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Dream meaning of two snakes

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/21/2023

Having a dream of two snakes means you are dealing with toxic or nasty individuals in current life.

It could also mean you are dealing with two problems at the same time.

Two snakes could be announcing you are worried for an event that may bring together two negative people or two troubles.

Dreaming of two snakes attacking you may show two big mistakes you feel regretful about.

Two snakes in your dream could represent two things you do not like about you, flaws or blemishes. Perhaps, you are having a intense remorse for two mistakes, two terrible wrongdoings you commit in the past.

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What does it mean to dream of two snakes?

Remember, in the world of dreams a snake represents something that is perturbing your mind, a harsh situation you cannot control and may harm you.

This dream could be revealing you are upset or distressed for two individuals who have the capacity to hurt you with their words or actions. It could also represent a serious health condition worrying you which manifests itself in two symptoms.

If you have this dream, it is possible you are getting afraid of two important changes coming up in your life, alterations you do not like at all.

Two snakes in you dream could be represent two friends of yours who do hate each other.

Repetitive dream of two snakes could reveal your are worried of two debts or loans you cannot pay off.

Seeing two snakes in your dream could represent two obstacles you have to tackle in the short term. Take a look at this dream a young dreamer wrote to me a while ago:

“I dreamed that I was in the middle of a forest when I met two large snakes blocking my path…”

In real life, she was about to graduate as a doctor in college, but before she had to pass two very tough courses. She was very worried because there was not enough time in her busy schedule to study and work at the same time.

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Dreaming of seeing two snakes fighting

Seeing 2 snakes fighting each other means you are facing an emotional and health trauma with toxic people involved. It means you need to heal yourself and be careful.

It is possible that your Subconscious mind gives you a warning and so you should not leave it aside.

Perhaps you got to choose between two individuals, two people who hate each other.

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Dream of two big black snakes fighting in my house

dreamed of 2 vipers in the house, one was a giant cobra, the other (I do not know what kind of viper it was) was black and huge the same, suddenly the black viper killed the cobra and left home without hurting anyone.

In real life, she was worried for her family, her parents were having arguments every day due to financial issues. She was afraid of her dad getting fed up with that situation and decide to leave the house.

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The number two often represents the concept of duality and balance. It also symbolizes opposing forces or contrasting aspects of your personality or life.
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Dreaming of a two-headed snake

Dreaming of a two-headed snake, viper, boa or cobra means that you are being impacted or challenged by two critical problems happening at the same time. 

This dream may be revealing that you find yourself in the middle of a difficult dilemma. It seems to you that none of the possible alternatives seems to offer a positive result.

If the snake has a head at each end, then it is possible that you are going through a tough emotional situation in life and don’t know what decision to make; you might be in front of a conundrum, being terribly pushed towards two opposite directions.

Two-headed California King snake. Picture by Pratt via Flicker–CC BY

Dreaming of two snakes wrapped around each other

Dreaming of two snakes wrapped around each other means you are facing a menacing and chaotic situation in your current life, it could be a toxic scenario at your workplace or in your family relationships.

Seeing two snakes wrapped around each other in a dream shows that you may be worried or afraid of getting involved in a very constraining relationship with someone.

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Dream of a snake eating another one

If you dream of snakes fighting each other and, as result, one of them eats the other, it means that an extreme emotion in you (hate, for example) is having a much greater strength than another (fear); thus, the dream is showing that you are being driven by a very strong emotion when reacting to a quite important event in your life.

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Dream of two snakes intertwined

Two snakes can also represent two strong emotions or impulses inside you that seem to be linked, integrated or connected in some way.

Its is quite possible your are worried for the health condition of people who . . .

Dream of two snakes biting me

It means you quite scared of being harshly criticized by certain individuals.

In which part of you body your were bitten?

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Dream with 2 black snakes

In the world of the dreams a black snake are symbol for pessimism; they usually mean negative feelings like resentment, bitterness and hopelessness are taking control of you.

A snake of dark color might be a dream image embodying what you consider unfair or improper in your life, a situation or individual you cannot tolerate.

This reptil in your dreams may be representing your bad intentions or harmful thoughts towards someone, or someone’s negative feelings towards you.

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Dream of you running away from two snakes

If you dream that you were running away from a snake, it is revealing that you are not very clear about how to act, there are times when you are doubting yourself.

Your dream is trying to tell you that it’s time to do substantials changes in key areas of your personal life

Dreaming that you are running away from several snakes has to do with our inability to cope with the things that can do most with us.

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Dream of two snakes in the house

if you had a dream in which you see 2 snakes in the house, it means that something is . . .

Dream of two multicolored snakes

Seeing two multicolored snake dream could represent some especial situations in wake life with the capacity of capturing our attention due to its attractive appearance; however, they have also the potential to complicate our routine or personal plans.

This dream may be showing people or situations that have created a pleasant first impression but do not keep up our expectations over time.

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Dream of three snakes

Dreaming of a three headed snake means that you feel affected by three problems at the same time. In some cases it could represent three individuals people you know, people you do not trust.

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Dreaming of snakes everywhere

A dream in which you see snakes in many places reveals the existence of a permanent obstacle or problem that is recurrent or repetitive, something bad constantly perturbing you, day after day. 

Also, you may be feeling cornered or overwhelmed with current complications or difficulties that occur simultaneously.

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Dreaming of small snakes

Small snakes means small apprehensions or doubts in your daily life. They might also represent uncomfortable or uneasy situations that are short or temporary. 

It is possible that this dream is hinting to the existence of certain disagreements in a relationship, which have the potential to become serious or more problematic over time. 

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Dreaming of snakes in a tree

A dream of snakes in a tree can be a symbol for long-time problems, or conflicts that are deeply rooted in your daily life.   The dreams reveals a disturbing discomfort in those aspects of your life that are growing or developing. 

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Dreaming of dead snakes

This dream means that the dreamer is overcoming her problems.

Dead snakes in dreams are revealing personal dangers or troubles that have been avoided or overcome. This dream might be suggesting that your fears, doubts or concerns are not making sense anymore.

When you see dead snakes in a dream, it indicates that you are visualizing some of your negative habits or attitudes left behind in real life. At a more symbolic level, finding killed snakes could be a way of displaying uncomfortable aspects of yourself that you would like to eliminate or overcome.

Dreaming of baby snakes

Dreaming of little snakes means that you are underestimating certain personal issues or threats in your wake life. It may also show your concerns about your current problems getting more complicated or involving more individuals.

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Dreaming of snakes on the road

In the world of dream interpretation a route, a path or a road you walk represents the current direction of your life. 
Finding these reptiles on your road would express both your tangible obstacles (limited economic resources, lack of time or expertise) and your psychological ones (fear, insecurity, passivity), which prevent you from moving forward in life.

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Dreaming of snakes staring at you

If you dream of a snake staring at you it means you have no choice but to face and deal with a problem, and individual, a conflict you have been trying to avoid or postpone.

If you have this dream if you wake up in distress, that it because you feel that you can no longer postpone or run away from your conflicts and problems.

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Dreaming of snakes in the gras

Having a dream of seeing snakes in a beautiful lawn is warning you about the risks and dangers of an easy victory or gain in some aspect of your life, you should be a little skeptical over a sudden realization of your personal ambitions, especially, if it involves doing something irregular to obtain what you want.

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Is it bad dreaming of snakes?

Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .