Snake Wrapped around me Dream Meaning

what is the meaning of dream snake wrapped around you

Dreaming that a snake (particularly a python or anaconda) is wrapped around you can offer several interpretations:

For instance, it can be expressing your impression of living in a state of permanent anxiety, in which you do not have the time to rest or have peace of mind.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you reveals a demanding relationship

A snake wrapped around you could be considered as a dream symbol for a romantic relationship that absorbs you completely, or for an overwhelming responsibility which is taking all of your time and attention.

Dream of snake wrapped around you shows health issues

It may also be a signal for an addiction, obsession or even a disease that is engulfing or afflicting you and not letting you enjoy your life. In some specific cases it may be disclosing breathing problems.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you means debts to pay

If you are having this dream it is possible that you are dealing with debts needed to be pay off in the short term.

Here is an example:

A woman dreamt that a big green snake was wrapped around her neck. In real life she was worried about her personal financial position, she was drowning in debt.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you shows an unbearable situation

This dream is revealing that you are in the middle of a personal situation you cannot take anymore; something or someone is wearing you down, emotionally speaking.

Dreaming of snake wrapped around my body

Snake wrapped around my ankle

It is possible you are lacking flexibility (or more viable options) at the moment of making an important decision in life.

Snake wrapped around my leg

If you are having this dream you may be facing an issue or trouble which does not allow you to move forward with your daily life.

See more in dream meaning of a snake attacking my leg.

Snake wrapped around my neck.

It could reveal that the dreamer is entangled in a very demanding relationship. See more in page dream snake biting my neck.

Why do I dream of snakes wrapped around my body?

  • Because you have a time-consuming job,
  • Because you have health issues,
  • Because you are dealing with a terrible addition,
  • Because you are in the middle of a suffocating relationship.
  • Because your are sick of a current unfair situation .

Questions about your dream of a snake wrapped around your body

What color was the snake?

How did the snake look like?

Where was the snake?

Snake in the house?

What was the snake doing?


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