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Dream of my ex boyfriend crying

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

If you dream that your ex-boyfriend is crying, it may indicate that your subconscious is trying to make you feel guilty.

If you see him in dreams angry with you, it may mean that you are blaming yourself for the breakup of the relationship.

That’s right. You may feel bad because something improper that you did and that caused physical or mental pain to someone close to you, we do not always make the best decisions and from time to time we can hurt someone close to us without intending.

It can also mean that you feel identified with the pain of your ex, which is something that happens very commonly, people feel empathy when they share painful experiences and watching others go through something similar, they can remember those hard moments with great emotion, making them cry equally.

You should remember what you felt when in this dream when you saw your ex crying: Was it anger, resentment, sadness? You may also have been happy to see that he (she) was missing you, and perhaps your ego felt strengthened.

Consider this too: your subconscious is projecting a latent desire that you do not want your ex to be happy cause of the emotional harm he did to you in the past.

If you dream that your ex is crying, it’s not because something bad is happening to him(her) in real life, that’s why I recommend you do not look for excuses to begin to contact him.

Let me tell you something very important.

It is possible that the time has come to forgive your ex lover. You may have been waiting for months or years for an apology if the breakup occurred on very bad terms or if he was unfaithful or did not treat you as you deserved.

You may still be inadvertently waiting for him to somehow repair all the physical or emotional damage he caused you. However, take in consideration that most likely he is not going to do it, that’s why he appears in your dreams crying, so that you realize that no matter how much he feels what happened, you no longer need those apologies.

If you see your ex partner crying in a dream is an invitation to not only genuinely forgive him, but also it is necessary to forgive yourself from all the mistakes of the past, to leave behind grudges, desires for revenge and the need to be asked for forgiveness.

Your ego may need your ex to crawl to tell you he is very sorry for whatever he did in the past, but your soul doesn’t. What you have to focus in on forgiveness, that is why dreams give you this image.

Take into consideration this: if your ex cries, then it is time to forgive him and also turn the page in your romantic life. It’s time to put the past behind and move on.

Go ahead.

I dreamt about my ex

What should I do?

If you had disturbing dreams about your ex which are often repetitive and replay perturbing events are considered a hallmark of . . .

Your ex asks you for forgiveness crying in dreams

If in your dream you see that your ex asks for forgiveness with tears in his eyes suggests that not only do you feel seriously offended, but that you wish your ex was punished for what he did to you (maybe he was unfaithful, or fell in love with someone else).

Ex boyfriend was asking for forgiveness

Ex was crying and begging in dreams

Some claim that dreaming about your ex-partner begging reveals that person is thinking about you at the time or that he is still in love with you. If you are confused or befuddled, dreaming about your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend isn’t something you need to worry about.

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Seeing your ex being hurt in dreams

when you witness your ex-boyfriend getting injured in a dream, it signifies your subconscious desire to let go of any lingering resentment or anger that you may still harbor towards him.

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Your ex boyfriend was bleeding in a dream

If one sees his ex-boyfriend bleeding in a dream, he realizes that he sympathizes with his pain, and this is often the case. People feel compassion when they share their painful experiences, and when they see others going through similar experiences, they recall those difficult moments with great emotion and may shed tears as well.

Seeing your ex bleeding in a dream

Your ex boyfriend wanting you back in dreams

If you dream that your ex-boyfriend wants you back, it means that you are in a situation over which you have little control and would like to have the resources to cope with it more easily if you could.

In addition, dreaming that your ex lover wants you back with him reveals a secret longing. Something in your daily life is causing an emptiness, and the “return” is a fictional indication that you have recovered something you have lost.

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Dreaming that your ex asks you for forgiveness

This dream suggests that you feel emotional wounded by what he did to you. This dream reflects your resentment towards your ex, and surely you have thought several times that he or she should feel remorse for his or her past actions.

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Dreaming that your ex is at the hospital

If you have a dream in which your ex is in very bad health in the hospital or at home and you take care of him, it means that you are still affected by the end of the relationship and trying to heal your emotional wounds.

The sick person here is a clear symbol of your aching heart.

Dreaming of ex boyfriend asking me to marry him

Having a dream in which your ex boyfriend asked you to marry him means that you are longing for a second chance in your romantic life. There must be something you did wrong, something you regret doing the first time with an ex lover.

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Dreaming that your ex has a car accident

If you dream that your former partner has a car accident or his life is at risk, that may indicate that you still care about their well-being. You may believe that he or she is in a dangerous situation.

Dreaming of being chased by your ex

Dreaming that you are chased or molested by your ex means that you carry a heavy emotional burden from your previous relationship and that you need to confront it in order to close that painful chapter in your life.

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