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Dream of getting back together with my ex

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

If you have a dream in which you and your ex partner are getting back together, it means that you are missing several aspects of your previous relationship, but not necessarily the person.

The dream may happen as a result of a failure or disappointment over romantic choices you have taken.

It is possible that the dream represents that you have some unfinished business with that person, especially if the end of the relationship was not in “good terms”.

Somehow, you need to remove all your doubts about what would have happened if both of two had been sincere during their relationship in the past.

On the contrary, if your relationship with your ex was quite positive and the breakup was more or less amicable, then there is no need to worry because do not take your dream literally.


Because in this case your ex partner represents something from your past, an lingering issue in your romantic past with your ex lover, such as a remorse, a doubt, a frustration, an unfulfilled wish that you have not yet resolved, and with which you are carrying unnecessarily.

You should ask yourself what exactly is hurting you about your recent past, but do not necessarily look around your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be at work, with a partner, with a friend or friend.

If you do not have currently a significant other in your life, this dream may reflect your desire to establish a new romantic relationship in which you feel quite loved, protected and pampered.

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Dreaming of your ex hugging you

If in your dream you share or receive hugs or cuddle from your ex, it may mean that you miss and need those expressions of affection in your current life. It may be a symptom that you recognize certain attributes in your ex that you liked and that you are currently needing, but it does not necessarily mean that you are still in love.

On the other hand, it is very possible that your mind is still affected by that sentimental relationship. It’s time to evaluate yourself and finally decide to turn the page on your life’s book.

Dreaming that your ex is proposing to you

If in your dream your ex-partner asks you or proposes marriage, it suggests that you have already overcome that previous relationship and learned from your past mistakes. It also suggests that you have left that stage of your life behind.

Alternatively, this dream may indicate that the dreamer is in a situation in her present life in which she feels that she is willing to accept something or someone she had previously discarded.

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Dreaming that your ex asks you for forgiveness

This dream suggests that you feel emotional wounded by what he did to you. This dream reflects your bitterness and frustration towards your ex, and surely you have thought several times that he or she should feel repentance or shame for his or her past actions against you.

Dreaming that you share time with your ex as if you were still a couple

If in your dream you experience lovely and romantic moments together with your ex as happened in the past, that would reveal that a part of you still harbors emotions towards him or her.

Likewise, consider the possibility that your subconscious may be inviting you to reflect on your past relationship and how you have grown up from the woman you were before.

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