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Black Snake Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022


It reveals negative intentions in you.
It represents what you fear, the uncertain and the occult. 
Maybe you are experiencing an emotional loss.

What does it mean to dream of black snakes?

Black snake dreams reveal harmful emotions

A black snake means an influence in your life that -you consider- is very harmful, toxic or destructive. According to this interpretation, not only the above-mentioned influence may come from an individual, but also from a family or professional environment in which you are immersed. 

Maybe you are afraid that a relationship or personal situation is seriously deteriorating, and it is hurting you emotionally. 

You can also consider this reptile as the manifestation of your bad feelings towards someone (or someone’s bad intentions towards you).  This dream may be warning you about aggressive emotions or harmful feelings flooding your mind. Maybe you’re thinking of doing something sneaky or improper. 

Perhaps, it is time to ask yourself: Am I seeking personal revenge against someone who has harmed me?

Black snake dreams mean anxiety and depression

Some dream interpretation experts consider that dreaming about black snakes is just expressing the dreamer’s sadness and anxiety related to an emotional loss. 

In some cases, the black color of the snake reveals anguish and grieving caused by the death of a loved one, along with the painful process of acknowledgment of a new reality without him or her.

This reptile often appears in dreams to show a disturbing aspect of our inner world. For that reason, the unconscious mind may have generated the image of the black snake to communicate the feeling of depression in the dreamer. She may feel sad and irritable recently. She may also have a sense of hopelessness, with a serious decline in her attention span, and may adopt a very negative perception of reality.

Recurring dreams about black snakes chasing you might suggest you are feeling lost, disoriented, aimless, with no alternatives, no future. In this sense, a black snake in your dream might be the symptom of a deep emotional disturbance.

It is not uncommon the occurrence of such dreams in people who find themselves facing complicated and challenging situations in daily life.

Black snake dreams mean danger

In the world of dreams the snake is an animal usually associated to danger and fears, so is the color black. That’s why your dreaming mind might be using the image of a black snake to grab your attention about very important issues needing care. Perhaps you should focus on current scenarios in your waking life that have the potential to cause harm.

The dark snake might be exposing your sense of insecurity or vulnerability in some area of your life. Perhaps you are under the impression that at any time you can hear very bad news.

Black snake dreams express the unknown or the repressed

The black snake is considered as the dreaming symbol embodying our most uncomfortable and irritating impulses, urgencies or unconscious desires; elements which usually our conscious mind does not let us express while we are awake.

Some psychologists, followers of Carl Jung’s big ideas about dreams, believe that the image of a black snake unveils part of an unknown side that is in us, an internal dimension usually ignored or neglected.

Not only the black color may represent the unexplored or the hidden elements in the inner world of the dreamer, it also means the matters or issues that are uncertain or unpredictable in her life. For this reason, the black reptile may be exposing her anxiety because she is not able to anticipate the outcome of a key event that she is going through. Perhaps, she is having a hard time trying to understand the real intentions of an individual close to her; the need to have certainty and security in her life would be very essential to her.

Black snake dreams mean something unfair or hatred

The black color of this reptile can symbolize what you consider unfair, abusive, or improper in life; perhaps a situation, entity or individual with an absence of values, limits or norms.

Note that dreams have the peculiarity of creating meaningful images to transmit concepts or ideas (which, by definition, lack a tangible form in reality) such as your attitude to a circumstance that you consider immoral or incorrect in your real life. 

Precisely, the way you react to the intimidating presence of this snake in the dream may give us a hint about your genuine response to a hypothetical unfair situation in real life:  

if your fight with the snake then the dream means that you are one of those few people who tend to directly confront an unfair scenario in waking life. Conversely, if your reaction is to run away from the reptile, then you prefer to avoid that kind of unethical situation. Likewise, in the dream you may feel paralyzed by fear and let the snake bite you, which means that you might be more inclined to do nothing in front of a wrongdoing happening to you in real life.

Your dreaming mind may be using the black snake as a symbol to expose what causes you -at the same time- fear, outrage and hatred.   Here, is the moment to ask you something: What things, circumstances, or individuals cause you such emotions in life?

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Why do I dream of black snakes?

  • Because you have bad feelings towards someone.
  • Because you are scared of what is going to happen in life.
  • Because you won’t accept or tolerate an unfair situation.
  • Because you don’t like the way you are dealing with someone. 
  • Because you believe something bad may have an impact on your personal plans.

Dreaming of black and white snakes

It means you are having conflicting impulses or ideas.
You may be feeling uncomfortable because of opposing emotions inside you.

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Dreaming of a black and white snake reveals that you are not able to find an emotional balance in your life. You may feel like you’re experiencing extreme psychological states, or maybe you re’ having changing moods triggered by a distressing event happening in life.

This dream may uncover the fact that you do not want to keep tolerating two different opinions that look quite radical to you. Perhaps you are facing a painful dilemma involving your family, relationship, job or career. Or maybe you do not know how to take the right decision; you cannot make your mind up.

A white and black snake attacking you could be expressing your extreme emotions or reactions, which may cause you anxiety and unease.

According to Carl Jung, the black and white color symbolize the internal forces of unification between your conscious (white) and your unconscious (black).

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Questions about your black snake dreams

How did the snake look like?

Where was the snake?

Snake in the house?

What was the snake doing?


What was your reaction?

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