experience interpreting thousands of dreams, I can tell you that dreaming of a loved one is always a personal experience, so there is no single explanation nor complete answer for that.

The interpretation of what you dream really means will depend primarily on your present emotional state, the life situation you are currently in, and what kind of personal relationship you had with the deceased one.

Now let’s look at some possible explanations to the common question:

Why do I dream of a loved one who is already dead?

The short answer is because you are still processing the absence of the deceased.

The most common reason you may dream of someone who has already passed away is that your mind and heart are trying to process, accept, or adjust feelings about this person, which is often reflected through dreams.

If you’ve been thinking a lot about a loved one, you might end up dreaming about them. If this person has recently passed away and you feel hurt by their departure, dreaming about them could be the way your mind helps you recognize, accept, and cope with the pain.

Here is a dream:

A woman had several repeated dreams in which her dead husband watched her in various places of their house, he was always serious, he did not say anything, he just stared at her.

In real life the husband had passed away 3 weeks ago and the dreamer was beginning to have frequent dreams with the deceased, in different situations and places but always him with the same attitude, silent.

What I see here is the beginning of the process of adapting to the serious loss of the loved one: the husband does not have any emotions because he is no longer with her physically, but the dreamer still has vivid memories of him in her mind and strong feelings in her heart.

Because you need to solve a pending issue

Remember, an important issue that needs to be addressed but you have chosen to postpone can become very stressful over time. Sometimes the longer you put it off, the deeper the problems are becoming.

If the deceased left without finishing a personal project or without settling down a personal or family conflict, then dreaming about him REVEALS that that dispute is still pending to be taken care of, that you should do something about it.

The most common cases I have seen during these last years (helping people to better understand their dreams) are the differences and tensions due to family fights that have not been clarified. I have also seen this type of dream when there are interests, conflicts or discussions that are born or worsen due to personal ambition for the inheritance of the deceased.

Check this dream:

From time to time a lady dreamed of her mother who died twenty years ago; she noticed that this happened whenever she met her brother with whom she had differences and disputes over their mother’s inheritance, especially a large house where she was living in, and house they coveted a lot.
Her worst fear was being evicted by one of her brother’s lawyers.

The mother in her dreams appeared sad and unhappy; most likely because in real life that would be the old woman’s response to fights and conflicts among her children.

Because you need to bring balance to your life

When a deceased loved one visits you in your dreams, they could be sending you a powerful message to spend more time with the rest of your family members who are alive.

The dream could be a reminder of life’s fleeting temporality and the importance of making the most of the limited time you have with your close friends and family. You never know when their life will end, and you can no longer talk, laugh, hug them, be with them.

Pay attention to this interpretations if you have elderly or very ill family members.

Why I can’t remember our dreams? Is that bad?

Not being able to remember dreams is more frequent than one may think. Here are the most common reasons why you can’t remember your dreams:

You cannot remember your dreams because you are dealing with too much stress

Stress is one of the worst enemies of sleep. Indeed, stress, defined as a state of physical and emotional tension originated as a reaction to a stimulus or pressure, is a powerful factor that contributes to interrupting sleep or reducing the amount of time we spend dreaming.

Also, current research indicates that stress can cause the increase in the number of times one wakes up during the night.

If you have a lot of worry and can’t sleep well, then you may find it harder to remember your dreams.

You cannot remember your dreams because you are having urgent things to do

If you wake up and immediately start thinking about other things you have to do urgently, it can contribute to you forgetting what you dreamed of. Indeed, maybe you need to hurry to be ready for work, maybe you have to take the bus or taxi, or get to a place or office on time, or you are always delayed to do the shopping in the market, or maybe you have a baby or other little ones who need to be taken care of (or have woken you up).

When we have to start immediately in the morning (even mentally), many times our brain quickly begins to forget anything that helps us remember our recent dreams.

You cannot remember your dreams because you are not interested in them

There are some people who are less interested in dreaming and paying attention to the details of a dream than other individuals who value what they experience while dreaming.

Indeed, it is possible that if you do not remember your dream, it is because you unconsciously do not put the minimum effort or interest enough to remember what happened while you slept.

Maybe you know a close person who simply does not give any importance to dreams, because it would not be strange if he has no interest in trying to remember them.

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Author: Javier Fuertes

Dream Researcher. I have been helping people to understand their dreams since 2018. Love reading all kind of authoritative material about dreams analysis, like Freud, Jung and their followers; however, I learned more about dreams by helping my blog readers with the interpretation of their own dreams. I recently published an article in Leigh University and Brown University.