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White Snake Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

what does it mean dreaming white snakes

It means emotional recovery.
It shows lack of enthusiasm or interest.

Dreaming of white snakes means emotional recovery

A dream of whites snakes is usually a positive experience if the snake is not aggressive, as it expresses tranquility, inner peace and emotional recovery.

Indeed, a white snake in the world of dreams has traditionally been regarded as a symbol of spiritual balance, cleansing or purification of harmful or disturbing elements inside the dreamer. That’s why dreams with reptiles of this color may happen when you are experiencing a process of psychological healing or emotional growth.

However, a dream in which the image of this snake made you afraid is just uncovering the difficulties (emotional or physical) that you need to solve in order to achieve such recovery in life. You may be having a hard time correcting personal mistakes, amending relationships, resolving internal conflicts. Maybe, you are noticing that the effort required to re-establish your broken personal connections seems quite intimidating.

Dreaming of white snakes shows lack of emotions

Some experts in the study of dreams consider a white snake as an image conveying the notion of absence of emotions or the lack of enthusiasm for life. If that is your case, dreaming with creatures of this color means that you may not have enough emotional energy to quickly react in the face of current tough circumstances.

Perhaps you feel that there is no enough enthusiasm to continue with a relationship or a personal situation.

Dreaming of white snakes means risky naivety

Other dream scholars believe that this reptile shows your naivety or innocence, which could put you in a vulnerable personal situation. The dream may be telling you that, without noticing, you have been letting some individuals to take advantage of your good intentions.

Dreaming of white snakes reveals that you’re a perfectionist

Remember, the dreaming mind has the ability to create images or symbols to represent the psychological elements in our inner world, which -obviously, do not have a material or tangible form, such as, our fixations, complexes and manias.

In this sense, a symbol like a white snake in our dreams may be disclosing an uncomfortable or pathological desire for perfection. Indeed, your eagerness to be a perfectionist (your impulsive attention to the smallest details) may cause frustration, or even depression.

In this line of interpretation, a dream in which a white snake attacks -or threatens- someone else suggests that demanding the same perfection from others close to you may hurt your relations with them. If you are next to your partner when the reptile shows up in the dream, that could mean that your desire to be a perfectionist may be causing disagreements or conflicts in your relationship.

Why do I dream of a white snake?

Here are common situations in current life triggering dreams of white snakes:

  • Because you want things to be done your way,
  • Because you are scared at the efforts needed to heal your relationships,
  • Because you have realized that being a perfectionist is causing you trouble,
  • Because your naivety may put you in a vulnerable position.

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