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Dream of ex boyfriend beating me up

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

On several occasions you may dream that your ex beats you or assaults you when you are remembering your past, when an individual or a current situation is triggering in your mind memories of your old relationship and your Ex.

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend was hitting you reveals that there are feelings of guilt in you because you are not being sincere or genuine to someone (or with yourself) and you subconsciously are expecting to be reprimanded or chastised, maybe you are expecting someone close to your to tell you so.

If you have this dream, you may feel vulnerable when other people do not agree with you. You feel misunderstood when your point of view is not accepted by people close to you. In some way you feel frustrated when this happens.

That’s right.

If you dream that your ex boyfriend beats you up, it reveals that you are being too hard on yourself, maybe you feel guilty about the things you have done recently. Perhaps you are the kind of person who tends to blame yourself for everything that happens to you.

It is also probable that you are feeling guilty for having negative or inappropriate feelings towards someone, emotions or thoughts which make you feel ashamed.

If he hits you in the dream and you can’t defend yourself that means you feel weak and powerless in the face of a present situation you are facing in real life.

Dreaming that you fight with your partner is more common than you think and may be related to some emotions within your relationship. In general, there are factors that can influence you to experience this type of dream this, such as having witnessed a discussion in a public place, or saw something similar in a social network like Facebook or Instagram.

If you regularly dream that you fight with your partner, this can indicate that there is a discomfort within you, that you are keeping quiet about things that you do not like, that perhaps you are afraid to express them.

These kinds of recollections accumulate in short-term temporary memory, but, if one of these scenes have impressed you, it could be the “raw material” for such a dream.

Dreaming that your ex lover assaults you means that you are afraid of failing again.

Remember this dream does not mean that the aggression will be fulfilled in real life.

Dream that your boyfriend beats you up and you bleed

If in your dream you are beaten by your boyfriend and you bleed, it reveals concerns over health problems or that you could go through moments of anguish. It is possible you are remembering past moments with your ex partner.

If you have no memories of physical violence with your ex, then the dream is showing your worries of being hurt emotionally by a male you know. Perhaps, you are having tensions or conflicts with a man close to you.

Dreaming of blood stains: it can be synonymous with having enemies who want to destroy your career or work.

If you have repetitive dreams of being beaten by your ex boyfriend, then I recommend you to look fo professional assistance.

Dream that your boyfriend beats you up and you cannot defend yourself

Dream of being beaten by your husband or boyfriend and you are not able to defend yourself, it means you are having serious issues with your self-esteem.

You still need to work on rebuilding your self confidence.

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