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Snake staring at me in Dreams

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/30/2023

If you dream of a snake staring at you it means you have no choice but to face and deal with a problem, and individual, a conflict you have been trying to avoid or postpone.

If you have this dream if you wake up in distress, that it because you feel that you can no longer postpone or run away from your conflicts and problems.

Here is a another interpretation:

Your enemies, competitors or rivals are waiting for the moment you are not paying attention to do or to say something bad against you.

Dreaming of snakes staring at you could be showing that you have a deep fear for unknown or uncertain things, maybe you are very scared of having to deal with huge changes in your life that you are not able to control.

A dream in which a snake is watching you is just revealing your deep distrust towards something specific, it can be a toxic or destructive individual that threatens to cause dire consequences in your life.

On the other hand, not all meanings are negative for this dream. That’s right, dreaming that a snake is looking at you can have a positive interpretation, because it can reveal that you finally gather all the willpower and determination to tackle your biggest fears, perhaps you are displaying a different attitude towards your problems or challenges. This interpretation is the most appropriate if in your encounter with the snake you confront it, attack it, make it flee or -better yet- if you kill it.

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Dreaming of a snake chocking you

Having dreams where a snake is choking you -or is about to do it- expresses certain negative influences in your wake life preventing you from being yourself. It is possible that you are going through situations that make you feel suffocated emotionally, such as, for example, economic hardship, family issues, or stress for your workplace.

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Dreaming of a coral snake 

It is considered a dream alerting you of current dangers in wake life.

The coral snake is one of the most poisonous of the species, therefore, it means that the dreamer feels she is living at the edge of an extreme personal situation. Some dream experts consider this dream as a warning signal from our unconscious mind about something bad happening at any moment.

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Dreaming of fighting a snake

It means that you are resisting negative emotions.

A dream of fighting snakes would express your inner struggle against negative influences in your life, as well as toxic or harming relationships. It could also reveal your deep irritation or annoyance caused for some of your personal traits that you are not able to control or change.

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