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Snake Attacking Dream Meanings

Last Update : May 17, 2022

what does it mean dream snake attacking

It means you’re afraid to fail.
You think that a dangerous situation is near.
It’s time to make a tough decision.

Dreams of snake attacking you means it’s time to decide

The first thing you should know is that this dream is common among people who must face an overwhelming or threatening personal situation. 

It may express your doubts and insecurities at the moment to make great determinations in life, for example, decisions around your work, marital or sentimental status. 

The menacing presence of the snake might be the unconscious mind’s way of provoking an emotional response in the dreamer; pushing her to make an urgent decision in relation to a key aspect of her life.

Dreams of snake attacking you means you’re afraid of a mistake

Dreaming that snakes or cobras are attacking you means that there is a current challenge in waking life that you don’t want to face or solve in any way. Perhaps the dream is revealing that you are scared of a potential failure or a loss of control over your most important personal affairs; maybe you are afraid that your response to a personal obstacle (or your performance in an activity) won’t be good enough.

This dream may contain a message from your unconscious mind saying that your problems are becoming more and more serious and you shouldn’t procrastinate. 

Dreams of snake attacking you shows you are scared of being criticized

A dream of a poisonous snake attacking or biting you expresses an intense sense of remorse, guilt, or sorrow for something you did or failed to do. According to this interpretation, this reptile symbolizes the harmful emotional consequences of your actions or omissions.

Recurring dreams in which a snake is attacking you -or about to attack you- may be disclosing your fear of being affected by severe criticism or hurtful comments. Are you currently exposed to verbal abuse o psychological violence?

Dreams of snake attacking you reveals your negative traits

Many experts consider that the snake in dreams usually expresses an aspect or dimension of your inner world. In this sense, the snake might embody the harmful or uncontrollable characteristics in you (such as defects, bad habits, reactions or impulses) that make you feel ashamed, low or depressed.

It is also possible that your unconscious mind -creator of your dreams- is showing you the figure of this reptile to represent a key decision you have just made which has been driven by the above mentioned characteristics.

Keep in mind that the violence shown by the reptile in your dream is part of a dramatization of what’s going on in your inner world.

Dreams of snake attacking you suggest that bad news are coming

This dream may be exposing a disturbing sense of vulnerability inside you. Perhaps you are feeling emotional weak or hurt. 

You feel like you are about to be struck by the adverse consequences of an event happening near you. Maybe you are convinced that at any time bad news can hit you hard.

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Why do I dream of snake attacking me?

  • Because you have to make a tough decision,
  • Because you’re procrastinating,
  • Because you’re scared of harsh criticism,
  • Because you’re having a lot of remorse.

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