Dream meaning snake bites my neck

Express personal dilemmas.
Unpleasant contradictions between your heart and head.

This dream could mean that the dreamer is having personal dilemmas. In fact, this dream can reveal that you have experiencing profound internal contradictions between your heart and your head. In other words, it is possible that you are in the middle of a personal dilemma between what is right or correct and what you really want or wish in your life.

Picture by D. Fulmer via FlickerCC BY

A dream in which a viper or a cobra bites your neck reveals a sense of frustration by the contradictions between what you think and what you really are doing. You may not be sure what decision to take, and this anxiety may be triggering this dream.

Another interpretation. It can just be the way your unconscious mind -creator of your dreams- is saying: “something important is not getting to your head “.