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Dream of having a pet snake

Javier Fuertes ~ 09/15/2023

Dreaming that you have a pet snake not only reveals your ability to remain calm and confident in very rough situations in real life, but also that you have good judgment and wisdom when making difficult decisions.

This dream would express your control or dominance over instincts, forces, or inner impulses that very few people can exercise.

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What does it mean to dream of having a pet snake?

Having a cobra or a viper as a pet in a dream means that you are acquiring influence or authority over hostile or toxic people. It would also suggest that you are overcoming obstacles or possible betrayals.

Consider also the option that this dream could be showing that you are pretty convinced that a delicate situation in front of you is not as dangerous as it seems, perhaps what look like as a risky situation -in real life- is not as severe as it seems.

Dreaming of having a snake as a pet reveals that you are an independent and authentic person, who lives according to your values and who knows how to appreciate the benefits of what is different.

It is not that you have anything against traditional pets, it is that you dare with everything and you like to live new experiences.

Among young female dreamers it is common to have dreams of friendly snakes that they consider as affectionate pets. That’s right, this kind of dream would reveal the existence of someone ( a guy) the dreamer is feeling attracted to; this male being represented in the image of the snake.

I have noticed it is common among young female dreamers to dream about friendly snakes that they consider as affectionate pets.

For some young female dreamers, the snake may be representing the attraction they feel for a man they don’t know well, especially his real intentions towards them.

Indeed, according to this point of view, the dreamer would be attracted by the possibility of controlling, moderating or transforming the challenging masculinity of such a man.

If the pet snake appears near your bedroom or bed, the dream may be suggesting some kind of sexual connotation.

Dreaming of a snakes does nothing to you

If in your dream you see a snake that does not bite you nor threaten you, but despite of it you feel quite scared, then it reveals that a current situation in real life may be getting complicated at any time.

As a basis for this interpretation I share the following dream a readers wrote to me:

“I dreamed that a yellow snake entered my house through a corner of the roof, stayed where I saw it and did not attack me, but I was afraid, very afraid”

Heres is another meaning:

Dreaming of snakes doing nothing means provocations you should ignore
A viper, cobra or anaconda that does not attack or bite represents uncomfortable people, scenarios or circumstances in your real life, which -in addition- provoke in you negative or explosive reactions.

Pay attention to this interpretation if in the dream you know very well that the snake will not attack you as long as you remain still or at a certain distance from it.

Dreaming that snake attacks my pet dog

The dog is the most common pet, and in the dream world it symbolizes loyalty, fidelity, and would also embody a friendship. If the snake attacks your dog it can express that the trust you have in a person (or the trust they have in you) is severely affected.


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Dreaming of snakes in my bed

Dreaming of snakes in my bed means invasion of your personal space. That’s right, the bed is the site at home where we usually feel most comfortable, where we rest, it is also our most personal and intimate place. For this reason, dreaming of a snake in bed reveals a distressing invasion of your most personal space happening in real life.

In this line of interpretation, your dreaming mind may be generating the image of the snake in your bed to represent an irritating male presence that -you believe- is meddling in your . . .

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Dreaming of Green Snakes

A green snake indicates the growth or development of something in real life that -you consider- is happening in the wrong direction, or that is being channeled into something harmful or useless. This dream could probably exhibit the aggravation of a bad habit, a harmful addiction, a negative attitude, a toxic relationship, etc.

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Dreaming of Pink Snakes

If in your dream of a pink sake that is friendly and makes contact with your body it can represent passion or romance in your life. 

If a male dreams of pink snake may indicate not only the presence of romance, but also temptation coming from the opposite sex.

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Dreaming of a snake talking to you

Some authors consider that having a conversation with a snake could be dramatizing some tensions between various parts of your psyche, one of them adopting the image of this wild animal. 

According to this interpretation, talking with a character like a snake in dreams would be the way used by our dreaming mind to express a dialogue taking place between the unconscious and the conscious, or, in other words, between our primary emotions, desires or impulses, on the one hand, and our reason, on the other.

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If you see a snake in your dream, this indicates a possible danger or threat; you may not be able to clearly see where it came from, but the dream predicts that you have a feeling that something bad could happen to someone close to you in real life.

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Dreaming of Colorful Snakes

Some experts in dream interpretation think that a well-colored snake is considered a dreaming figure alerting you of the danger close at hand.

We may have dreams with a colored snake when in our real life we are facing situations or scenarios that capture our attention due to its attractive appearance but -at the same time- they may complicate our personal plans or daily routine.

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Dreaming of brightly colored snakes

Dreaming of a snake with very bright colors reveals problems, complications or changing events, to which we do not know very well how to react nor what results they can bring up at the end.

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