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Dreams of Snakes in Water

Last Update : May 17, 2022

what is the meaning of dreaming snakes in water

It means that something could alter your peace of mind.
You may be not thinking clearly.
It reveals anxiety and worries in your relations.

Water in the world of dreams represents our current emotions, because feelings -like water- can be still and calmed or they can also flow freely, even uncontrollably.

Remember, a snake in considered by many dream interpretation experts as the expression of a disturbing aspect of yourself. So, if during the dream you are afraid of this reptile swimming in a body of water, that displays the existence of concerns in real life that constantly disturb your mind.

Dreaming of a snake in clear waters

If this reptile swims in tranquil waters and does not provoke strong reactions in you, then you may find yourself addressing your feelings appropriately. Perhaps, you are no longer reacting in the same way to people or situations that previously made you feel worried or angry.

If in the dream the snake is inside clear waters and its behavior is peaceful rather than hostile, then it shows tranquility or stability in your personal affairs.

However, there is a negative interpretation for dreams of snakes in clean water: they may be revealing that something is wrong with your personal matters, maybe now you are able to notice an elusive issue in a situation or relationship seemed to be peaceful and quiet.

Dreaming of snakes in clean water
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Dreaming of a snake in dirty or murky water

Seeing snakes in dark or cloudy water means you are mortified by the lack of transparency or definition in an activity or relationship on which you have huge expectations.

A snake in the middle of dark water might represent lies, falsehood or misinformation, which does not allow you to see the things as they really are.

Some experts in dream interpretation think that this dream is uncovering your worries over the possibility that something very damaging or devastating could result from an uncertain situation in real life.

A dream with snakes in very dirty or muddy waters may suggest that you are not thinking very well; perhaps, you may have some trouble at sorting out your feelings or emotions over a very stressing scenario o situation. It is possible that you are not making good decisions.

This dream may happen because you are living or working in a very negative environment, o because you are immersed in a toxic relationship.

A dream of many snakes in murky waters reveal that the dreamer shows signs of emotional exhaustion or psychological distress.

Finally, consider the possibility that this dream is showing your fear of getting sick or suffering from physical ailments.

What is the meaning dream snakes dirty muddy black waters

A Dream of a snake in the water tries to attack you

A menacing snake in the water could be your unconscious mind’s way to express the anxiety generated by a hostile and harmful situation (in your family, work or professional environment) that you are not addressing properly. Perhaps your aggressive or disturbing impulses are not under control.

Dreaming of black snakes in the water

A black snake in clear water represent unpleasant thoughts, memories, or feelings with the potential to contaminate your mind. Perhaps the reptile displays your growing anguish caused by your fears of failing in a personal matter on which you -or someone very close to you- have plans and hopes.

Keep in mind that our dreaming mind has the peculiarity of generating symbols (the snake) to communicate certain psychological states (emotions, feelings, attitudes) with no material form in reality.

Dreaming of snakes in the beach

what is the meaning snakes in the beach

In the world of dreams the beach is the place where water and earth meet; it is -symbolically speaking- where the unconscious and conscious mind connect. For this reason, many authors dedicated to the study of dreams indicate that the beach is a dreaming image displaying aspects of your unconscious world that you gradually discover through dreams; or to put it in other words, this dream is revealing aspects or parts of yourself that you begin to better understand (feelings, motivations, personal limitations).

A dream where snakes come out of the sea displays your normal fears or doubts of experiencing a period of change and transition in life. You may have some problem with adjusting to a new situation or personal condition, such as a new career, a job layoff, a loss of a loved one; maybe you have begun dealing with some kind of illness.

This dream could have been triggered because the dreamer is living the end of a stage in her life and may be suffering the psychological mismatches that this situation triggers in her.

Dreaming of snakes in a river

what does it mean dreaming of a snake in a river

The dream reveals emotional obstacles.
It exposes unwanted changes in your life.

Dreaming of snakes in a river means personal limitations

In the world of dreams a river usually symbolizes an obstacle, a limitation or a challenge that the dreamer has in front of her in real life. You should pay special attention to this interpretation, if in your dream the river is infested with snakes.

This obstacle can not only be external in nature, such as a job interview, an academic exam, or a surgery; but also an internal or psychological barrier, such as your emotional blockages or deep fears (you probably have to overcome personal insecurities, nervousness, depression, or perhaps envy or jealousy).

Dreaming that you cross a river full of snakes means you have finally overcome one of the above-mentioned barriers.

The dream also shows the successful completion of one stage in your life and -at the same time- the beginning of a new one, for example: your time as a single person is ending because you will get happily married to start a family, despite all the obstructions and hurdles you had to face.

Snakes in a river means unwanted changes in your personal environment

I am consider myself a follower of Carl Jung’s school of dream interpretation. That’s why I am convinced that figure of the snake in dreams depicts a troubling or unnerving aspect of yourself.

Therefore, seeing snakes in a fast flowing river is manifesting your anxiety at powerful changes in your environment (family, marriage, work); an unwelcome alteration in your daily routine, a significant shift which you cannot resist or control. This dream is also considered as the perfect symbol for a very troublesome romantic relationship.

On the contrary, if the flow of the waters is quite slow, then your dream would reveal that you have a lot of anxiety due to excessive slowness, conformism or passivity in one aspect of your inner world, or perhaps because of the lack of progress in an activity that you consider very important.

Snakes coming out of the river shows your fears to uncontrolled emotional discharges

A dream in which snakes come out of a river is disclosing your fear of potential emotional outbursts or shows of bad temper among people close to you.

Also, consider the possibility that the dreams is exposing your fears to your own unjustified reactions before unfair situations in your relationships. Indeed, you may be concerned that you will lose control of your coolness, or maybe you fear that something may be out of control in your inner world.

Other experts believe that a dream of snakes coming out of the river is warning you about a potential embarrassing situation to which your own strong emotional states (hatred, envy, pride, jealousy) can push you if you don’t put them under control.

Why do I dream of snakes in water?

One of more of the following situations may be provoking this dream:

  • Because you are not thinking clearly,
  • Because something or somebody irritates you,
  • Because something unclear and confusing is annoying you,
  • Because you are dealing with lies,
  • Because you are going through a period of change and transition,
  • Because you stay calm and collected in the face of intense provocation.

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