Dream meaning snake bites my hands


Urgent need for you to take action in real life.
You may be losing control of your personal matters.

The most common interpretation for this dream may be suggesting that there is need for action in real life.

Now, you also may take inconsideration this interpretation: having a dream in which this reptile bites you on the hands can reflect your worries about the right action needed in a key personal situation. An injury in your hand can symbolize limitations or restrictions on your ability to act the way you want. This dream is considered a warning sign from your unconscious mind calling you to resolve neglected matters or to face critical issues that you have be postponing.

Another interpretation may indicate that you may be feeling frustrated because of an issue with something in your life that turns to be difficult to reach or take under your control. Is there something or someone in life that you desperately need?

Dream of snake biting your right hand

The hand in the dream world is considered an imagen representing control over our personal affairs. Thus, if you dream that a snake bites your hand right, it may indicate that you may fear a loss of control over your emotions. Certainly, this dream indicates that there is an injury to your ability to take positive change in your daily life.

This dream may be revealing an internal conflict inside the dreamer about the correct action to take in life.

In some cases, dreaming that the snake bites your right hand can indicate any remorse for something you did recently.


Dream that snake bites you left hand

This dream can reveal a sense of not receiving the recognition, affection or attention you deserve.

This dream is a warning sign that something important needs attention or solution in your life; It is possible that you are delaying a decision or action.


Please note: 
If you are left-handed or lefty, the dream interpretation mentioned under your right hand applies to your left hand, and what is indicated in the section “Dreaming that the snake bites your left hand ” is appropriate for your right hand.