dream meaning snake bites but no hurt me


Your fears did not become reality.
You’re going through an emotional transition stage.

This dream may indicate problems, situations or possible circumstances that once your feared but did not turned out to be so dangerous or threatening. Indeed, apparently the negative consequences that you expected from a personal situation did not come true, or they turned out to be greatly exaggerated.

Dreaming that a snake attacks you without greater harm for you could mean that you are going through a period of transition in your current personal life.

Dreams of snake biting you without significant harm for you – or for your family-, may reveal the existence of current problems in your real life that offers you a chance for a potential transformation or emotional growth, since those problems push you to react, respond and adapt to them.  This dream may be saying that you have a chance to respond to a challenging personal distress and learn from the experience.

Usually this type of dream is triggered by painful transition stage the dreamer is going through, such as, a relation breakup, a new challenging job, overcoming a serious illness, or similar experiences.

Maybe your dream is saying that you are stronger (emotionally) than you thought.