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This is how you should read your dream about snakes

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/27/2023

Dreams of snakes are mostly symbolic

Dreams about snakes make more sense if you consider them that they speak to you symbolically, through images with meaning. That’s why you shouldn’t read them literally.

For example, a snake bite usually represents hurtful comments, words, or actions that inject you with negative or toxic feelings toward a person or yourself.

Remember, dreams create symbolic images (threatening snakes) to stimulate our emotions.

It expresses worries and fears inside you

If you are very afraid of something or someone in your real life, you may have dreams in which unknown men, or perhaps monsters or wild animals (such as the snake) chasing you and perhaps trying to attack you.

If you have a worry or anxiety in your mind about the state of your relationship, you may dream of a snake watching you or threateningly entering your room.

If you are having trouble trying to forget a guy who hurt your feelings, or if you can’t stand his/her presence in real life, then you might dream of killing a snake. If you want to cut with a bad relationship it is very likely that in your dream you are reacting by cutting the reptile into pieces.


Because dreams -by their very nature–have no visual form in real life, like your feelings, emotions, reactions or attitudes.

Dreams of snakes manifest your current feelings and emotions

Indeed, after having interpreted hundreds of these types of dreams I have found that many times the image of the snake provokes in the dreamer a series of emotional reactions such as disgust, hatred, terror or disgust, which is precisely what generates in you some situations that you are confronting in real life. For example, a hostile and toxic work environment, or an authoritarian and intimidating boss can generate similar emotions to those you had when you meet the reptile in your dream.

Keep in mind that dreams express emotions, feelings, instincts, or memories; many of which are repressed or ignored by your conscious mind. They are stored or hidden in the unconscious mind until an external stimulus brings them to the conscious side.

Remember that suppressing these elements is a defense mechanism of our psique. However, sometimes a dream with snakes brings to the surface such repressed elements, which we are usually ignored the we are awake. That is why, after having this dream we wake up with fear or anger but we do not understand (our conscious mind) what it is really causing us that emotional state.

The snake may show a disturbing aspect of yourself

Professor Carl Jung believed that the characters in our dreams were actually representations of an aspect of ourselves. The snake is believed to represent the the dreaming projection of those aspects that seem negative, disturbing or disgusting to us, something that we cannot recognize or tolerate in ourselves. Now, I invite you to consider this dream as the way for your mind to articulate emotions, ideas or responses that you cannot (or do not want) to link when you are awake and conscious.

Consider my interpretation as the starting point for you to start your own, which will always be more accurate.

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Author: Javier Fuertes

Dream Researcher. I have been helping people to understand their dreams since 2018. Love reading all kind of authoritative material about dreams analysis, like Freud, Jung and their followers; however, I learned more about dreams by helping my blog readers with the interpretation of their own dreams. I recently published an article in Leigh University and Brown University.