Dreaming of snake biting my hands


It means urgent need to take action in real life.
You may be losing control of your personal matters.

Dream of snake biting your hand means you have to do something

Need for action in real life is obviously the most common interpretation for this dream. However, it is also revealing your worries about which steps to follow in a key personal situation.

This dream is considered a warning sign from your unconscious mind calling you to resolve neglected issues or to face critical duties you have be postponing.

Dream of a snakebite on your hand shows you’re losing control

The hand in the world of drams is regarded as a symbol representing control over our personal affairs. That’s why if you have this dream you may be feeling frustrated due to an issue with something in your life that is difficult to reach or to take under your control.

Perhaps you have the feeling that you are about to lose command of some aspect of your daily life. Let me ask you: Is there something in life that you are desperately holding on to?

An injury in your hand can symbolize limitations or restrictions on your capacity to handle or manage your personal matters the way you want.

Dreaming of hands being bitten means: don’t touch that

A dream in which a snake attacks your hand could be the way your unconscious mind is saying that you should not be involved in a problematic situation that is within your reach. Perhaps is not a good idea to handle a risky situation because it will bring unpleasant consequences.

Consider the possibility that the dream is just indicating that your are behaving in an unreasonable or unfair manner. Perhaps you might be feeling bad for doing something wrong to someone.

This dream might be pointing to the existence of perturbing doubts over your ability to handle positive change in life.

Dreaming that snake bites your right hand

This dream may be revealing an internal conflict inside the dreamer over the right or correct decision to take in a personal topic.

If you dreamt that a snake bit your right hand, it may be showing you fear of not being able to choose your emotions or basic reactions in face of a hostile environment or a challenging situation.

In some cases, dreaming that the a snake bites your right hand can uncover a latent remorse for the way you are handled something recently.


Dreaming that snake bites your left hand

This dream may be showing your growing frustration for not getting a social or professional recognition that you think you deserve. Perhaps you feel that for some reason you are not receiving affection or attention from people close to you.

You also should take in consideration the following meaning:

This dream might be a warning signal that something important needs attention or solution in your life; perhaps you are delaying an important decision.



Bear in mind that if you are left-handed, the interpretations given under the title ‘Dreaming that snake bites your right hand’ corresponds to your left hand, and what is mentioned in the section ‘Dreaming that snake bites your left hand’ is valid for your right hand.

Questions about your dream of a snake biting your hand

What color was the snake?

Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow .

How big was the snake?

It was small, large, very long.

Where was the snake?

In the road , tree , water ,

Wrapped around you.

Hidden or Everywhere.

~ In the house?

in the bathroom , bed , bedroom.

What was your reaction?

You caught the snake, fought, killed it.

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