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Dream of your ex boyfriend saying goodbye

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dream that your ex boyfriend was saying goodbye to you is showing your feelings about your current relationship. You may believe that your love is not reciprocated or that your feelings for him are not the same as those you think he feels for you.

Being in an unequal relationship, in which one gives more than the other and feels a little “abandoned” can be one of the reasons why you dream that he will leave you.

The more anguish you feel in that goodbye, the better omens. Because this dream speaks of sudden changes and radical transformations in your life with which you will achieve your dreams. Get ready for job changes, moves or personal revolutions within you.

A dream of ex partner saying goodbye may be announcing a change to recover your personal space, a feeling of freedom and independence, which can be very positive for your but it is true that if you dream that he leaves you it may be because you feel that you are far away, that this independence is being too much and that you miss being in a relationship with your ex partner.

A dream in which your ex says goodbye could also be powerful warning sign for you to stop thinking about a past relationship that has already ended. It’s time to close definitively with that stage of your life.

Dreaming that you say goodbye to your ex boyfriend

A dream in which you are the one who says goodbye to your ex lover is quite encouraging, if your consider your boyfriend quite toxic, because the indicates that you will achieve everything you propose, that you will be able to solve the problems that worry you most or that you will gain from a complicated situation.

Dreaming that your ex says goodbye and rejects you

Dreaming that your ex rejects you means that you feel a deep sadness about something that have happened in your romantic past, particularly with your last partner. Something deeply disturbed you and caused emotional pain that you are not able to overcome.

This dream reveals that you still have feelings for your ex-partner; you still don’t get over the breakup.

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Dreaming that you say goodbye to your ex

If in your dream you say goodbye to your ex-partner, that is a sign that you are completely accepting the end of that relationship.

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Dreaming of your ex dating a friend

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is dating a friend of yours means you are in front of a moment of change.

That’s right, dreaming that your ex-partner has turned the page and started a new relationship can be a signal from your subconscious to leave the past behind and definitely forget that stage of your life.

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Dreaming of talking to your ex

This dream may reveal your need to express some things you couldn’t say to your ex partner before.

Perhaps you need urgent answers to questions, doubts or hints you have about your lover (his or her real feelings, actions or intentions).

Dreaming of arguing with your ex

Dreaming of arguing with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend means that you still have unfinished issues towards her or him. It may revel that there are emotional wounds which have not been healed or forgotten yet.

That’s right, the closest meaning to this dream is related to the need to resolve an unfinished business between your and your ex lover; it is probable you are longing to say to him (her) urgent things but you did not have the chance in the past.

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