Dream of seeing dead ex boyfriend alive

Last Update : February 10, 2023

The most obvious meaning of dreaming of dead ex boyfriend surely you have already thought: it means that you miss those people, hence your mind projects them in your dreams.

Dream of an ex boyfriend means you need to make a personal change and do not stick to the past. That’s correct, it means that you must choose another path in your life, be reborn and make different decisions than those you have been making so far.

I recommend you do not take this dream lightly. On the contrary, you must pay attention to this dream: you have had it because you have not yet overcome the mourning for the death of that relative, so you must arm yourself with patience and try to get out of the rut little by little.

Generally speaking, this dream may represent attempts by our mind to process the feelings we have in relation to the death or departure of you ex partner. In many cases your mind is trying to understand and accept his loss.

If you have repetitive dreams in which your deceased ex boyfriend was life, it is suggesting that you have becoming aware that he has virtues and good qualities that you lack. So you should analyze your partner better to learn from him.

Dream that you were talking to your deceased boyfriend

Sometimes you not only dream of deceased people, but you also talk to them and have conversations of any kind.

The meaning is clear: you left many things to say to that person and now you want to express them, hence your mind reproduces it in the dream.

Dream that your deceased boyfriend was hugging you

Dreaming that your dead ex had some kind of affective contact with you, it is because you seek in some way the approval of that person who is no longer there. You need their strength and therefore, your subconscious tries to reflect through those dreams.

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Dreaming of your ex calling you 

If in real life you do not have a romantic partner and you dream that your ex-partner calls you on your cell phone, it is a sign that you have thought or examined the possibility of being in a loving relationship and feeling needed.

Alternatively, it may indicate that you’ve been curious about your ex’s current state.

If you have a partner today, this dream means that you remember pleasantly those special details of your previous relationship. In some cases it reveals your curiosity to have news of your ex’s current life.

Dreaming of marrying my ex

Dreaming that you get married to your ex boyfriend or husband, it means you still have vivid feelings or flashbacks about your romantic past. Something or someone has triggered some special memories of foregone experiences with your ex lover.

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Dreaming of you wanting to get back with your ex

If you have a dream in which you want to get back with our ex, it does not necessarily reflect your subconscious desires to want to return to that person. It is likely you may be missing some elements of your romantic relationship but it doesn’t necessarily mean you miss the person. 

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