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Dreaming that Snake Bites but no Hurt me

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022


It means your fears did come to life.
You’re going through an emotional critical transformation

In the world of dreams an injury is considered as a physical representation of a current personal circumstance or condition. A wound in your body represents a visual symbol for a damage that is not physical but rather emotional or psychological.

This includes, for example, a negative impact on your reputation, social image, or ego; perhaps you are being hit with nasty comments from people close to you, your partner left you, or maybe you have just made a terrible mistake that makes you feel like a stupid person.

Snake biting you with no harm means the worst did not happen

This dream reveals problems, obstacles or possible scenarios that you have been fearing but did not turned out to be so dangerous or threatening. Indeed, apparently the negative consequences that you expected from a situation did not come true, or they turned out to be greatly exaggerated.

Snake biting you reveals a transformative stage

Dreaming that a snake attacks you without greater harm may show that you are going through a phase of deep personal (emotional) development.

Dreams of snake biting you without significant injury might uncover the existence of current problems in real life that offers you a chance for a potential transformation or emotional growth, since those problems are pushing you to react, respond and adapt to them. 

Indeed, it is possible that you have just experienced a tough situation in real life that at first caused you fear, but later it pushed you to develop new traits and abilities to confront it; reaching an individual growth that you wouldn’t otherwise have accomplished.

This dream may be saying that you have the opportunity to respond to a challenging personal distress and learn from this experience.

Snake attacking you but no harm means you have overcome the past

If you have had recurrent dreams of snakes attacking you, but this time you did not get hurt, then it is revealing that you have left the past behind.

Perhaps you are forgotten or overcome something -maybe a traumatic memory- that has been very painful for you. Probably you have reached a psychological condition in which (thinking of) someone or something from the past will not cause you suffering any longer.

A snakebite with no apparent injury means you are not able to see it

Take in consideration the possibility that you cannot find the wound in you; perhaps the damage the snake inflicts is not visible or has no immediate effects. In other words, the consequences of a hard situation you have gone through in wake life are not visible or tangible.

It is very likely that the implications of your encounter with the snake are going to be expressed in different symptoms. Having said that, I ask you: Can you find a parallel of this idea in your daily life?

Perhaps the consequences of a negative event happening in the real world might be found in a different aspect, area or dimension of your life.

A snake biting you is just a call to action

A snakebite causing no injury could be the way how your dreaming mind is trying to grab your attention, in order for you to do something or to take measures against a pressing obstacle or challenge in wake life. It could be just a warning signal.

Maybe your dream is saying that you are stronger (emotionally) than you think.

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