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Dreaming of my ex: Questions and Answers

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/17/2023

Bellow you will find 6 of the most common questions about a dream about an ex lover.

Why am I dreaming about my ex?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked almost everyday. As everything in the world of dream interpretation, this one does not have a single answer, then I will explain each of them:

You are dreaming of your ex due to one or more of the following reasons:

Because you’re processing the breakup

If your relationship has recently ended, then it is possible that your mind is processing the breakup, you still have vivid memories and have to deal with intense emotions in relation to your romantic past.

You are trying to deal with issues that were left pending or unresolved.

Because you feel like that relationship didn’t end well

This one is usually the most common explanation when the dreamer asks why is she dreaming repetitively of her ex.

That’s right, most likely your romantic relationship did not have a quiet end, especially if it was you who was hurt, either because he left you for another or because he deceived you. This dream happens normally because there is a need to close that wound and your subconscious is trying to process this emotional situation.

Because you’re comparing him with another man

If you’re starting to date a potential partner or spending time with people of the opposite sex, your subconscious mind may be making a comparison to your ex. That’s right, you are having this dream because you’re meeting someone who looks like him or her

It may also be that you have met someone who has similar physical characteristics or personal details that your ex had.

Because you still feel something

You may still harboring strong feelings for him (or her). Definitely, you still miss your ex.

Because you are living a similar situation

You can have these types of dreams because you are experiencing situations similar to those you went through with your ex-partner. If, for example, you are feeling distrust or insecurity with your current partner (or with another person, in a non-romantic context) and you have the impression that they are lying to you or taking advantage of you, then it is possible that your dreamy mind projects and recreates this sensation in your dreams, especially
if your ex cheated on you.

If you feel that in your current life you are being manipulated or imposing whims or desires of others, then you may dream of your ex-partner if he or she used to do the same with you.

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex if he hurt me a lot?

If you had a toxic relationship with him, and you’re remembering it in your dreams, that probably means there are some hurt feelings that still don’t heal. Dreaming of the abusive or unfaithful ex is a strong indication that you have not been able to let go of the distrust, anger and resentment that he provoked in you.

You could read my ex was beating me up in a dream.

Things to do if you dream about your ex

Frightening or disturbing dreams or nightmares, which are often repetitive and replay traumatic events are considered a hallmark of PTSD.

If you suspect that this is the type of scenario you are experiencing, you should consult a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. They can help you determine if you have PTSD and what treatment options are available.

This type of recurring dream can feel like an obstruction to resolution.

Working with an experienced mental health professional can be advantageous in this situation.

Why do I dream of my ex if I am in love with my current partner?

The first thing you should know is that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you haven’t done anything wrong, and dreaming about your ex doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhappy in your current relationship.

Remember, your dreams at night are not a script for your real life. Sure, you can analyze them to figure out the meaning, but they’re often not what they look like at face value. If you feel that you have a problem in your daily life and your dreams are reinforcing that notion, it would be best to talk openly with your partner or seek the help of a professional.

Is it bad having dreams about my ex?

“It is normal to dream about an ex, even if only occasionally for the rest of your life,” Barrett adds. This does not imply that you still adore them or that you have not moved on from your relationship.

If you dream about an ex, it might indicate that you are lonely, that you need to work on a present relationship, or that you are experiencing inner conflict.

Dreaming about an ex is not always cause for concern. Barrett, on the other hand, advises, “Consider therapy if you are having frequent, repeating, and upsetting dreams about them long after the breakup.”

And most importantly, remember that the dream does not always mean you still care about an ex. In fact, most of the time it has nothing to do with them at all. “In short,” she says, “your ex was in your dream to tell you something you need to know right now.” “What happened in the past makes us who we are now. If we want our present or future relationships to be healthy, we need to let go of the pain and anger, but keep the lesson.

What does it mean to dream of being intimate with my ex?

Your ex can be the image or symbol of romantic love that your subconscious has made; especially if your ex was your first partner with whom you had intercourse.

A dream with a previous partner is a way for your mind to remind you of what you’ve learned from your past love experience, including your and your ex’s mistakes.

On the other hand, it may indicate a fear that your current relationship (or future if you don’t have a new partner) will have to happen what happened to your previous one.

This dream is one of the most difficult to interpret because it offers varied and opposite interpretations depending on the details present in the dream.

If I dream about my ex. Does it mean he is missing me?

Consider the individuals in your dream as a means of expressing your emotions. “You were the one who made your ambition a reality. A Philadelphia-area psychologist who specialises in dream interpretation and interpersonal relationships says, “It is like an emotive work of art that reveals everything about you.

“Dreams help us manage our emotions by preserving and reconstructing memories of them. The things we see and do in our dreams are not always real, but the emotions they provoke are genuine.

You may be wondering what is going on if you have been fantasising of your ex more frequently than usual recently.

Today, we will discuss the spiritual significance of thinking about your former.

These spiritual interpretations of your dreams about your ex may help you understand your situation and feel better.

Does it have significance if you fantasise about your ex? If you continue to have visions about your ex, it is evident that the universe desires you to be together.

Now, I realise this may sound odd, but there is something you need to know if you want to see signals like this (and have no doubts about the actions you must take in your life): The exact date and time of your birth have profound spiritual significance for you.

Do you wish to wage conflict against your ex? If you dream of fighting with an ex, it indicates that you are fearful, having difficulties in your current relationship, or are still furious about something.

Perhaps unresolved concerns or emotions from your ex’s relationship are affecting your life now.

How to stop dreaming of my ex?

Here are some tips to put a stop to dreams about your ex partner:

Meditate for a few minutes to calm down. Sit comfortably on the floor, close your eyes and relax your body as much as you can. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth while focusing on the repetition of breaths and the feeling of sitting. The longer you sit breathing, the more unnecessary thoughts will fade away.

You should keep physical and mentally active and immersed in all kind of activities, which will help you fill your dreams with new events, images, and themes.

Remember, using our willpower, we can decide how our dreams will go. With some time trying to develop this skill, we will be able to get to experience anything they want: from flying to breathing underwater or visiting the most exotic places, including other worlds.

What does it mean to dream of my ex and her/his current partner?

In most cases a dream like this is quite descriptive, that is, it is reflecting your feelings and reactions towards your ex and his sentimental relationship with his current partner.

Dreaming that you argue or fight with your ex’s new partner reflects your hostility, frustration, and anger over a recent relationship breakup. It is possible that your dreaming mind is projecting the image of your ex’ new partner as a way to process the varied emotions you still have towards him.

If you are still harboring feelings for your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, then this dream may reveal your jealousy, especially if he broke up with you.

If you have repeated dreams in which you see your ex-husband/boyfriend with his current wife then it is very possible that you still care about what he is doing.

If you know that he or she has no partner in real life but in the dream your ex has one, then that means you expecting a big change in his/her life.

What does it mean if you dream that you are rejected by your ex-boyfriend?

Better this happens while you sleep than in real life, right? These types of dreams could also be your intuition in action.

Sure enough, this dream could actually be your intuition letting you know that a personal project may not work and preparing you for it. I should ask if this dream is really just a manifestation of your own insecurities rather than a sign that you feel rejected or dissatisfied in your current relationship.

Read more in being rejected by your ex in dreams.

Is dreaming about my ex a sign that we will be getting back together?

It doesn’t matter so much what happens in the dream, or which of your ex-partners you’re dreaming about, it doesn’t mean they should still be together necessarily.

It could simply mean that there are still some loose ends, issues, or feelings towards him that you need to close or end. Maybe there are lessons from that relationship that you need to take on or adopt.
On the other hand, it could be that something about your ex’s personality needs to be integrated into yours to benefit your personal growth. Either way, it’s not a sign that you’re secretly craving your ex while you sleep.

You should read dream that my ex is getting back with me.

What does it mean to dream that your ex-boyfriend is cheating?

If you dream that your ex-partner is cheating on you, it may reflect how you personally feel about possible or theoretical adultery and betrayal in real life. It can suggest feelings of insecurity in the face of scenarios that you find intimidating.

In some cases it may reveal that you fear your partner might be cheating on you.

Adultery in your dreams can be a warning to prepare you for the worst possible scenario in real life or because you feel guilty about something you are hiding from your partner.

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