Dreams of Snakes in the House

Last Update : August 3, 2020

what is the meaning of dreaming snakes in my house

It reveals threats to your personal space.
It exhibits your emotional conflicts.
There might be disagreements at home.

Dreaming of a snake in your home means there are worries in your inner mind.

The house shown in your dream is considered as the authentic expression of how things are going on inside your inner world. The snake, on the other hand, is regarded as the manifestation of a disturbing aspect of yourself.

Thus, a dream with snakes in your home reveals a current distressing state of your inner world as a result of a threatening invasion of your personal space; maybe you believe that something or someone is altering your feelings or thoughts.

Dreaming of a snake in your home uncovers disruption in your daily routine

Another interpretation affirms that this dream is displaying problems with your routine or with the way you conduct your daily tasks.

Indeed, there may be an irritating alteration in the normal rhythm of your relationships. Are you feeling uncomfortable as a result of an abrupt and sudden change in your daily life, an alteration to your lifestyle you cannot control?

Dreaming of snakes in the house where I lived in the past

Some experts in dream interpretations consider the house you lived in when you were a child as an imagen symbolizing your basic beliefs, fears, attitudes. Well, think about your childhood home as the place where you grew up and where some elements of your character and personality were formed. It is also during this early age in life when some of your great personal fears, issues and limitations started.

With this in mind, a dream of snakes at that house shows your unresolved personal insecurities (or family conflicts) that may have begun when you lived there.

Think about a possible very old issue still affecting you in the present; perhaps the reptile is just embodying the fears, feelings, or worries you used to have back then, and that have been activated or triggered by an ongoing event. Perhaps you’ve picked up an old way of thinking as a reaction to something new or unfamiliar you are currently facing.

Recurring dreams of snakes (or other harmful animals) in the house where you lived years ago might be uncovering an urgent need to solve serious problems from your past; troubles which you thought had been forgotten or overcome.

You can consider this dream as an opportunity to look at your basic reactions over a personal situation worrying you. Let me ask you: Do you think you are reacting to an ongoing problem by repeating or maintaining unsuitable habits or convictions that you accepted when living in the house shown in the dream?

Dreaming of snakes in someone else’s house

This dreams means that you are in the middle of a new and challenging situation, and you have no idea what is going to happen next. Indeed, it is possible that you are facing an uncertain and hostile environment with which you are not familiar.

Perhaps, you are going through an uneasy period in life (for example: getting a new job, moving to a new city, living with an illness) and you do not know how to react to the new events happening around you; perhaps you still cannot find the way to re-establish your comfort zone.

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Sections of the house:

Dreaming of snakes in the bathroom

This dream reveals your desire for overcoming negative impulses or emotional conflicts. It could also be indicating that you are having a hard time at getting rid of bad memories. Maybe you need to say goodbye to something in your life that was once important but is not worthy anymore.

If you kill the snake then it means that you are feeling relieved of a heavy emotional burden you had been carrying, perhaps an uncomfortable responsibility; it would also show that you are leaving behind anxieties you have resolved or discarded.

If you find it hard to eliminate the reptile, then the dream may be uncovering your discomfort or frustration because you realize that solving your problems will unleash intense emotions and passions on you or others.

Snake in the shower

If in a dream you see a snake in the shower, then it is very likely that you are having a difficult time removing bad memories, emotions or attitudes from your mind; you may be feeling uncomfortable with current personal matters. Perhaps you long for a new beginning in your current relationships with people close to you.

Dreaming of a snake in the bathroom.
Pic by Brenna via Flicker / CC-BY

Dreaming of snakes in the kitchen

It means that you are having difficulties dealing with the organization or preparation of something new in your life.

A dream with snakes in the kitchen suggests that you are feeling anxiety in relation to potential changes happening in your family environment, changes you dislike.

Some authors consider that this dream is indicating that you suffer from a lack of affection and sympathy in your relations with some family members. Perhaps you need a higher dose of tenderness or passion in your daily interactions.

Dreaming of snakes in the bedroom

This dream might be expressing your worries about a possible invasion of your personal space. You may feel like you’re losing control over your private affairs.

See the full content in dreaming of snakes in the bed

Dreaming of snakes in the grass

A dream of finding snakes in your garden has at least two interpretations. The first one points to the existence of current activities or hobbies with the potential to bring complications or unsettling consequences in wake life.

Another interpretation asserts that the dream may be revealing worries or inconveniences in a specific area of your life (the one related to a personal relationship, an individual project or a professional career) that you have been carefully developing or cultivating.

If you are very afraid during the dream, then you might be worried that something bad could appear at any time, taking you off guard.

Dreaming of a snake in my lawn

Dreaming of snakes in the table

In the world of dreams seeing an object or an animal on the table is interpreted as the act of uncovering something from the dreamer’s inner world. With this in mind, we can say that snakes at a table means that you’re afraid to express or share your own feelings, ideas, or attitudes because you feel that they are not suitable or healthy.

Now, take in consideration the fact that a table is the piece of furniture where a family or a couple gathers around to eat and share; thus, the presence of this reptile in a table might indicate worries about persistent and annoying issues among your partner or family members. Perhaps there are latent conflicts or issues at home.

A dream of a snakes in a table reveals your concerns about some feelings, ideas, attitudes (which you are currently assimilating, consuming or sharing) might not be right, ethical or healthy for your personal relations.

Likewise, this dream may have been generated as a result of the discovery of an uncomfortable truth, perhaps the disclosure of a personal secret. You may now have more information about an individual or a situation, and your new impression is no longer as favorable as it was before.

Dreaming of snakes in the roof of the house

In the world of dream interpretation the ceiling represents protection, tranquility or emotional shelter. That’s why seeing a snake on the roof might may be a hint of something or someone threatening your sense of security in real life.

This dream could also exhibit conflicts, problems or difficulties that you can’t take out of your head.

I dreamt of a snake in the roof of the house
Pic by J. Downs via Flicker / CC-BY

Dreaming of snakes at the window

Snakes at the window of the house could be exposing a rather pessimistic overview of your life; perhaps you are not in position to have a clear picture of your immediate future.

This dream may be also saying that your short-term plans could be disrupted by unexpected external factors.

Why do I dream of snakes in the house?

  • Because someone is disrespecting you,
  • Because you just received unsettling news,
  • Because your normal routine is being disturbed,
  • Because there are issues with your relationships,
  • Because there are conflicts or disagreements with family members. 

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