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Green Snake Dreams

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/23/2023

what does it mean dreaming green snakes

It exposes anxiety caused by inexperience, pettiness.
Growing envy and frustration.

Dreaming of green snakes unveils dreamer’s uneasiness

The snake in a dream is interpreted as a symbol that usually uncovers current anxieties in the dreamer. With this in mind, dreaming of a green snake could reveal your latent worries regarding something new that is unwelcomed in your daily life (stress, vice, illness). Perhaps you feel worried or stressed due to the start of a new stage or direction in your life. 

The image of a snake of this color inspiring you a lot of fear might expose your latent internal conflicts -or personal doubts- which may be getting worse.

Dreaming of green snakes means growth or immaturity 

Dreaming of a green viper may reveal inexperience or immaturity in the dreamer. Indeed, there may be features in you that aren’t developed or mature enough, maybe your relationships or personal plans aren’t ready to give you what you expect from them.

There’s another way to read this dream. A green snake indicates the growth or development of something in real life that -you consider- is happening in the wrong direction, or that is being channeled into something harmful or useless. This dream could probably exhibit the aggravation of a bad habit, a harmful addiction, a negative attitude, a toxic relationship, etc.

However, there is an opposite interpretation; if you dream that this reptile attacks but doesn’t hurt you, that means that you’re progressing or maturing in a personal aspect or dimension.

Indeed, this dream might reveal that you went through a circumstance in life that initially scared you, but then prompted you to deploy new skills and attitudes to overcome it, attaining a personal development that you wouldn’t otherwise have achieved. The dream may be suggesting that you’re stronger than your problems.

Dreaming of green snakes means envy or frustration

An intimidating green snake is showing the dreamer’s envy or jealousy; perhaps she has sadness and sorrow for the happiness or success of others.  

Dreaming of a viper of this color uncovers your anxiety regarding your own selfishness or someone else’s, who is close to you. Perhaps, you are totally concerned about your own self-interest or personal benefit, and you are reluctant to share something worthy with other individuals.  Although in real life you should know envious and resentful people around you, consider the possibility that you might be the person who also has trouble sharing with others or accepting somebody else’s success.

Keep in mind that dreams have the power to create images and symbols for things that do not have a material or concrete form, such as our feelings and emotions. For this reason, a snake of this color might be expressing the dreamer’s feeling of frustration or disenchantment when she realizes that the most important matters in her life are not turning out the way she wants.

Dreaming of green snakes reveals you are afraid of losing something

This dream might be pointing to the existence of strong fears of losing something worthy (material, emotional or physical) in life, which would be fueling your own personal insecurity. Perhaps you find yourself in a personal circumstance where you believe that your current position in your family, work or relationship is at risk of deterioration or loss.

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Why do I dream of green snakes?

Here are some frequent situations in waking life that may trigger dreams of green snakes:

  • Because you feel envious and jealous of someone,
  • Because you might be growing up on the emotional level,
  • Because you are reacting with frustration and disappointment to a current event,
  • Because you are not ready or prepared to deal with a challenging situation in real life.


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