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Dream of marrying my ex boyfriend

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dreaming that you get married to your ex boyfriend or husband, it means you still have vivid feelings or flashbacks about your romantic past. Something or someone has triggered some special memories of foregone experiences with your ex lover.

Dreaming that you marry your ex-partner is a message that your subconscious sends you about what strange events have already occurred. It has an intertwined meaning that sometimes you have no hope and wish you would go back in time.

If you are going through a difficult time because of the end of your relationship with that special someone, then this dream may reflect the situation you are in, as it would be related to the issues that may still be pending to be resolved.

If you are having several dreams of marrying your ex partner, it reveals that you are stubbornly clinging to your past.

That’s right.

A dream of this type relates that you have nostalgia for your life in the past and what was coexistence of your family. It is quite common among dreamers to hang to the romantic past thinking that before you were happier and it is also very common to anchor yourself to the past, to your way of living life, to your usual life schemes, to let what you have lived in the past condition the present to the point of not letting yourself be happy. You should focus on what is happening here and now instead.

Dreaming about your reveals that you are allowing your past to guide your life, a situation that will not end well at all. There are situations or people that you still carry in your emotional “backpack” and weigh you too much, it’s time for you to let go because they are preventing you from moving forward.

I would tell you that you should not “marry your past”. Don’t let it define your past. Be alert with this dream in which you marry your ex because it has a more important psychological background than it may seem. There must be stereotypes, prejudices and also preconceived ideas about yourself weigh so heavily on your mind that they are preventing you from moving forward.


It’s not about your ex, it’s about your past and it’s time to leave him in the place and time he deserves.

Dreaming about your ex lover is exposing the fact that you are not yet ready to have any relationship with another person. You need to try to focus on yourself and move forward for a better life. You need to look for new goals to be made and try to make numerous acquaintances.

There are many who believe that if you dream of your ex-partner it means that that person is thinking about you and what they lived. It’s not an entirely accurate interpretation, but who knows, maybe your ex-boyfriend is still in love with you.

Marrying your ex husband in dreams

Dreaming that you marry your ex husband means that you miss this person and still consider him part of your family. It is likely that you are longing to be his girlfriend or wife. On the other hand, you possess a very big, mixed feeling regarding whether or not you still want him back in your life.

An ex-husband in a dream means that at times you tend to feel lonely or frustrated. You need to pursue new horizons and have passions for life. Nowadays you do not need to be anyone’s girlfriend, you must focus on your future and reach the emotional fulfillment you require.

Your ex is proposing to you in dreams

If in your dream your ex-partner asks you or proposes marriage, it suggests that you have already overcome that previous relationship and learned from your past mistakes. It also suggests that you have left that stage of your life way behind.

Alternatively, this dream may indicate that the dreamer is in a situation in her present life in which she feels that she is willing to accept something or someone she had previously discarded.

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Dreaming that you were wearing a wedding dress to marry your ex boyfriend

If you dream that you are in the middle of a ceremony in which you are the bride and your ex-partner is waiting for you at the altar, but you are sad or with watery eyes, it can be interpreted that you have realized that this person was not right for you and that your happiness was not by his side.

In this type of situation it leads us to reflect when we wake up, since we take stock of how the relationship was and the reasons why we decided to put an end. Remember, there is nothing more important than courage and self-love.

Otherwise, when people dream that they get married and are happy, it may mean that they remember that relationship fondly and the moments they lived together.

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Dreaming of you wanting to get back with your ex

If you have a dream in which you want to get back with our ex, it does not necessarily reflect your subconscious desires to want to return to that person. It is likely you may be missing some elements of your romantic relationship but it doesn’t necessarily mean you miss the person.

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Dreaming of your ex calling you

If in real life you do not have a romantic partner and you dream that your ex-partner calls you on your cell phone, it is a sign that you have thought or examined the possibility of being in a loving relationship and feeling needed.

Alternatively, it may indicate that you’ve been curious about your ex’s current state.

Dreaming of your ex hugging you

If in your dream you share or receive hugs or cuddle from your ex, it may mean that you miss and need those expressions of affection in your current life. It may be a symptom that you recognize certain attributes in your ex that you liked and that you are currently needing, but it does not necessarily mean that you are still in love.

On the other hand, it is very possible that your mind is still affected by that sentimental relationship. It’s time to evaluate yourself and finally decide to turn the page on your life’s book.

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Having baby twins with your ex in dreams

Dreaming about having baby twins with your ex, while nice, may suggest that our emotions and feelings are out of control, and in order to achieve our goals and realize what the mind is predicting, we must regulate our emotions and learn the lessons that life has in store for us.

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