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Dream of arguing with my Ex

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dreaming of arguing with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend means that you still have unfinished issues towards her or him. It may revel that there are emotional wounds which have not been healed or forgotten yet.

That’s right, the closest meaning to this dream is related to the need to resolve an unfinished business between your and your ex lover; it is probable you are longing to say to him (her) urgent things but you did not have the chance in the past.

It is necessary to keep in mind that if the discussion is violent, it could mean that you maintain feelings of anger or hatred within you.

Let me ask your something: Are you feeling bad with yourself? are you feeling remorse? Think about that.

I tell you more, keep reading.

Dreams should not be taken at face value and that ex-boyfriend who appears in your dream does not have to be the real protagonist of your conflict. Think of a person who has been very meaningful in your life, and from whom you are staying away, because it is more likely to be that person than your ex.

That’s right, it is evident that you must clarify some things with someone who had a lot of importance in your life. Review your social and family relationships.

As per my experience helping people to better understand their dreams, I can tell you that a dream in which you are arguing with your boyfriend is often negative, especially if you dreamed of a physical fight with your ex-partner, then your current lover might be too possessive and restrictive.

Let me ask you something: Are you feeling controlled or restrained and this makes you quite unhappy?

Well, no person should endure any kind of abuse, and psychological abuse is often ignored. If your current relationship is not something you enjoy and you don’t feel good about this person, then make some changes in your life and move on from negativity.

Remember, if you are having repetitive dreams about your ex partner, please, listen to the following:

You should isolate yourself so as not to contact that person who broke your heart and your feelings. Try to analyze the emotions present and determine if external help is needed to talk about the recent relationship lived.

The best thing in these types of cases is to look inward to recognize possible concerns and insecurities. It should be noted that dreaming that you fight with your ex can also mean that you are distancing yourself from someone very precious to you.

I would recommend you to review your present relationships with your loved ones and focus on the things you can change in yourself to improve or reestablish your emotions links with them.

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