Fighting Snakes Dream Meaning

what does it mean dreaming fighting snakes

It means that you are resisting negative emotions.

A dream of fighting a snake is revealing your inner struggle against negative influences in your life, as well as toxic or harming relationships.


Fighting a snake in a dream shows a battle within you

If you dream that you fought snakes in dream it means you are dealing with negative or harmful emotions. Indeed, battling against a reptil could be our dreaming mind’s way to graphically represent our emotional struggle. That’s why dreaming that you fight a snake means you are struggling with an aspect of you, perhaps some perturbing ideas, thoughts or feelings within you.

Notice that many authors who study the world of dreams interpretation state that the snake in dreams is a symbol that embodies our deep fears and imperfections.

That is the reason why having a dream of fighting snakes may reveal your deep irritation or annoyance caused for some of your personal traits or attitudes that you are not able to control or change.

Fighting a snake in you dream means personal conflicts

The snake may be representing your feelings, attitudes or emotions in regards to a specific person in real life: your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, coworkers or family members.

It is possible you dealing with latent personal or family conflicts in waking life, and your dream is just showing them by the use of dreaming imagery such as snakes or another wild animals, employing a basic narrative structure that is quite common in these type of dream experiences: an encounter with the reptil, a fight and finally, the kill.

During my experiencia helping out people to make sense of their dreams I have found that mostly women who have (or had gone through) bad and toxic relationships usually dream of fighting an aggressive snake.

Other meanings

In some limited cases, this dream might be showing your emotional battle with a serious illness, disease or medical treatment.


Dreaming that I fight a snake and it bites me

If in the dream the snake attacked and bit you, or bit a family member, or even someone else, you should read page dream meaning of snake biting.

Dreaming that I fight a snake and I killed it

This is a very positive dream that expresses your very strong feelings towards someone or something. See killing a snake in dreams for the full list of meanings and situations.

Dreaming that I fight snakes at home

Well, there are several scenarios for this dream: the fight could have taken place in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or even in your bedroom. Visit dream of snake in the house to see the full content.

I strongly recommend you to pay attention to the details of your dreaming experience, like some characteristics of the reptile (color, size, attitude), as well as the context in which your encounter with it happens. The questions -lines bellow-will guide you to find the most appropriate interpretation for your dream.

Questions about your dream of fighting snakes

What color was the snake?

How did the snake look like?

Where was the snake?

Snake in the house?

What was the snake doing?


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