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Snake Eating Dream Meaning

Last Update : May 17, 2022

what is the meaning of a dream snake eating

This is always a symbolic dream and means extreme emotions controlling your reactions.
It also represents a devastating change in your life.

Dreaming of a snake eating people

The powerful image of a snake devouring people can be the dreamlike symbol for a devastating situation you are afraid to go through, or maybe you are currently experiencing it.

Precisely, the snake might embody your own perception of an unfortunate event that completely alters the course of your life, such as a serious illness, a family member’s death, a job loss, or the painful breakup of your marriage.

A snake eating people reveals an individual who can hurt you

If you are having this dream is probably because you are dealing with people with the power to impact your lifestyle, cause harm, or hurt your feelings. This dream might be telling you that you are dealing with very bad guys, individuals who do not play fair. Indeed, the snake might be representing an individual in your life who have no respect for others.  

Let me ask you: Is there someone in real life who is causing you trouble or altering your lifestyle?

A BIG snake eating people represents a powerful change that shocks you

If you have a dream of a big snake eating people around you means a natural disaster, an economical turmoil, a terrible accident, something that is way out of your control as an individual. Something causing commotion, disturbance and adjustments in your life.

Also, a big snake eating people could be the perfect symbol for an epidemic or a serious disease you afraid of.

Dreaming that you are swallowed by a snake

Being eaten by a snake in your dream means that you are being taken by strong and toxic feelings or emotions, such as hate, jealousy, resentment, frustration.

It is possible that you are very stressed due to a very demanding job or because you are drowning in debt.

This dream may be disclosing a serious health condition that is getting worse.

Dreaming that snake swallows my child

This dream reveal that you are afraid that something bad could happen to your child at any moment.

That’s right. Having a dream in which a snake swallows your child can express your fear that someone or something could hurt them. You may not trust the maturity or good judgment of your offspring, who can be subject to manipulations.

Usually this type of dream occurs at times when the children are about to leave home for college or for work.

what does it mean dream snake eats another animal
dream of a snake eating a prey is not as rare as you may think

Alternatively, for a woman the image of a daughter in the dream can represent her purest, most tender and fragile side. So, if in your dream the snake devours your daughter, it may be a metaphor that her pure side is injured by someone close to the dreamer who could hurt her feelings . Pay attention to this line of interpretation if you have no children in real life.

Dreaming that a big snake devours your daughter can represent that a pure, innocent aspect in you is being dominated or assimilated by negative or harmful elements that are much stronger, powerful or more intense.

Dreaming of snake eating animals

Dreams of snake eating a mouse

This one is a very symbolic dream.

A snake eating a mouse means a nuisance or discomfort being displaced or out-weighted by a more serious and adverse event in waking life.

It is possible that you are afraid that being shy and quiet in a social environment would trigger an individual to take advantage of you. Maybe you are scared of getting bullied.

A snake devouring or swallowing its prey in a dream suggests that the dreamer is dealing with rudeness, coldness, or hostility in a current situation in life.

Dreams of a snake eating another snake

If you are having this dream you should know that it is definitely 100% symbolic. (at least if you work in a zoo or a pet store with all kinds of snakes).

Seriously, the snake in our dreams is considered as the projection of an aspect or trait of the inner world of the dreamer. With this in mind, a snake eating another represents an intense and strong emotion or feeling (usually negative) imposing itself on another one.

dream of snake eating another snake has a deep symbolic meaning

That is, if you dream of snakes fighting each other and, as result, one of them eats the other, it means that an extreme emotion in you (hate, for example) is having a much greater strength than another (fear); thus, the dream is showing that you are being driven by a very strong emotion when reacting to a quite important event in your life.

Likewise, the image of a snake devouring another can embody or represent your determination and firmness to overcome, by all means necessary, the obstacles presented to you. Maybe you’re thinking of responding in a very aggressive way to a tough situation in front of you.

It could also symbolize the occurrence of an undesirable event that changes profoundly a very well established situation in your current life, to which you are used to.

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Dream of big snakes

A huge snake in your dream could symbolize a hurtful or negative presence in your life; perhaps a toxic or unpleasant character (think of an individual who has influence or power over you) who can disturb your emotional state.

Dream meaning of big snakes

Dream of snake choking you

The dream may be revealing a sentimental relationship that completely absorbs you, or a jealous partner who does not trust you and wants to know all of your actions.

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picture by Hoyasmeg via Flicker / CC BY

Dream of fighting a snake

A dream of fighting snake clearly shows your inner struggle against negative influences in your life, as well as toxic or harming relationships. It could also reveal your deep irritation or annoyance caused for some of your personal traits that you are not able to control or change.

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Dream of snake talking

consider this dream as the way your unconscious mind is expressing different emotions, ideas, or impulses that you cannot (or do not want to) recognize while you are awake and conscious. Read dream of a talking snake.

Dream with a snake’s head

dreaming that you see only the head of the snake, viper or cobra might have a positive connotation, because it is suggesting that you are facing your greatest fears. This interpretation is more appropriate for your dream if in your encounter with the reptile you killed it or made it run away.

Dreaming of someone turning into a snake

What an intense dream!

If you dream that an individual becomes a snake it might be pointing to the existence of fake emotions or feelings in the dreamer’s life.

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Dreaming of snakes in dark water

Seeing snakes in dark or cloudy water means you are mortified by the lack of transparency or definition in an activity or relationship on which you have huge expectations. 

A snake in the middle of dark water might represent lies, falsehood or misinformation, which does not allow you to see the things as they really are.

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Dream of snake wrapped around you

Dreaming that a snake is wrapping around your body can be expressing your feeling of living in a state of permanent anxiety, in which you don’t have the time to rest or have peace of mind. You feel like you don’t have a lot of viable options in life.

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what does mean dreaming snakes wrapped around me
Being wrapped by a snake in a dream mean you’re feeling very suffocated

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