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Dreaming of snake biting husband

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022


It displays your own negative traits undermining your relationship.
It suggests issues with your husband’s role as father or partner.

Well, let’s start with the most obvious interpretation: this dream may be disclosing your underlying grievances or fears regarding your partner. Certainly, you might have the feeling that something terrible or unlucky could happen to your husband; perhaps the dream is showing your latent worries regarding his health or emotional condition.

Dreaming that snakes bite your husband shows issues with his role

A snake biting your husband may be uncovering some issues with his role not only as a good partner, but also as a responsible father, provider or protector. In this sense, some experts consider that the dream could be exposing your concerns with your sense of protection or emotional support in your relationship.

Perhaps lately he has not fulfilled some of your (or your kids) expectations and desires, for reasons such as, lack of time, resources or interest.

Dreaming of a snake biting your husband means that you need more attention

If in the dream you wanted to help him or warn him about the attack of the snake, but he did not hear you, then it is suggesting that in wake life there are problems with the way you communicate certain topics in your relationship, perhaps he is not listening 100% what you saying.

Also, the dream might be hinting that you are requiring more time, consideration or attention from him.

Dreaming of a snake biting your husband shows something negative about you

At a symbolic level, the snake in your dream may be embodying your more harmful traits or behaviors that would be affecting your relationship with your partner in real life, such as bad habits, harmful emotions or personal defects.

The most common dreams usually include, as key characters, the people whom you see most in your daily life; that is the case of your husband or significant other.

In some few cases, this dream is just expressing your thoughts or fears to commit to a serious relationship in real life. Consider this line of interpretation if you’re not in a current relationship.

The image of your husband is NOT your husband

In some cases, your spouse or romantic partner could just be a dream character that represents a co-worker, a close friend or a business partner with whom you spend a lot of time sharing a common work project. Pay special attention to this interpretation if in your dream, for some reason you already know or feel that the character is your “husband” (or boyfriend) despite having a different physical appearance.

Bear in mind, in some cases the image of your husband is just an actor or a character in your dream, if the character does something unfaithful, disgusting or inappropriate, it may be part of the dream story, not necessarily something that is actually happening in waking life.

Moreover, characters in the dream are just playing a role according to the script your own unconscious has written, which is based on your own subjective perception of the things around you.

Remember, usually your dream is about you, not everyone else.

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