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Dream of being stalked by my ex

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Being stalked by your ex partner in a dream means you want to forget certain past traumas, memories and feelings which you need to tackle and overcome with some urgency.

If the breakup with your ex was very painful or, unfortunately, that person died, it is possible that dreaming about them again is a way for your subconscious to alert you that there is a trauma (related or not) need to be addressed.

If you have been feeling very stressed or worried lately, then it is very likely that you end up dreaming that you are a victim of harassment, you already feel a very big need to please others and get what they believe is best for you.

That’s correct. Let met elaborate. If you have days of stress, it is possible that that anxiety has invoked in your dreams a troubled ex-partner. In any case, if you end up finding enormous pain that you are not able to process, go as soon as possible a therapist so that he can help you with this process.

This interpretation takes place, above all, when the dreamer is being persecuted or when she is afraid of being victims of physical abuse or harassment.

Although this is a very, very unpleasant dream, the truth is that it usually symbolizes the feeling of threat and frustration you may feel when you are unable to shelve some shocking or devastating event of the past: a death, a sentimental breakup, an abuse in itself.

If this is your case, we advise you to seek professional help to feel better about yourself.

Being chased by your ex boyfriend in a dream

Dreaming that you are being chased by your ex could be expressing that there is still something in your mind which had a huge impact on your life. For example, an unresolved situation, an event that follows you wherever you go, no matter how much you ignore it or leave it for later.

Likewise, if you are dreaming of being chased by your ex lover and finally you are able to flee or hide, that means that you have a change to get free to put your romantic past behind, you got the expectation of a positive change coming up in your life.

Your ex was staring at you in Dreams

This dream is showing that you want is to receive positive opinions and judgments, something that motivates you to continue fighting and giving your best. However, this doesn’t always happen, so you may feel some frustration, increasing your concern about the decisions you make.

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Your ex boyfriend was calling you in dreams

If in real life you do not have a romantic partner and you dream that your ex-partner calls you on your cell phone, it is a sign that you have thought or examined the possibility of being in a loving relationship and feeling needed.

If you had this dream, take into consideration this interpretation: You are looking for an extension of time in something, since you consider that the deadline given to fulfill your responsibilities has been imposed unfairly. You have to deal with issues of authority and oppression.

Your ex-boyfriend is looking for you

Dreaming that your ex-partner is looking for you means that you really are longing for being in a romantic relationship and feeling needed. If you have a current partner, this dream may suggest that you are missing some details of your previous relationship.

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Dreaming that your ex asks you for forgiveness

This dream suggests that you feel emotional wounded by what he did to you. This dream reflects your resentment towards your ex, and surely you have thought several times that he or she should feel remorse for his or her past actions.

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Dreaming of hearing your ex voice

A dream of hearing your ex loser voice suggests that there are still feelings like love, anger, regret, or forgiveness that need to be acknowledged and addressed. This dream serves as a gentle reminder to reflect on these emotions and find closure through self-reflection, communication, or personal growth.

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Dreaming of your ex crying

Dreaming that in your dream your ex-boyfriend is crying inconsolably. In this case you should remember what you felt in this dream when you saw your ex crying: Was it anger, resentment, sadness? You may have been happy to see that he (she) missed you, and perhaps your ego has felt strengthened. Your subconscious is projecting a latent desire that you don’t want your ex to be happy about the damage he did to you in the past.

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Dreaming that you are kidnapped by your ex

This dream indicates that you feel trapped by a previous relationship. Is like a metaphor telling that memory you keep of your ex is “holding you” in emotional captivity.

The feeling of kidnapping is very common in dreams and in real life. Moments of frustration appear when that ideal of being happy becomes very distant when you realize that your life is not what you want.

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