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Dream of ex boyfriend asking for forgiveness

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/14/2023

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend was asking for forgiveness means that you feel emotional wounded by what he did to you. This dream shows your resentment towards your ex, and surely you have thought several times that he or she should feel remorse for his past actions.

Having a dream like this is revealing that you hold a certain resentment and unconsciously wish your partner would apologize to you so that you feel vindicated. Especially if this particular situation came to cause you harm, and you have not been able to heal completely.

A dream in which your ex is asking for forgiveness is showing your need to break with something in our life. Perhaps your are going through a painful moment, although the motive may be very different from love or heartbreak, but your mind is connecting with memories of your past pain.

Another thing that this dream is exposing clearly is fear and insecurity, either because you do not feel able to continue without clarifying that difficult situation you went through, and you wait for that step to be taken by someone else.

However, there is a more benign interpretation for this dream. Keep reading.

This dream is also revealing that you have the desire that what hurts you does not continue to interfere in your current relationship. In this way you can achieve inner peace and cope with a life as a couple without so many setbacks.

Sometimes, it does not mean that you have anything to close with your ex boyfriend or ex husband, or that you are still having strong feelings for him yet. What is most likely is that we are back at a time when we need to close another chapter of our life, and our mind reminds us how we faced it back then, when we were facing a rejection.

This dream can be an indication of guilt, that you do not need to be asked for forgiveness, but forgive you for the situations that may have occurred.

Or in the same way it can reflect that guilt for having hurt the other person, but not dare to accept it.

In fact this dream may be related to situations with which you are dealing in your day to day, but that somehow you have not known how to face, that is why you must look internally at what may be causing you to dream this.

Remember, there are circumstances when a person must learn to forgive and forget.

Dreaming that your ex boyfriend asks you for forgiveness crying

If in your dream you see that your ex asks for forgiveness with tears in his eyes suggests that not only do you feel seriously offended, but that you wish your ex was punished for what he did to you (maybe he was unfaithful, or fell in love with someone else).

If you have a dream in which you ex boyfriend is before you asking for forgiveness for everything he did to you, it means the hope you have that he or she will return to your life to start over.

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Your ex boyfriend was asking you for forgiveness and he kissed you

If you dream that your ex is madly in love with you and kisses you, be prepared because you will soon have news of him but they are not good, since the kiss means betrayal, you are likely to discover more things you did not know about him or her.

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Alternatively, it may indicate that you’ve been curious about your ex’s current state.

If you have a partner today, this dream means that you remember pleasantly those special details of your previous relationship. In some cases it reveals your curiosity to have news of your ex’s current life.

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