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Dream my ex boyfriend was mad at me

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dreaming about an ex being mad at you reveals that you are not over him and that you are still thinking about your past lover.

This dream reveals you may be feeling incomplete at this point, and you still want him to be a part of your life. That’s why dreaming about your ex boyfriend (husband) might make you feel more connected to him.

In many cases if you had this dream it is possible that you are still clinging on to the past due to fear of moving forward .

If you see that your boyfriend or husband was very angry at you in dreams, then you must just undergone a catastrophic breakup or endured horrific occurrences in your previous relationship and are fighting to overcome those powerful sentiments.

Memories from your past may be popping up for you from time to time, that’s why you are now recreating these old tragedies in your dreams of your ex being mad at you. If that is correct in your case, then your ex embodies those horrific events. If your ex cheated on you, they may reflect those anxieties you currently have of someone repeating similar habits; you may worry that you may not trust again moving forward.

If you are enraged with your present relationship, then it makes sense to picture your ex in a comfortable role to make you feel better. It is always simpler to make someone that may not be “the one” appear a lot better in a dream. You are transferring those sentiments onto your ex and in your dreams.

A dream of seeing your ex being mad or furious at you might arise because you are trying to avoid conflicts or tensions with your existing spouse. That’s right, you are escaping from genuinely expressing your current sentiments with your spouse and fantasizing about your ex instead. This might suggest that you are noticing similar patterns of conflict with your present spouse. Your ex may signify that you need to tackle these issues with your current spouse as to work on resolving conflict in a better way and avoiding repeating the same behavior patterns.

There is another interpretation for a dream of seeing your ex partner being mad at you.

It is possible that you have started to recognize traits inside yourself that make you sad. Dreaming about your ex reflects the traits that you desire to alter. If you are not ready to take accountability for your actions and improvements to be made you may be projecting this onto your ex.

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend was quite mad at you might also signal that you are missing something in your life. It may be that you are ready for a relationship again, ready for something new in your existing relationship, or ready for a new relationship completely. The dream might suggest that having a life companion that is satisfying is something significant to you and you are reliving a moment where you had that sort of commitment.

Dealing with an emotional separation is stressful and it is much difficult to deal with reminders and being provoked. If you find yourself being triggered by earlier incidents with your ex and your last relationship, you may be daydreaming about your ex. Your ex may indicate those unpleasant memories and triggers that you have not been able to go beyond yet.

Remember, it is quite common that after a divorce, we all want to move on and feel that we are not imprisoned in the past. Emotional self-care, rehabilitation and personal growth are vital for a pleasant future. If you are working on forgiving your ex and healing, then dreams may start to arise while you are manifesting this new self-awareness.

Dreaming about an ex can signal you are forgiving them and are healing yourself. Your ex could symbolize the inward tranquility you are yearning for and they symbolise that acceptance.

If you have been convinced yourself “everything is fine” and don’t want to speak about it, you may have unresolved sentiments. You may be exhibiting these feelings in your dream and the dream is begging you to tackle them. When you part up with someone, you may be left feeling upset with the way things ended. Your ex can represent those unresolved thoughts of wanting to achieve closure.

Arguing with my ex boyfriend in dreams

Dreaming about arguing with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend means that you still have unresolved concerns towards her or him. It may disclose that there are emotional traumas which have not been healed or forgotten yet.

That’s accurate, the closest interpretation to this dream is connected to the desire to address an unfinished business between your and your ex lover; it is possible you are aching to speak to him (her) vital things but you did not have the opportunity in the past.

It is crucial to take in mind that if the debate is confrontational, it might suggest that you maintain sentiments of fury or hostility within you.

Let me ask your something: Are you feeling bad with yourself? are you suffering remorse? Think about that.

I tell you more, keep reading.

Dreams should not be taken at face value and that ex-boyfriend who comes in your dream does not have to be the true protagonist of your dispute. Think of a person who has been really significant in your life, and from whom you are staying away, because it is more likely to be that person than your former.

That’s accurate, it is apparent that you must clarify certain things with someone who had a lot of value in your life. Review your social and familial interactions.

Being honest with yourself is the first step. This will help you to let go of the sensations you are currently clinging on to and go through them.

Dream of your ex being mad at you.
What to do if you had this dream

The best thing in these types of cases is to look inward to recognize possible concerns and insecurities. It should be noted that dreaming that you fight with your ex can also mean that you are distancing yourself from someone very precious to you.

I would recommend you to review your present relationships with your loved ones and focus on the things you can change in yourself to improve or reestablish your emotions links with them.

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Dream that your ex boyfriend was beating you up

If your ex didn’t used to hurt you physically or verbally during the relationship; however, you have this dream, then it means that your previous partner has damaged or injured a part of your “heart” or psique.

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Dream of your ex partner trying to hurt you

Dream that your ex is trying to hurt you means that you are excessively worried about someone or something which may be affecting your life, which may be the the cause of a lot of uncertainty, so much so that it has crept into our dreams and does not let us relax or reassure.

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What does it mean to dream that your ex was chasing you?

Dreaming that you are being chased by your ex could be expressing that there is still something in your mind which had a huge impact on your life. For example, an unresolved situation, an event that follows you wherever you go, no matter how much you ignore it or leave it for later.

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What does it mean to dream that your ex ignores you?

A dream in which your ex ignores you or ignores you is a sign for you to stop thinking about a past relationship that has already ended. It’s time to close definitively with that stage of your life.

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