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Catching Snakes Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022


Dream of catching snakes in a dream means that you are addressing unresolved issues.
It also reveals that you are eager to take control of your personal matters.

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A dream of catching a snake means control over challenging situations

If in you dream you caught a snake, it is indicating that you are responding with toughness, resilience and full command of your fears in the face of serious inconveniences and obstacles. Consider this interpretation more closely if the snake is poisonous or very aggressive during the encounter.

According to this reading, this dream may expressing that the dreamer is feeling more confident. Certainly, capturing a snake in your dreams is a rare experience among most dreamers, because it requires overcoming their fears.

Catching a snake in a dream means getting rid of your negative traits

Another interpretation states that this dream may be disclosing your ability to control or eradicate your negative thoughts, vices or personal flaws; perhaps you are getting rid of harmful habits or influences.

Take in consideration that the snake may be representing some perturbing aspects of your own psyche which usually push you to react in an immature or problematic fashion when you are dealing with unfamiliar situations in life.  If you catch the reptile in your dream, it means that you are developing not only your ability to identify those negative things inside you (thoughts, emotions, impulses), but also your level of control over them.

Grabbing a snake in dreams reveals you’re addressing unresolved matters

Dreaming that you catch a snake means that you finally are facing a very important personal matter that was being ignored or postponed in the past. It is possible that you have figured out the way to address and resolve your latent emotional conflicts, or maybe you are working on controlling some of your more nasty primary reactions to tough situations.

The dream may also suggest that you are no longer willing to keep tolerating an irritating or intimidating scenario or condition in real life.


A woman dreamt that she was at her job when a brown viper came into her office, she was scared at the beginning, but later she was able to grab the snake by the head.

In real life she was quite worried about the new changes at the company she was working, but she that day in the morning she had had a successful interview with the new manager who had fired many employees before.

A dream of catching snakes as a way to get you ready for a daunting scenario

If you’re going to face a personal challenge in your real life (such as a job interview, an academic evaluation, or maybe a surgery), then consider the possibility that your dreaming mind is using this dream to simulate a daunting scenario -with snakes- in order for you to become aware of your true emotional responses so that you can improve them.

By that ‘weird’ way, you are psychologically preparing for that challenging event in wake life, which has been causing you so much anxiety.

Catching snakes in dreams suggests you are overreacting

If during your confrontation the snake does not resist, or you overcome it easily, then this dream is indicating that you were exaggerating your reaction to a personal adversity that appeared to be very serious, but in the end it could be resolved without further complication.

Maybe you are overestimating the severity of the threat from external stimuli, or maybe those problems weren’t as complex as you thought.

Most searched dreams of catching snakes

Dream that you catch a snake with bare hands

If you dreamt that you grab a snake with your bare hands, it means you really want to face something or someone who is giving you trouble. Perhaps you finally have the time or the courage to tackle a problem perturbing you.

It is also possible that after some time waiting for a big opportunity in life, this is available for you to take.

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Dream that you catch a snake in the bed

Catching a snake while you are in your bed means you are facing worries over very personal business that you are quite aware.

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Dream that you catch a big snake

If in you dream you grab a large snake, that is an excellent dream because you feel you can tackle a current problem in your wake life.

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Dream that you catch a small snake

If in you dreams you grab a tiny snake it means your may be dealing with current issues with the potential of becoming worse in the near future.

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Dream that you catch a snake that bit you

A snakebite in the world of dreams means that you are fearing to be hurt by someone in real life. If in the dream you grab the snake it could mean that you are trying to defend yourself from a risky or painful situation.

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Dream the your catch a venomous snake

Dreaming of catching a poisonous snake is announcing that the dreamer is gathering the willingness to take a new direction in her life.

Holding or grabbing snakes on your hand in a dream is revealing that you have the potential or strength within you to face with firmness and poise the problems in front of you.

Having a dream in which you catch snakes indicates that you have the disposition or ability to master your bad habits, vices or defects. There is a authentic push for a personal transformation inside you.

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Dream that you grab a green snake

In the realm of the dream interpretation a green snake has different meanings, it may represent growing, rebirth but also immaturity or even envy.

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Dream that you catch a black snake

A black snake usually means that you are facing an uncertain situation in real life, something that can eventually hurt you. See the full list of meaning in page: dreaming of black snakes.

Likewise, if you need to find another color of the snake, please take a look at this: dream meanings of the color of the skin of the snake ( from black to white colors).

Dream that snake comes out of your body

Dreaming that a snake coming out of your body shows negative traits you want to get rid of. According to this, the snake -as a dreaming character- is just a projection of one aspect of your inner world; and your unconscious mind is generating the image of the snake in the dreams as the embodiment of something negative you do not like about yourself: most likely your negative personality traits.

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Dream that you fight a snake and grab it

Fighting a snake in you dream means personal conflicts. Indeed, the reptile may be representing your feelings, attitudes or emotions in regards to a specific person in real life: your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, coworkers or family members.

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Dream that you catch a snake in the house

Dreaming that you catch a snake in your house or apartment shows that you are ready to confront o resolver issues with your family o in your marriage. Perhaps in real life you are taking control of a thorny situation with one of your family members.

See more meanings in dreaming of snakes in the house.

Dream that you catch a long snake

If in you dream you are able to grab a long snake it means several things:

You are gathering enough willpower to tackle your current personal conflicts. Also you have found the way to start to ger rid of a problem.

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Dream that you catch a snake and kill it

If in your dream you killed the snake you caught, it reveals that you are willing to put an end to an unbearable situation o condition in real life.

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Dream that you grab a snake in the water

Water in the world of dreams expresses the current state of your emotions and feelings. If in your dream you catch the reptil in the water, it means you are dealing with ongoing personal businesses that may alter your normal life. It is possible that you have your more aggresive responses or reactions under control.

See dream of snakes in the water.

Dream that you CANNOT catch a snake and it goes into hiding

Remember, most dreams express in action or images what really is happening inside your mind or heart. Having said that, if you dream that you were not able to grab the reptil, it may represent you are having a bad time trying to deal with a personal issue.

what does it mean dream snake hidden
a snake running away from you reveals that you’re worried for potential troubles or conflicts in real life

If the reptil goes into hiding, I explain this dream scenario in this post: dream of snake hiding.

If the reptil flees, then you should check snake is running away from me.

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Is it bad dreaming of snakes?

Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .

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