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Dream of my ex boyfriend staring at me

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dream that your ex boyfriend or husband is staring at you means that you are worried for things that you did in the past during your relationship with this ex partner.

Likewise, this dream is expressing your concern over being critiqued or scrutinized by people around you, friends or some individuals who know about your relationship with your ex.

Take into consideration this point.

This dream is showing that you want is to receive positive opinions and judgments, something that motivates you to continue fighting and giving your best. However, this doesn’t always happen, so you may feel some frustration, increasing your concern about the decisions you make.

Remember, do not feel threatened by other people, learn to challenge yourself and do things because you like them or want them, not to please someone close to you who is important to you.

In this way, a vicious circle is generated, which causes negative feelings constantly. There is concern about achieving new goals, frustration when you do not achieve it and, consequently, fear of being judged by your results. In this way, you worry again, trying to achieve better results.

This can become very dangerous, as it will take up all your time and energy. Therefore, when this dream appears, it is time to reflect on what you consider really important for your life.

In this sense, both the desire and the concern to achieve something important appear, but you feel pressured by the people around you, who are analyzing your actions and results. Conquering something effectively will be faster and more positive if you stop paying attention to others, focusing on your own development.

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Dreaming that your ex boyfriend was asking for forgiveness means that you feel emotional wounded by what he did to you. This dream shows your resentment towards your ex, and surely you have thought several times that he or she should feel remorse for his past actions.

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Dreaming of being chased by your ex

Dreaming that you are chased or molested by your ex means that you carry a heavy emotional burden from your previous relationship and that you need to confront it in order to close that painful chapter in your life. 

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Dreaming of your ex calling you 

If in real life you do not have a romantic partner and you dream that your ex-partner calls you on your cell phone, it is a sign that you have thought or examined the possibility of being in a loving relationship and feeling needed.

Alternatively, it may indicate that you’ve been curious about your ex’s current state.

Dreaming of your ex trying to talk to you

If you had a dream in which your ex-partner was attempting to communicate with you, it is a sign that you are looking for a way to put an end to the challenges that have been stressing you out. In order to do this, you need to investigate solutions for even the smallest of issues.

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Dreaming of your ex hugging you

If in your dream you share or receive hugs or cuddle from your ex, it may mean that you miss and need those expressions of affection in your current life. It may be a symptom that you recognize certain attributes in your ex that you liked and that you are currently needing, but it does not necessarily mean that you are still in love.

On the other hand, it is very possible that your mind is still affected by that sentimental relationship. It’s time to evaluate yourself and finally decide to turn the page on your life’s book.

Dreaming that your ex-boyfriend is looking for you

Dreaming that your ex-partner is looking for you means that you really are longing for being in a romantic relationship and feeling needed. If you have a current partner, this dream may suggest that you are missing some details of your previous relationship.

Dreaming that your ex is proposing to you

If in your dream your ex-partner asks you or proposes marriage, it suggests that you have already overcome that previous relationship and learned from your past mistakes. It also suggests that you have left that stage of your life behind.

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