Dreams of Snake Chasing You

Last Update : August 4, 2020

what does it mean dream snake running after you

It means that you are not facing an urgent matter.
Reveals personal insecurity.

Dreaming of snakes coming after you means unattended things

Dreaming that you run away from snakes or vipers indicates that you have been ignoring or overlooking important things in your wake life. It is possible that you are procrastinating instead of addressing those issues with urgency.

Also, this dream shows that you are dealing with a problem so overwhelming that you desperately want to avoid it. Perhaps, you are reacting with reluctance in the face of a current scenario that requires determination and toughness.

Dreaming of snakes running after you means you are feeling insecure

Dreams of snakes or vipers chasing you may suggest that you have anguish linked to a state of emotional vulnerability. That’s right, the dream could be displaying your worries about something bad happening to you, maybe you find yourself in a very delicate personal situation fearing that at any time you can receive very negative news.

It is possible that the snake is expressing your anxiety in the face of a secret being revealed at any time, exposing an unpleasant aspect of your personal life, something you are not very proud of.

Dreaming of being chased by snakes shows your feelings for others

Remember that the dreams usually exhibit what is happening in your inner psychological world. Moreover, the image of the snake is regarded as the dreaming representation of an aspect of yourself. In such a sense, a voracious predator like this reptile chasing you means that you are harboring negative feelings (spite, envy, or jealousy) towards another person, but your unconscious mind might be redirecting them against yourself.

Since you are not confronting or resolving them, these harmful feelings are still latent and being expressed in the image of a menacing snake.

Dreaming of snakes chasing you means an intimidating individual

This dream indicates that you hate to interact with a person you dislike or fear. Perhaps you have to deal with an impulsive individual who is also intimidating and wants to impose something upon you.

Consider the possibility that the snake is representing a manager or coworker in your workplace, whose behavior or attitude is toxic and cold, characteristics usually associated with snakes.

Dreaming of a snake chasing me but I cannot escape

If you have recurrent dreams of being unable to escape or eliminate a snake running after you, and you wonder why; well, I tell you something: those dreams are happening because you have internal emotional conflicts that you cannot -or do not want to- deal and resolve; moreover, they might continue to show up as long as such personal matters are not solved.

Perhaps, the snake is embodying feelings like shame or remorse for something you have just done, a choice taken or a missed opportunity. Are you refusing to take personal responsibility or accept a failure?

Why do I dream that a snake is chasing me?

  • Because your are procrastinating,
  • Because you have no emotional support,
  • Because your want to avoid dealing with a ‘bully’,
  • Because you feel the problem you’re facing is too much,
  • Because you may be harboring bad feelings towards someone.

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