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Dream of being chased by my Ex boyfriend

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Having a dream of being chased by your ex boyfriend mean that you have not overcome the breakup yet. However, since what happens in the dream is a discussion, it is about issues to be resolved.

Dreaming that you are being chased by your ex could be expressing that there is still something in your mind which had a huge impact on your life. For example, an unresolved situation, an event that follows you wherever you go, no matter how much you ignore it or leave it for later.

Likewise, if you are dreaming of being chased by your ex lover and finally you are able to flee or hide, that means that you have a change to get free to put your romantic past behind, you got the expectation of a positive change coming up in your life. That’s right, it means that you are going through or will soon undergo difficult situations which you need to be able to get over successfully.

Does this mean you have to call your ex boyfriend to set the record straight? Not at all. Remember, dreams should not be taken at face value, and an ex-lover who appears in your dream does not have to be the real protagonist of your conflict.

You should notice that feelings for your ex are not necessarily romantic. This dream has to do with you being looking for emotional closure. You seem to be uneasy about the way things ended between the two of you.

Despite what it seems, dreaming of your ex chasing you has a very positive meaning because you really want to grow as a person to achieve important things in life, but apparently they are not getting the results you want.

This dream is like a warning sign telling you the there are struggles or conflicts needed to be addressed with some urgency. Trying to find a prompt and real solution will be key to overcoming them without conflict.

Having a dream in which you ex was chasing you could be metaphor for life itself, this information can also refer to the need for a change in some aspect of your present. Indeed, there must be a new situation or scenarios coming up, which brings with it new airs of freedom by helping you connect with a new living space.

Dream that your ex is chasing you to hurt you

If you dream that you ex is trying to hurt you in some way, it means you are quite afraid of being betrayed by someone close to you, so it is necessary that you be prepared for this possible event that will occur because of envy or resentment. The idea is that you do not manage to be affected by it and do not let this conflict become a tragedy.

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Dream that your ex is chasing you to kill you

When you dream that your ex lover is trying to kill you, it is probably a sign that you have done something in the past which you are regretting at the present , since you know that you have hurt or disappointed him and you feel your ex partner could take revenge on you in some way.

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Dream that you are kidnapped by your ex

Being kidnapped by your ex boyfriend in a dream REVEALS that you feel like being trapped in previous relationship. Is like a metaphor telling that certain feelings or emotions you keep about your your ex are“keeping you” in emotional captivity.

You may be going through a stage where you are rethinking some things you have done with your romantic life and you realize that you have let yourself be carried away by the opinion of others and you have neglected your independence, you have neglected yourself.

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What does it mean to dream that you ex boyfriend was beating you up?

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend was hitting you reveals that there are feelings of guilt in you because you are not being sincere or genuine to someone (or with yourself) and you subconsciously are expecting to be reprimanded or chastised, maybe you are expecting someone close to your to tell you so.

Remember, arguments or anger in dreams reflect an inner conflict inside the dreamer.

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What does it mean to dream of fighting with your ex?

Dreaming of fighting with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend means that you still have unfinished issues towards her or him. It may revel that there are emotional wounds which have not been healed or forgotten yet.

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What does it mean to dream of your ex trying to killing you?

If you dream of an ex lover going after you to kill you or assault you, it REVEALS that you are feeling guilt for what you did to the ex when you were together, perhaps because you were unfaithful or because you simply fell in love with someone else. 

On the other hand, if your ex-partner was aggressive and you suffered from violence (physical or verbal) during the relationship, then this dream is simply recreating a common scene from your past.

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What does it mean of dreaming of your ex calling you? 

If in real life you do not have a romantic partner and you dream that your ex-partner calls you on your cell phone, it is a sign that you have thought or examined the possibility of being in a loving relationship and feeling needed.

If you have a partner today, this dream means that you remember pleasantly those special details of your previous relationship. In some cases it reveals your curiosity to have news of your ex’s current life.

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