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Dreaming of snake biting my neck

Javier Fuertes ~ 04/26/2023

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It means personal dilemmas.
Unpleasant contradictions between your heart and head.

A bite in your neck in your dream reveals you’re not understanding something. Likewise, dreaming of snake biting your neck discloses suffocating relations.

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What does it mean to dream of being bitten in the neck by a snake?

A snake biting your neck in a dream means a challenging situation

This dream reveals that the dreamer is experiencing a personal dilemma.

It is possible that you are having profound internal contradictions between your heart and your head. In other words, you might be in the middle of a tough position and have to choose between what is right or what you really want in your life.

A dream in which a viper or a cobra bites your neck exposes a sense of frustration by the discrepancies between what you think and what you really are doing. You might not be sure what decision to take, and this anxiety can be triggering this dream.

If you have this dream it is because you are facing a problem or situation so challenging or annoying that feels like a ‘pain in the neck’.

A bite in your neck in your dream reveals you’re not understanding something

If you are being bitten in your the neck in a dream, it can be the way your unconscious mind -creator of your dreams- is saying: “something important is not getting to your head“.

It is possible that you find yourself in the middle of a new circumstance or a changing environment that is very difficult to understand.

Perhaps you are being stubborn regarding a position you have taken in respond to a very important matter in real life, and the dream might be suggesting that keeping such posture could impact you negatively. Probably the dream is trying to call you attention about this topic.

A snake biting your neck in a dream means danger is close

Very next to the neck the jugular veins are located, which are considered as the most important veins in the entire circulatory system. This spot is believed to be a vulnerable target for a physical attack; moreover, a serious injury or a deep cut to the jugular could be deadly. Remember the expression ‘to go for the jugular’?

Having said all of that, a snakebite in the neck in your dreams may be suggesting that an issue or problem is getting very dangerously close to you. Perhaps you are afraid of becoming vulnerable to a potential terrible incident or a grave illness.

Your neck is also close to your head, and being injured in that part of the body usually involves an attack from behind. This small detail may be hinting that you have the feeling of being in a vulnerable situation in which you are exposed to get emotionally hurt by something or someone you cannot directly see.

Dreaming of snake biting your neck discloses suffocating relations

A snake biting and choking you may reveal that you are caught in a suffocating relationship, or in a toxic environment that is wearing you out; perhaps a demanding job stressing you all the time. It could also represent a terrible habit or a vice destroying you.

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what is the meaning of a dream of being bitten by snake and bleed
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Dead snakes in dreams are revealing personal dangers or troubles that have been avoided or overcome. This dream might be suggesting that your fears, doubts or concerns are not making sense anymore

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Also, you may be feeling cornered or overwhelmed with current complications or difficulties that occur simultaneously.

Dreaming of holding snakes in my hand

Dreaming about holding a snake in your hand means that you are feeling confident enough to take command of difficult and challenging situations in real life. 

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