Big Snake Dream Meanings

what does it mean dreaming large huge snakes

It shows the size of your fears.
Your problems are getting worse.
It may reveal a perturbing & intimating presence.

Dreaming of big snakes means you feel emotionally vulnerable

Having a dream of large snakes indicates that you find yourself emotionally diminished, overwhelmed or weakened by your current concerns; that is why you may be magnifying the severity of your problems or limitations. Perhaps you are exaggerating your impression and reaction to a new situation in real life that makes you feel uncomfortable; in other words, your insecurities are enlarging the size of the reptile.

It is possible that you are getting the impression that your personal obstacles in front of you outweigh your capabilities; that’s right, the dream may be exhibiting your weakness or fragility in the face of personal challenges. Perhaps you feel you are not ready to face the current issues in life.

Dreaming of big snakes shows the magnitude of your fears.

Some experts in dreams interpretations think that a giant snake might be the image created by your dreaming mind to display the depth of your fears about your problems, conflicts, uncertainties or challenges.

The large size of this reptile is expressing your subjective perception about a current situation or scenario you are dealing with, for example: a family conflict that seems to be very problematic and complicated, a personal task that appears to be time-consuming, or any other issue that requires an excessive amount of effort and resources from you.

Think about the possibility that this dream is exposing the simple fact that you are afraid that something annoying or irritating will get worse. Perhaps you are having growing concerns that current problems may become more tedious or overwhelming.

Keep in mind that dreams have the ability to show you images (the giant snake) to visually depict your fears and other the elements present in your unconscious which -obviously- lack a physical form in reality.


Dreaming of big snakes means harmful influences.

A huge snake in your dream could symbolize a hurtful or negative presence in your life; perhaps a toxic or unpleasant character (think of an individual who has influence or power over you) who can disturb your emotional state.

The large snake may also reveal a circumstance or personal conflict in waking life that has grown excessively and is now disturbing the normal pace of your daily activities, even causing severe consequences.

In some cases, the giant snake may represent a work environment that is toxic and harmful for you. Indeed, think of the company where you work as an organization or social structure with the power to limit your personal freedom, set you mandatory deadlines, punish you, or even eliminate you (fire you). In this line of interpretation, the snake may also embody a boss or supervisor in your workplace, whose management style -or just his or her influence- seems toxic and intimidating to you; being these last characteristics the ones we often use to describe snakes.

This dream could be showing your sense of terror or helplessness in the face of a threatening situation that seems daunting to you.

Dreaming of big snakes means key deadlines coming up very soon

This dream can also express your growing anxiety because you feel you are not ready to deal with approaching deadlines.
The huge snake could be a dreamlike symbol warning you of responsibilities or commitments that are quite painful or overwhelmed to fulfill.

Maybe you have been procrastinating on chores or personal projects.

Dreaming of big snakes means illness

Dreaming of a giant snake may suggest that the dreamer has a growing physical or mental ailment, or a serious illness that has aggravated or spread to other parts of her body.


Dream of killing big snakes

If in your dream you killed the snake that means that you really want to deal with an issue which you cannot tolerate anymore; perhaps you need to put an end to a relationship in real life.

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Dream of being chased by a large snake

Dreaming that a big snakes is going after you shows that you trying to avoid a perturbing situation in real life. Perhaps you want to stay away from someone or something that you are not able to deal with.

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Dream of a big snake at home

If in your dream the snake is entering your house or apartment if means that you have the impression that trouble is near. Likewise, you should consider the possibility that . . .

Dream of big snake bitting people

If you are bitten by a snake in your dream it means you are afraid of being hurt by harmful words, actions or attitudes from people around you.

There more meanings and scenarios in this page: snake biting- dream meaning.

If you are dreaming of a large snake eating you it may revel that you are going through a very painful event that completely alters the course of your life, such as a serious illness, a family member’s death, a job loss, or the painful breakup of your marriage.

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Why do I dream of large snakes?

These ones are frequent situations in life that may cause dreams of big snakes:

  • Because you feel unprepared or overwhelmed.
  • Because you are dealing with a ‘bully’ in real life.
  • Because your job is ‘killing’ you.
  • Because you are scared of speaking in public.
  • Because you are scared of a current illness in your family

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