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Snake Wrapped around me Dream Meaning

Last Update : May 17, 2022

what is the meaning of dream snake wrapped around you

Dreaming that a snake (particularly a python or anaconda) is wrapped around you can offer several interpretations:

For instance, it can be expressing your impression of living in a state of permanent anxiety, in which you do not have the time to rest or have peace of mind.


What does it mean to dream of a snake wrapped around me?

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you reveals a demanding relationship

A snake wrapped around you could be considered as a dream symbol for a romantic relationship that absorbs you completely, or for an overwhelming responsibility which is taking all of your time and attention.

It is possible that you are linked to several personal commitments that are not easy to break.

A woman dreamt about a red and black snake wrapping around her leg, it did not attack her and seemed to be friendly; however, the dreamer did not want to do anything with the reptile.

In real life she had broken up with her boyfriend, but he kept trying to come back. They lived in the same neighborhood, and for her it was quite hard to avoid to see him…

Dream of snake wrapped around you shows health issues

Snakes in the world of dreams means something toxic or poisonous for you body. That why if you dream that a snake is wrapped around you, it may also be a signal for an addiction, obsession or even a disease that is engulfing or afflicting you and not letting you enjoy your life.

In some specific cases it may be disclosing breathing problems.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you means debts to pay

If you are having this dream it is possible that you are dealing with debts needed to be pay off in the short term.

Here is an example:

A woman dreamt that a big green snake was wrapped around her neck. In real life she was worried about her personal financial position, she was drowning in debt.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you shows an unbearable situation

This dream is revealing that you are in the middle of a personal situation you cannot take anymore; something or someone is wearing you down, emotionally speaking.

Dreaming that snake gets entangled in your body and bites you

If you dream that a snake wrapped around your body bites you means you are in the middle of personal situations in which you feel pressured, distressed by your problems, worries and feel that you are reaching an emotional limit; probably you feel can’t take it anymore.

Dreaming that viper, snake, boa or anaconda curls into your body reveals that the you are tangled in a complicated situation, maybe you feel you are exhausted, emotionally speaking.

Dreaming of snake wrapped around my body

Snake wrapped around my ankle

It is possible you are lacking flexibility (or more viable options) at the moment of making an important decision in life.

Snake wrapped around my arm

Dreaming of snakes biting your arm means that you are having a hard time adjusting to hostile, aggressive or nasty personal situations. 

See full content in dream of being bitten on your arm by a snake

Snake wrapped around my foot

See snake biting my foot.

Snake wrapped around my hand

It means you are having worries about your actions or decision in your real life. If the snake bites your hand you should check snake bitting my hand- dream meaning.

Snake wrapped around my leg

If you are having this dream you may be facing an issue or trouble which does not allow you to move forward with your daily life.

See more in dream meaning of a snake attacking my leg.

Snake wrapped around my neck.

It could reveal that the dreamer is entangled in a very demanding relationship. See more in page dream snake biting my neck.

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What is the meaning of snakes in the beach?

Dreaming of snakes coming out of the sea make visible your fears or concerns during a difficult psychological condition in your current life, for example, you may be assimilating the death of a loved one, living with a serious illness or dealing with potential disappointments. 

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What does it mean to dream of brown snakes?

Dreams of brown snakes, vipers or cobras might be announcing that you are having an intense desire to cleanse yourself of negativity. Perhaps, you are acknowledging the need for a purge of thoughts, attitudes, emotions or habits that you consider harmful or self-destructive.

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What does it mean to dream of catching snakes?

may be disclosing your ability to control or eradicate your negative thoughts, vices or personal flaws; perhaps you are getting rid of harmful habits or influences. See the full list of meaning in page catching snake in dreams.

Dreaming of multi colored snakes

A multicolored snake dream could represent some especial situations in wake life with the capacity of capturing our attention due to its attractive appearance; however, they have also the potential to complicate our routine or personal plans.

This dream may be showing people or situations that have created a pleasant first impression but do not keep up our expectations over time.

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What does it mean to dream that I have a pet snake?

Dreaming that you have a pet snake not only reveals your ability to remain calm and confident in very rough situations in real life, but also that you have good judgment and wisdom when making difficult decisions.

This dream would express your control or dominance over instincts, forces, or inner impulses that very few people can exercise. 

Having a cobra or a viper as a pet means that . . .

Why do I dream of snakes wrapped around my body?

  • Because you have a time-consuming job,
  • Because you have health issues,
  • Because you are dealing with a terrible addition,
  • Because you are in the middle of a suffocating relationship.
  • Because your are sick of a current unfair situation .

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