Common Questions About Dreams Answered

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/27/2023

The most frequently asked questions about dreams and their answers are the following:

Why do I always have the same dream? Why I am having nightmares? Why do I often dream of my ex-boyfriend? Why do I dream of my deceased loved ones? Why can’t I remember my dreams?

Here I am answering the most frequent questions about dreams:

Why do I have nightmares?

Nightmares are dreams that cause us to wake up distressed, they are more common than you can imagine.

There are several reasons why we have nightmares. One of them is because we are having serious problems to face a present or potential situation or result that is generating anxiety. We may have a persistent personal issue that we cannot (or do not want) to deal or resolve in real life.

Nightmares reveal that you are having serious trouble coping with something causing you anxiety

For example, dreaming that a snake bites you in the hand is usually a sign that indicates that you need to take urgent action in a personal or family scenario. Another dream that also reveals that you have to solve a problem or face a conflict is to dream that you are being chased by a snake .

I share this case that helps us to understand this point:

A woman dreamed of a black and poisonous snake was placed right in front door of her house, she could not go outside because the reptile blocked her way out.

In real life she feared to meet and face her new next-door neighbor who was a troublemaker.

If you have recurrent nightmares, it is possible that you are having a painful remorse.

Indeed, frequent nightmares happen because there is an important fact in your past that you would like to change. Something you did or couldn’t do at the time is tormenting you. You feel guilty for disappointing someone, or even for failing yourself.

I have found with great sadness several cases in which dreamers have painful repetitive dreams that have as their origin the violent death of a young son.I have noticed that there is a felling among them of having been able to do something more to prevent the tragic event from happening.

Such a feeling is very difficult to overcome. It’s as if you have an emotional wound that you cannot close.

Nightmares shows that your are having too much stress

Nightmares can occur because there are too many worries on a personal, family, or work level. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where there are many problems happening to you at the same time: a close person being seriously ill or passing away, an accident in a member of your family, debts or obligations that you can not fulfill.

It is possible that inside you there is a struggle among negative emotions or personal conflicts that you nee to face, resolve or overcome.

Remember, experiencing a lot of anxiety is associated with an increased risk of nightmares.

Why do I keep dreaming about deceased loved ones? 3 Answers

According to my experience interpreting thousands of dreams, I can tell you that dreaming of a loved one is always a personal experience, so there is no single explanation nor complete answer for that.

The interpretation of what you dream really means will depend primarily on your present emotional state, the life situation you are currently in, and what kind of personal relationship you had with the deceased one.

Now let’s look at some possible explanations to the common question:

Why do I dream of a loved one who is already dead?

The short answer is because you are still processing the absence of the deceased.

The most common reason you may dream of someone who has already passed away is that your mind and heart are trying to process, accept, or adjust feelings about this person, which is often reflected through dreams.

If you’ve been thinking a lot about a loved one, you might end up dreaming about them. If this person has recently passed away and you feel hurt by their departure, dreaming about them could be the way your mind helps you recognize, accept, and cope with the pain.

Here is a dream:

A woman had several repeated dreams in which her dead husband watched her in various places of their house, he was always serious, he did not say anything, he just stared at her.

In real life the husband had passed away 3 weeks ago and the dreamer was beginning to have frequent dreams with the deceased, in different situations and places but always him with the same attitude, silent.

What I see here is the beginning of the process of adapting to the serious loss of the loved one: the husband does not have any emotions because he is no longer with her physically, but the dreamer still has vivid memories of him in her mind and strong feelings in her heart.

Because you need to solve a pending issue

Remember, an important issue that needs to be addressed but you have chosen to postpone can become very stressful over time. Sometimes the longer you put it off, the deeper the problems are becoming.

If the deceased left without finishing a personal project or without settling down a personal or family conflict, then dreaming about him REVEALS that that dispute is still pending to be taken care of, that you should do something about it.

The most common cases I have seen during these last years (helping people to better understand their dreams) are the differences and tensions due to family fights that have not been clarified. I have also seen this type of dream when there are interests, conflicts or discussions that are born or worsen due to personal ambition for the inheritance of the deceased.

Check this dream:

From time to time a lady dreamed of her mother who died twenty years ago; she noticed that this happened whenever she met her brother with whom she had differences and disputes over their mother’s inheritance, especially a large house where she was living in, and house they coveted a lot.
Her worst fear was being evicted by one of her brother’s lawyers.

The mother in her dreams appeared sad and unhappy; most likely because in real life that would be the old woman’s response to fights and conflicts among her children.

Because you need to bring balance to your life

When a deceased loved one visits you in your dreams, they could be sending you a powerful message to spend more time with the rest of your family members who are alive.

The dream could be a reminder of life’s fleeting temporality and the importance of making the most of the limited time you have with your close friends and family. You never know when their life will end, and you can no longer talk, laugh, hug them, be with them.

Pay attention to this interpretations if you have elderly or very ill family members.

Why I can’t remember our dreams? Is that bad?

Not being able to remember dreams is more frequent than one may think. Here are the most common reasons why you can’t remember your dreams:

You cannot remember your dreams because you are dealing with too much stress

Stress is one of the worst enemies of sleep. Indeed, stress, defined as a state of physical and emotional tension originated as a reaction to a stimulus or pressure, is a powerful factor that contributes to interrupting sleep or reducing the amount of time we spend dreaming.

Also, current research indicates that stress can cause the increase in the number of times one wakes up during the night.

If you have a lot of worry and can’t sleep well, then you may find it harder to remember your dreams.

You cannot remember your dreams because you are having urgent things to do

If you wake up and immediately start thinking about other things you have to do urgently, it can contribute to you forgetting what you dreamed of. Indeed, maybe you need to hurry to be ready for work, maybe you have to take the bus or taxi, or get to a place or office on time, or you are always delayed to do the shopping in the market, or maybe you have a baby or other little ones who need to be taken care of (or have woken you up).

When we have to start immediately in the morning (even mentally), many times our brain quickly begins to forget anything that helps us remember our recent dreams.

You cannot remember your dreams because you are not interested in them

There are some people who are less interested in dreaming and paying attention to the details of a dream than other individuals who value what they experience while dreaming.

Indeed, it is possible that if you do not remember your dream, it is because you unconsciously do not put the minimum effort or interest enough to remember what happened while you slept.

Maybe you know a close person who simply does not give any importance to dreams, because it would not be strange if he has no interest in trying to remember them.

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Are snakes in dreams bad or good?

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/27/2023

The short answer is “it depends on your dream.”

Most of the time I consider it to be bad, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing an individual or a situation that is disturbing her daily life.

Based on my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our current worries and anxieties; for that reason we can say that a dream like this is quite negative.

Sometimes a snake may be revealing some inner aspects of ourselves that could turn out to be perturbing or unsettling, and most of them time we usually choose to ignore.

In some cases, dreaming of snakes is quite bad if in the dream we escape, we hide, we surrender to the attack of the reptile or – even worse – if we are eaten by the reptil.


Because our reaction would clearly show that we are not emotionally prepared to solve our personal or family problems or conflicts.

Look at this dream I helped out to interpret a long ago:

A young woman dreamed that a large snake was chasing her in her workplace. She was looking for a place to hide.

In real life, she was very afraid of her bossy supervisor who had instructed Human Resources to get the dreamer’s best friend fired from work. She was quite sure of being the next one to be kicked out.

In this case the dreamer was not fully ready to deal with the individual who was causing most of her worries at work.

Let see another case.

Having certain emotions or feelings sometimes could be expressed in the act of dreaming with large dark snakes. Indeed, for example, having a dream in which large black snakes are present in the scene express your anguish when you feel lost and disoriented, aimless, without alternatives, without a future. In this sense, the reptil represents pessimism; check this dream that one of my readers shared:

“Yesterday I had an encounter with a daughter, I cried because of her indifference, in the evening I dreamed of many black snakes but they were passive, they did not attack me…”


Dreaming of snakes has more meanings.

It could sometimes displays our fears or hopes over our most precious relationship, check this example out:

A woman dreamed that several white snakes were coming out of the mouth of her current partner and got wrapped around her neck in an attempt to suffocate her. She took them by the head and with her bare hands killed them one by one.

In real life, she was having issues with her relationship, she was hurt by his boyfriend’s behavior, his harsh words, his cold treatment towards her completely devoid of any affection or caring (notice that in some cases the white color in the dreams expresses absence of emotions or feelings).

She was seriously thinking about breaking with her boyfriend, and her intentions to put an end to her 2-year relationship was reflected in the dream when she began killing the snakes.

By the way, dream of killing the snake reveals our decision to:

  • Put an end to a toxic or meaningless relationship,
  • Stay away from a scenario in real life that is no good at all,
  • Keep your distance from people or hostile or unpleasant environments.
  • Get rid of aspects or traits of ourselves that we hate or reject.
  • Set up or defend your own personal space from others.

However, no everything is bad with snake dreams. Sometimes they reveals positive and hopeful realities.

For real.

For example, if we react boldly to the presence or attack of the snake (see dream of fighting snakes), then we can say that our snake dream is quite positive because it indicates that we have the willpower or the firm decision to act in front of a situation we consider unfair, negative or unacceptable in real life.

Here’s another dream shared by one of my readers a while ago, something that has produced one of the greatest satisfactions in all these years dedicated to the interpretation of dreams:

“I remember cutting off the head of a snake, and cutting it into pieces, with great desire and with great strength and decisiveness, and I think I killed one and another appeared, so 2 or 3, but I killed them all … I really felt great, and it was an accomplishment for me and my family,,… it was like getting rid of something bad.”

She also wrote

These last days I was distressed, with fears, there are people near me who I feel are not very good people,.. but today I already feel much better, I feel determined, because I am not the viper and I am the one who kills it 🙂 »

In conclusion:

In most cases dreaming with snakes will display our currents fears, worries or our negative emotions in general. In few cases, the dream can be the opportunity to see if we feel confident to tackle our current personal troubles, since that dream can be considered like a simulated scenario to show our new attitudes and hopes over our everyday life.

dream of killing a viper means that your want to get rid of something in life

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This is how you should read your dream about snakes

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/27/2023

Dreams of snakes are mostly symbolic

Dreams about snakes make more sense if you consider them that they speak to you symbolically, through images with meaning. That’s why you shouldn’t read them literally.

For example, a snake bite usually represents hurtful comments, words, or actions that inject you with negative or toxic feelings toward a person or yourself.

Remember, dreams create symbolic images (threatening snakes) to stimulate our emotions.

It expresses worries and fears inside you

If you are very afraid of something or someone in your real life, you may have dreams in which unknown men, or perhaps monsters or wild animals (such as the snake) chasing you and perhaps trying to attack you.

If you have a worry or anxiety in your mind about the state of your relationship, you may dream of a snake watching you or threateningly entering your room.

If you are having trouble trying to forget a guy who hurt your feelings, or if you can’t stand his/her presence in real life, then you might dream of killing a snake. If you want to cut with a bad relationship it is very likely that in your dream you are reacting by cutting the reptile into pieces.


Because dreams -by their very nature–have no visual form in real life, like your feelings, emotions, reactions or attitudes.

Dreams of snakes manifest your current feelings and emotions

Indeed, after having interpreted hundreds of these types of dreams I have found that many times the image of the snake provokes in the dreamer a series of emotional reactions such as disgust, hatred, terror or disgust, which is precisely what generates in you some situations that you are confronting in real life. For example, a hostile and toxic work environment, or an authoritarian and intimidating boss can generate similar emotions to those you had when you meet the reptile in your dream.

Keep in mind that dreams express emotions, feelings, instincts, or memories; many of which are repressed or ignored by your conscious mind. They are stored or hidden in the unconscious mind until an external stimulus brings them to the conscious side.

Remember that suppressing these elements is a defense mechanism of our psique. However, sometimes a dream with snakes brings to the surface such repressed elements, which we are usually ignored the we are awake. That is why, after having this dream we wake up with fear or anger but we do not understand (our conscious mind) what it is really causing us that emotional state.

The snake may show a disturbing aspect of yourself

Professor Carl Jung believed that the characters in our dreams were actually representations of an aspect of ourselves. The snake is believed to represent the the dreaming projection of those aspects that seem negative, disturbing or disgusting to us, something that we cannot recognize or tolerate in ourselves. Now, I invite you to consider this dream as the way for your mind to articulate emotions, ideas or responses that you cannot (or do not want) to link when you are awake and conscious.

Consider my interpretation as the starting point for you to start your own, which will always be more accurate.

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7 questions to answer about your snake dream

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2023

In this post I point out and discuss seven of the most common questions you should answer if you really want to better understand your snake dream.

What are you afraid of?

First of all, we must keep in mind that much of the dreams with snakes make sense if we realize that they speak to us by symbols and not literally.

With that in mind, I can tell you that the snake can represent your recent and constant fears or concerns, specially the ones you are not dealing with properly. There may be a situation or event that you want to avoid or forget in your waking life.

Is there an individual you want to avoid?

If in your dream you are scared of seeing the snake, it may be revealing the existence of a person you do not want to see or socialize in real life. You may have had a terrible impression or a bad encounter with her or him in the last 24 hours before your dream.

What personal conflicts are you involved in?

It is possible that you believe that you could get involved in trouble, fights or confusing situations with people close to you. Your experience or intuition may saying that you are living on a personal stage in which entanglements and bad times can appear at any time.

Are you afraid that someone is fooling you?

If you dream of snakes attacking or biting you, then you may feel like someone is betraying or disappointing you. Maybe you’re experiencing a personal situation present that’s very similar to one from the past where you were deceived or disappointed.

Are you exaggerating a problem?

If in the dream the snake attacked and did not hurt you, you are probably exaggerating your regrets or worries. Perhaps you were overreacting to a situation that turned to be not as bad you believed at the beginning.

There is another way to read you dream: it may be showing your inner energy or emotional strength to defend yourself from your present troubles or conflicts.

Are you doubting yourself?

If you have a challenge to overcome or a problem to solve, it is normal to harbor doubts over your personal ability or means to deal with it, even more, you may be feeling an erosion in self-confidence.

Do no forget, your dreaming mind could be creating the image of a scary snake to embody your fears and insecurities.

Do you think something bad can happen to you?

Snakes are patient and silent in their attack, some of them are venomous too. Therefore, the image of the snake in your dream represents situations in your life in which an accident or misfortune can suddenly reach you, without previous warning.

Dreaming of a snake may be projecting your concern that something will go wrong, or that a negative event will suddenly impact a family member.

Are you afraid of negative events may happen to you sooner or later?

What situations do you want to avert?

This dream is likely to occur when you are dealing with personal situations in front of you which you hate to face, environments or situations that you would like to escape from.

Pay special attention to this questions if you run away or try to hide from the snake in the dream.

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